Tracks – The Train Set Game Slated To Hit Steam September 28th

If you are looking for a simple yet fun game that brings back childhood memories of playing with train sets and blocks, then I think developer Whoop Group and publisher Excalibur Games’ Tracks – The Train Set Game might be an interesting game worth checking out.

If you want to bring back some of those memories when you were a child and had carefree fun with your toys, preferably train sets, then it’s likely you’ll fancy the works that Whoop Group has stirred up, which is better known as Tracks – The Train Set Game.

“Jump aboard the nostalgia-train! Tracks is the ultimate wooden train game. Construct train sets without rules, deliver cargo, and transport commuting passengers. Build an elaborate railway system and then ride it in first person, from the train cab.”

The game does not hold back on the ridiculous constructions that you can build in its warm yet melancholy atmosphere. This means that you can build tracks in other games or you can mirror real life locations in Tracks. Additionally, the devs encourage players to take a trip down memory lane by using Track’s “easy-to-use editor.”

Assets like houses, trees, villages, unique track routes, alternate track shapes, and much more are at add your disposal. The list of assets can be changed up be messing with the elevation and curvature of each piece to make your creation look as close to whatever happens to be in your mind.

The official trailer by ExcaliburPubVideos that was recently posted up shows a list of features found in Tracks – The Train Set Game. You can check out the one minute and 11 second long video below.

I know that some people might look at this game and feel like it is too kid-like, but the player-base for the average train sim is pretty high especially with the help of mods, and seeing that the devs behind Tracks will support Steam Workshop means that it could follow in the footsteps of other train sims of sticking around for a long time.

More info regarding Tracks – The Train Set Game can be found by heading on over to Steam Early Access or