Weekly Recap June 17th: Lackluster E3 2017 And SJW Attacks
Weekly Recap
(Last Updated On: June 17, 2017)

This year’s E3 was pretty lame. Microsoft rolled out a ton of new games for the Xbox One, Xbox One X and PC, but they didn’t have many first-party exclusives on display, especially after canceling Scalebound earlier this year. A Way Out definitely stole the show for me, though. It was a really fun looking co-op game from the developer who made Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

Outside of the lame E3 offerings, SJWs decided to attack Tim Soret, the French developer behind the upcoming cyberpunk adventure game, The Last Night. They dug up three year old tweets and decided to wring him out over social media, and it worked. The guy apologized on stage during the PC Gaming conference at E3. These stories and more in this June 17th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Xbox One X Named And Priced; Anthem Is A Destiny Clone

Huge, huge, huge pieces of news came out of over the weekend thanks to the E3 madness. We learned that the Xbox One X is set to arrive on November 7th for $499.99, it’s also the smallest Xbox console ever built. We learned that BioWare is working on their Destiny clone called Anthem. The release date for Crackdown 3 has been set for later this year during November. 4A Games is working on a new Metro title due out in 2018. And Devolver Digital easily had the best E3 2017 press conference this year and you’ll have to watch it to find out why.


Beyond Good & Evil 2 Officially Announced

Ubisoft officially announced Beyond Good & Evil 2 and made sure they played up the fact that it was a multicultural and diverse game that will be very diverse and multicultural. Did I happen to mention it was going to be diverse and multicultural? 343 Industries made a few comments about their progress on Halo 6. The Game Awards is due out this year on December 7th. And The Daily Telegraph decided to run a hit-piece on video games that featured sexy-time females. Oh yeah, and Shadow of the Colossus is getting a remake due for release in 2018 for the PS4.


The Last Night Dev Apologizes To SJWs

After being hammered into the ground by Social Justice Warriors on social media, developer Tim Soret decided to apologize for criticizing Anita Sarkeesian. On a brighter note Blade Strangers features lots of busty chicks in a 2D fighting game based on 3D character designs. Nintendo announced that a new Yoshi game, a new Pokemon RPG, a new Metroid Prime 4, and a new Kirby is on the way. And Destiny 2 is capped on the Xbox One X due to the PS4 Pro’s limited hardware capabilities.


Assassin’s Creed Origins Will Have Multiple Playable Characters

They don’t go into detail about who you will play other than Bayek in Assassin’s Creed Origins, but Ubisoft did reveal that there will be multiple playable characters throughout the gameplay experience. A new game set during medieval France called A Plague Tale: Innocence was announced during E3 and it features players attempting to escape from a horde of disease-infected rat hordes. Sadly the VR mode in Gran Turismo Sport will only support one-vs-one races, and only a third of the race tracks from the standard mode. Nintendo outlined that there will be free content released for ARMS throughout the rest of the year, for free. And we find out that The Elder Scrolls VI isn’t even in development yet.

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  • Gozu Tennoh

    Another shambolic e3 but what’s new?


    E3 gave me the impression that black women make up 70% of the worlds population.

  • Phasmatis75

    Good news about E3 is a lot of publishers realized their virtue signalling was worthless. My favorite moment from the show was during the EA press conference when they were announcing how they were funding censorship organizations and not a singe person cheered or clapped. The EA exec turned toward the audience and for a brief moment lost his composure and said “really?!” in surprise that the basic gaming public cared absolutely nothing about it and that they had just thrown millions away to generate good PR only to have it backfire in their face.

    Other times it was only small pockets of journalists who clapped, while the actual gamers just sat in silence. At least a few people high up have had to realize after the show that this stuff they’re pushing isn’t going over with the majority of consumers.

  • tajlund

    Game Informer came out today with a lot more info on Assassins Creed Origins. It will be (as I suspected) be set during the Ptolemaic Dynasty, specifically the rise of Cleopatra. I did see one noble pictured in one of the pics and he did look suitably pale. The SJW’s should know (and will probably ignore) that during this dynasty, the people in charge were of Greek descent. Sorry, no Kangs during this time period. In fact this is the period we know the absolute most about where Ancient Egypt is concerned. On the plus side we will get to see the pyramids covered with their white limestone covers and gold/electrum tops. Also the Sphinx is painted and undamaged.

    One can hope they don’t go in for massive revisionism (other than the scifi and hidden blade type elements) but considering that the main character is a “protector” and robs tombs in the game could be an issue. He is called a Medjay. In the New Kingdom period that was a term for Desert Warrior/Scout/Protector. But, there was another definition from a previous period in which it meant inhabitant of Northern Sudan/Nubian. So maybe they may try to explain this is why his skin color is so dark. Who knows. This game could go completely wrong in so many ways.

    • Disqusted

      I stopped paying attention to Game Informer when they decided to side with SJWs over GamerGate.

      Not really directly replying to you, just expressing annoyance at them. Tired of people who claim to be game journalists but are always so quick to bash gaming, game developers, and gamers.

  • Dreiko

    Dafuq? Where’s Dragonball FighterZ? Why no mention of it? It was by far the hypest thing in this e3.

  • RichardGristle

    Extremely mediocre E3. Only thing that caught my eye from most people’s winner (Ubisoft) was Skull & Bones. Beyond Good & Evil 2 looks like complete obnoxious trash to me.

    After rewatching all the conferences, I feel that Microsoft had the most boring non-EA conference, but also won where it counts: games. Sony did about as meh as I originally gave them credit for, and Nintendo slightly worse. 8 seconds of Metroid music over an MS Paint logo and “Pokemon is coming in 2 years” doesn’t cut it.

    The typical idiotic White alt-left virtue-signalers getting severely asschafed over Mexican Mario was damn hilarious though.

    • Phasmatis75

      Disagree, I feel Sony had more interesting games since they had exclusives where as everything Microsoft showed was either downgrade, 100 gig install file or multiplat. Not much of a a difference IMO, but Sony did slightly better. Best presentation was by far Devolver Digital. Great games, hilarious industry commentary. It was enjoyable to actually watch their presentation.

      Especailly when they said their accountants were on suicide watch after people said they were throwing money at the screen yet their bank accounts remained the same.

      • Disagree, I feel Sony had more interesting games since they had exclusives

        God of War, a remake of a game that should have been made backwards compatible, lesbian SJW duo-adventure, and… what else? Other than God of War everything else seemed like crap. Sure Shadow of the Colossus is being remade, which could have been cool… but that’s just Sony being stupid greedy pieces of sh!t since they said they weren’t pursuing backwards compatibility.

        • Phasmatis75

          The Good
          >God of War
          >Knack 2
          >Days Gone
          >Call of Duty (meh)
          >Monster Hunter World
          >Shadow of the colossus (which does have a cheap port already)

          The Bad
          >Horizon Zero Sense: Expansion
          >Uncharted Virtue Signals
          >VR Shit
          >We still don’t know how AI works and are too lazy to watch short presentations about it: the game

          The Middle
          >Spiderman that doesn’t look like another horrible Insomniac game
          >Undertale 2

          Sony being douche bags doesn’t impact how well they did at E3. That’s an entirely different matter.

          The Good
          >Backwards compatibility
          >Metro Exodus (also shown around the conference and is not even elusive)
          >Ori and the Blind Wisp

          The Bad
          >$500 2160p machine
          >Crackdown 3 downgrade
          >We Waz Kangs: Assassins Edition
          >Minecraft (It’s dying and their updates are killing it)
          >Not Gone Home
          >Life is Cringe 2

          The Middle
          >2160 updates to meh games
          >Xbox Ports of PC games
          >State of Decay 2 (it looks as if it didn’t receive any significant update across it’s entire development span)
          >Code Vein
          >Shadow of War that was shown more outside the Microsoft conference

          The whole point of a conference is to sell me on the idea that i need your machine. Microsoft has yet again failed to demostrate why anyone should buy their machine again. Though this time it won’t be a disaster launch like the Xbox One will be, it will definitely go the way of the Wii U.

          Yes they showed a lot of games, but most of them were PC ports, not even timed exclusives, no delux content for buying on Xbox or the game will later be on the PC. Their conference was more akin to an IGN presentation than to a console manufactures showing.

          Good for the indi developers to get some showtime though.

          • The Good

            Dude, really? Destiny? That’s the most corporate bullsh!t game coming to the market. Nothing about that game looked impressive. Decade old gameplay? I’m really curious, what about that brain-dead-microtransaction-grab looked interesting to you?

            >God of War

            Yeah, I agree.

            >Knack 2


            >Days Gone

            Keep forgetting about this game, but yeah it looks legit. I will likely pick up a copy unless they pull some BS ahead of release.

            >Call of Duty (meh)

            Call of Muh Diversity: Black Woman Nazi Edition. No.

            >Monster Hunter World

            Meh. It’s literally the Capcom formula with better graphics. If I didn’t own a PS4 this would not make me even consider getting it, especially with Monster Hunter XX on 3DS/Switch having cross-platform compatibility. They’ll need more for MH World.

            >Shadow of the colossus (which does have a cheap port already)

            If this didn’t already look and run better on emulation I would agree, but it’s likely going to be 1080p at 30fps on the PS4. Tough to justify getting excited about it.

          • Phasmatis75

            Destiny’s combat looks fun and more versatile than typical shooters today. Trailers have already shown sliding and shooting, and I’d be lying if I said the improvements didn’t look good. The original wasn’t that bad in the gameplay department, but I was simply not wiling to purchase all the expansions to get the good experience. If that is delivered with Destiny 2, which I’ll find out in the beta, then it’ll be a good solid action game fix.

            God of War (or Dad of War) looks fun. I don’t get why others hate it. Then again I remember back when 3 came out and everyone was critizing it for not innovating, for Kratos being a douchebag. Now they come out with a more brutal combat system (hope they improve the enemy standing around issue from the trailers), a new story that has grounded actions, a positive male role model (we don’t get too many of those, so it’s good to see one. Plus journey with your son sounds fun). Pity it gets hate in some circles.

            I liked Knack, and Knack 2 looks like a nice improvement. Knack was rather solid, middle range experience. It’ll be fun to step into that world again.

            Same, I like how they’re not giving away the whole game like other developers do. There is a ton of surprises awaiting us with Days Gone and that just makes it more exciting. Their recent showing on how weather impacts your play, from rain dampening sound, to cold slowing enemies and making the road slippery, is an improvement that I hope we see more of in other games.

            Call of Muh Diversity: Rehash Edition. As for Black Nazis there were some so that’s not surprising. There were black Nazis (pic related). There were also Asian and Arab Nazis as well. Normies will like it, I probably won’t get it. I haven’t purchased call of duty in over half a decade. The trend it will set for developers making games hard again if it does well with mechanics other than regenerating health is about the only good thing that will come of the game. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1a4235a4629bb5c4daf39f1af2193ef99e5981834d6256a1c2932bb47271b9ff.jpg

            Monster Hunter XX isn’t coming to the west though (as of right now). Agreed though it does look limited, but with the ecosystem feature and the promises that you’ll be able to alter it, it sounds promising.

            There’s already a physical copy of Shadow of the Colossus on the PS4 that does just that. If you haven’t play it originally though, it’s a pretty exciting prospect. Depending on the price, I might pick it up again to finish it. Loved playing it originally, but other games came out and I never got around to finishing it the first time.

  • Alistair

    Speaking of E3 I’m so glad I made the right choice and didn’t watch Sony like I said I read about it the day after. It was on for a hour and no new features for PS4.

    Only games that not that good god of war is a reboot and not a sequel.

    Matter of fact it Sony worst conference to date. Nothing to be proud about.

    • Phasmatis75

      God of War is only a soft reboot. It’s still a sequel to 3, but has moved on to a new region.

  • Raging Papist

    E3 was a total shitshow of SJWs and diversity-more than usual-with crap games on top. You either had speakers virtue signaling, show VR nonsense, or show a sequal that few care about. Yeah, I like Wolfenstein 2, but what the Bethesda conferance needed was Starfield.

    The only conferance that walked away with a passing grade from me was Nintendo, and theres no chance in hell Im getting a switch.

  • Disqusted

    Sorta kinda off-topic: I think I’m gonna preorder Everyone’s Golf. It’s a pretty decent price for a new game. It also says “some” online modes require Plus, so maybe I’ll be able to play some stuff online without it? Hope springs eternal.

    Even if I can play online, I probably won’t be able to play with friends overseas because of regional server bullshit.

    • Disqusted

      I just wanted to get that out there because it didn’t seem like New Everyone’s Golf is getting much attention. It seems to be a pretty popular series in Japan, at least.

      • Hm, well now that you mention it… I did watch the stream with the designer. I may as well not let that go to waste. I will add that to the news queue for later.

  • Kyle Haddad

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I found the smaller announcements at E3 outside of the big conferences to be leagues better.

    EDIT: I also found no fault with nintendo’s presentation save for not much gameplay being shown. But what happened at E3 2015 happens once a console generation it seems.

    • Disqusted

      Yeah, I didn’t see anything in the big conferences that I cared about. But I think I’ve been seeing some potentially good stuff dribbling out quietly.

    • Devolver’s counter-culture presentation was great, for me, and I really enjoyed The Last Night and A Way Out. Those were the only two games that really stuck with me.

      • Phasmatis75

        A Way Out sounded great, until the always on Split Screen. A game where I need someone in the room to play it is definitely not going to get much purchases. I can see that being dropped as a feature really quick.

        • You can also play it online.

          • Phasmatis75

            My internet is not the greatest and what do I do when the online community dies?

          • If there are any decent hookers in your area, for like $20 she could play the game with you for an hour.

          • Phasmatis75

            Why, there are plenty of exceptional experiences that don’t require forced co-op. Mark my words, one of the first major updates will remove that feature.

    • Bitterbear
      • Kyle Haddad

        2 things.

        1. It’s Edge, Eddge and Edgy. Get it right. Kidding of course.

        2. I’m also not a fan of E3 in general, but after the main conferences I found a lot of gold in the wreckage , so to speak. I also actively acknowledge the effect that E3 still has on the fanbase. I haven’t seen this much discussion about vidya since E3 of last year. It’s refreshing.

        • It’s the only time of the year where the wider media is generally favorable towards gaming.

      • Kyle Haddad

        2 things.

        1. It’s Edge, Eddge and Edgy. Get it right. Kidding of course.

        2. I’m also not a fan of E3 in general, but after the main conferences I found a lot of gold in the wreckage , so to speak. I also actively acknowledge the effect that E3 still has on the fanbase. I haven’t seen this much discussion about vidya since E3 of last year. It’s refreshing.