Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Amazon Leak Points To October Release

I do suggest that you take this news with a grain of salt, but it seems that recently Bethesda and MachineGames’  rumored Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus has been leaked via a German Amazon listing page. The rumored game is said to drop across PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 27th, 2017.

Notice: As of this writing, there has been no confirmation by either Bethesda or MachineGames regarding the rumored and “leaked” German Amazon listing page that supposedly reveals Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. With that said, please do take this information about said title with a grain of salt given that there are no valid sources besides the now removed down Amazon page.

Recently, the latest news circulating around Wolfenstein stands to be the new German Amazon listing page. The website portal at one point took folks, gamers or fans of the series to a page that looks like the screenshot below.

The above information comes from publication site GameRant who listed the above information regarding an October 27th, 2017, release across PC, PS4 and Xbox One. To be honest here, I’m not really sure if this is legit or not, but given that E3 is right around the corner we will more than likely find out if a new entry to the Wolfenstein games will turn up this year or if it is just a fake listing page.

According to the publication site, Bethesda’s press mural showing a theme park called Bethesdaland, however, does imply that two unannounced games will be revealed. The site suggests that if the leak is true that it only leaves one game left to be uncovered on the painting, which most gamers believe is The Evil Within, although it could be a new IP or something else.

Only time will tell whether or not if this leak of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is valid or not, but if it is true folks will be able to pick up the game across PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 27th, 2017.


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