Theseus, Third-Person VR Title Coming To PlayStation VR This Summer
Theseus Game

Samuele Perseo from Forge Reply recently took to the PlayStation Blog to announce their new virtual reality title, Theseus. It’s based on the Greek legend, but reimagined for today’s generation of VR technology.

One of the big things that Forge Reply is working on opposite of other VR titles, is that they want players to experience Theseus from a third-person perspective.

The game sounds like a mix of a hack-and-slash action game and a third-person puzzle-solving adventure. You can see what the Unreal Engine 4-powered title looks like in action with the teaser trailer below.

The gimmick to the game is that you’ll have to defeat the minotaur in its labyrinth, but it’s 33 feet tall and blind.

The thing is, in a one-on-one fight the poor Theseus gets squashed. He’s just a mortal man. However, given that the minotaur is blind, it helps give Theseus an edge against the mythological creature.

Players will use the minotaur’s handicap to their advantage, oftentimes relying on the environment to help overcome or defeat the monster.

Along the way the minotaur will be able to call in for help by utilizing his minions from the maze. This is where the actual third-person combat phase comes into play. Apparently players will be able to fend off the monsters, but we don’t see what that looks like in the trailer up above.

The one thing that separates this game from others is that Forge Reply is relying on the third-person element to help bring their tale to life. I’m curious how well this will work in VR given that most games take place in first-person to help indulge the player in the world crafted by the developers. As a purveyor of the events that unfold around Theseus, I wonder if it will have a more cinematic appeal to it? Or will it be more like a puppeteer kind of game, similar to Wayward Sky? We’ll likely find out once more gameplay footage becomes available.

Theseus is due for release on the PlayStation VR for the PS4 this summer.


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