Weekly Recap June 10th: PlayStation Backwards Compatibility And Greenlight Shuts Down
Weekly Recap
(Last Updated On: June 9, 2017)

A Sony exec said that no one uses backwards compatibility, and a rough Ars Technica study seemed to back up that point. However, a lot of people were incensed at the idea that an executive would talk down so badly about Sony’s own properties, especially beloved games like Gran Turismo 1 and Gran Turismo 2 on the original PSX.

This news was followed by Valve announcing that Steam Greenlight has officially shut down. The new Steam Direct will go live on the day that E3 begins, marking a new tenure in the way that indie developers will be allowed to produce content on the Steam storefront. These stories and more in this June 9th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Cyberpunk 2077 At E3?

New rumors have surfaced about whether or not Cyberpunk 2077 would be making its way to E3 this year. CD Projekt Red has been mum on the game for quite some time, but new rumors seem to hint at the company readying to unveil their title at the biggest trade show of the year, or possibly at GamesCom later into 2017. Nintendo confirms that the Classic Game Collection due to drop on the Nintendo Switch when the premium Nintendo Network gets underway in 2017 won’t be replacing their Virtual Console, but they still haven’t explained what will become of the VC. The Call of Duty: WW2 zombies mode will be based on actual events, while Hello Games has promised to continue to update No Man’s Sky. Also the PS4 Pro utterly fails to run Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy above 1440p at 30fps.


Sony Exec Doesn’t Think People Use Backwards Compatibility Much

One Sony executive didn’t think backwards compatibility was all that useful, claiming that they didn’t pursue true backwards compatibility on the PS4 because the PSX and PS2 games look terrible. Sony will be pursuing the whole e-sports convention due to the amount of money flowing through the sector. They haven’t committed to it yet but Sony plans on getting into the e-sports gig in about two years. Need help finding out when each E3 stream will take place and what games will be on display? Don’t worry, we got you covered with this handy E3 2017 schedule. EA Sports unveiled FIFA 18 running on the Frostbite 3, and featuring Ronaldo on the cover. The game is due for release this September on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. We have up a review of Hover: Revolt of Gamers, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re into games like Jet Set Radio, and Sony’s PSVR and Samsung’s Gear VR headlined the VR headset sales during the first quarter of 2017.


Steam Greenlight Has Closed Down

Valve has announced that Steam Greenlight is no more. In the closure of Greenlight there has been the opening of Steam Direct, set to go live on June 13th. And when one door closes, another opens. GOG.com announced that they have started their Summer Sale and also made it where 40 additional Steam games are now applicable for being added to GOG Connect. Also, Geek.com writer Will Greenwald actually apologized for misreporting on #GamerGate regarding the bogus Far Cry 5 petition controversy. And Little Nightmares will receive three new pieces of DLC throughout the year leading into January, 2018.


BioWare Blames Everyone Else For Mass Effect Failings

It’s a sad day in the development community when BioWare Montreal has decided to place blame of Mass Effect: Andromeda on BioWare Edmonton, Electronic Arts and even DICE and the Frostbite game engine. Strangely, of all the characters from the 1990s to make a return to form, no one would have expected it to be Bubsy, and yet Accolade has announced that Bubsy is making a return to the PS4 and PC. We also have a review of the walking sim horror game, Perception. And CD Projekt has announced that someone has attempted to hold some of the work of Cyberpunk 2077 hostage… yes, it’s bizarre but it is what it is. Oh yeah, and Shenmue 3 has been delayed, with the game now scheduled to launch during the latter half of 2018.

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  • Rock-afire Kid of 91

    Jim Ryan should be fired for what he said. Backwards compatibility is a big deal. it helps gamers transition to a newer console easier, rather than having all those games sit there and become worthless. Its a problem with games. once a game is made, its meant to be played forever.

    The Ars Technica chart on the xbox study is falsely incorrect, stated by Phil Spencer. If BC wasn’t used much, they wouldn’t be rolling out with original xbox backwards compatibility. With that said, Sony is running with false information. PS1 and PS2 emulation is easy to slap on the PS4. Who cares if the graphics look like shit. least we’ll have the chance to play our vast library of games.

    I tip my hat in respect to the veteran gamers and longtime supporters of the playstation like my self who has been with Sony since the ps1. Having all that said, BC should rolled out in 2016 for the ps4. Adding BC would have surged the ps4 from 60 mill sold as of now to probably 100 mill units sold.

    One of the lead designers of the ps4 admitted the ps4 had enough power under the hood of over x10 more power capable of emulating the ps3 cell. So the ability is there, the demand for it is there, but Sony wants money before thinking of attempting on Backwards compatibility.

    The problem with BC is the playstation nation is a world divided. you have people who want bc and have people who oppose bc. To those who don’t want bc and don’t support it. Its not affecting you guys. no way in shape or form does it affect your gaming experience. Only ones that are being affected by bc are the ones who use it. The non supporters and haters against bc has no compaction or respect for the veteran gamers that will use the feature. if you don’t like bc, then tell Sony to remove the ability to play dvd movies and just make the ps4 play bluray movies only.

    We’ve had over 20 years experience with Playstation. The PS1 and The PS2 era were a revolution and a golden age of gaming. The ps3 era. it was a good era, but just didn’t feel like the golden age of gaming anymore. If the ps4 had the multimedia functions the ps3 had and adding on top BC. We as the gamers would forge the PS4 into the new era of gaming and the golden age of gaming would return. Alot of us older gamers miss that era. its something this new generation doesn’t understand.

    For the last part. Not offering BC and Jim Ryan shitting on PS1 and PS2 games, its like removing the foundation on a house. We built playstation to what it is today with the games we played and bought over the years. Its a real shame this is what gaming has come to. 10 years later down the road with the ps5, we probably couldn’t play our ps4 games and those people who are against bc will be wanting it then.

  • Paradox Reign

    Excuse me while I punch a hole into my WALL!!!

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Yeah, that Sony Exec is full of shit. So many people want backwards compatibility. As much as Microsoft fucked up with the Xbox One, backwards compatibility is one thing they did right. I’d love to have the ability to play my PS1/PS2/PS3 games that I’ve already bought on my PS4 so I don’t have to buy them again.

    • Yep. The XBL time-played numbers may only be 1.6% according to Ars’ data, but I went and bought up a bunch of 360 games, and apparently so did a lot of other people because they’ve been selling decently enough once they become BC. Obviously even if people aren’t playing them all the time, there’s a sizable group who like having the ability to play their old titles from a single machine, just as you mentioned.

  • LurkerJK

    One Sony executive didn’t think backwards compatibility was all that useful, claiming that they didn’t pursue true backwards compatibility on the PS4 because the PSX and PS2 games look terrible.

    Meanwhile, back in pc master race:
    Cemu is talking about running BOTW at 4k and 60fps.
    RPCS3 is saying Persona 5 runs up to 60fps and might end up far surpassing ps4’s version some time in the future.
    Cell shaded games with low use of textures (which were common in ps2, gamecube, wii and n64) look fucking awesome unscaled to 4k, antialiased and with some filtering.
    And many even older 2d games have not aged that badly

    so … yeah, who wants to play ancient shit anyway, they look awful, its not like a pick up a 15 year old pc fps like no one lives forever 2, put in 4k maybe mod it a bit, have it look as good as some of the newer games and have a blast with one of the best fps ever made (the lip syncing is better than mass effect andromeda at least)

    • durka durka

      Backwards compability is on pc.

  • Daniel Ream

    claiming that they didn’t pursue true backwards compatibility on the PS4 because the PSX and PS2 games look terrible.

    No, they didn’t pursue it because it’s really, really hard, and the ROI on doing it for the console manufacturer is basically nil. The console manufacturers make their money on games, not consoles. This is where Microsoft has it all over Sony; since XBox 360 games are all based on the DirectX API, it’s much easier to make backwards compatibility work for them, plus there’s more of them available as digital downloads. The ROI for Microsoft is actually positive, even though barely anybody actually uses back-compat.

    • LurkerJK

      And the low ROI is also their fault, they intentionally went out of their way to make an exotic hardware architecture for the ps3 to artificially increase porting costs to other consoles and they are still paying the price for that dumb move

      • Daniel Ream

        Do you have any source for that allegation? Because that’s not the origin of the Cell processor in any way at all.

    • Mr.Towel

      For PS3 maybe… but PS1 and PS2? It’s their own stupidity and greed more than anything else.

      • Daniel Ream

        It was sufficiently hard to do backwards compatibility for the PS1 on PS2 that they gave up and just slapped old PS1 processors on the PS2 boards to handle the old games. They tried it in firmware on the PS3 for exactly one SKU and then gave up, and the market didn’t exactly punish them for it.

        At some point, entitled millenials and gamers (but I repeat myself) are going to have to realize that game companies are under no obligation to cater to their niche autistic obsessions. Calling a company “stupid” and “greedy” because they aren’t wasting time and money slobbering all over your shriveled nutsack every quarter is just immature.

        • Mr.Towel

          BC for previous hardware will always be costly if there’s not much a jump between generations… more than one generation though… you don’t know what you are talking about.

          The reason PS1 titles were slow to come on PS3 was not technical, it was because it’s hard to sort all the legal paperwork, track down who holds what and get what when, not because it’s too hard to achieve stable emulation. For the level of processing power PS4 has, even PS2 emulation can be done, rather clunkyly, by an amateur. Professionals should be able to waltz through this task. Believe me, I know more about hardware than any kind of PC Master Race you see running around throwing e-peen numbers. This task is specially easier to do since the OS both the PS3 and PS4 were based on is an Unix. The hardest task would changing the firmware to prevent piracy through the software emulation, an experience they already know by first hand through Vita’s firmware. Still, the reasons they don’t do it are anything but technichal.

          The job is no particularly costly. Slow? Maybe, the bureaucracy is slow, not the actual development. And they already have a bunch of the bureaucracy already sorted out through the ones they already have on PS1 and PS2 classics.

          Niche markets were never strange to Sony, rather, they’re their trademark, Sony is known to cater to many small genres rather extensively. It’s exactly what they did on the last generation.
          If BC was such an useless task as they claim it to be, they wouldn’t be investing at remastering PS2 titles themselves, which is much more intensive development than sorting software emulation for PS1 and PS2. The difference being is that they can charge more and get a bigger piece of the pie by offering remasters one by one than large scale emulation. That’s why they’re greedy.

          If anything, you’re being the immature one by assuming the other side’s arguments can have no logical reasoning. You’re letting the pride of your experience get ahead of your reasoning.

  • Keystone

    Damn, that header pic is bringing back some nostalgia. I’d love to see Syphon Filter get a proper revival or remaster. Definitely still a market for stealth action games like it.