10 Myths Concerning Slot Machines
10 myths

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The slot machine can be labeled the darling of the betting kingdom. Starting from the first classic machines that used a lever to initiate spins to the modern sophisticated ones, they undeniably add pomp and color to the betting scene. The sounds of coins and whirling reels, to the sights of the occasional jackpot wins, truly define both the online and land-based casinos to this day. Research has shown that the fame of casinos is dependent on the slots they offer players. An online game of slots also appears in real casinos by simply loading the software into the machine. A good example is the Lucky Wizard slot machine where one can play for real money.

However, this wonderful invention has been abused by peddlers of myths and fallacies intended to dupe ignorant gamblers desperate for winning quick cash. Unfortunately, this misinformation leads many a gambler to utter frustration and disappointment once he or she realizes the source of this folly; a baseless false impression. These are the ten irrational myths any slot machine enthusiasts should dispose of.

  1. Pulling the Lever Is Luckier than Pressing the Spin Button

This may sound enticing to a gamer; the only problem is that it is a superstitious fallacy. Well, the only function served by both the lever and the button is to initiate spins after placing your stake. The only difference brought about by using the button is that you will play much faster and stake a little more money. Assuming you set out to play for two hours straight, you will have therefore had a fewer number of spins using the lever because it is not as simple as pressing the button. This has no effect on your experience whatsoever because each machine has a specific Return to Player (RTP) rate. This means that you will bet with slightly more money when pressing the spin button by the mere fact that you will have made more bets. Your luck, however, is totally independent of this.

  1. Certain Days are more Fruitful

Absurd is the perfect adjective for this statement. Slot machines have no sense of time whatsoever. They neither have good days after waking up nor bad afternoons requiring a nap. Simply put, the idea that weekends or the 4th of July should mean that the payback percentage will be more generous than other days. Holding on to this belief will make your holidays a disappointment when you lose loads of cash after expecting to grab a bounty.

  1. Playing More means More Wins

Well, gambling is a probability game. Slot machines have a Random Number Generator (RNG) for each game. It is programmed on a computer chip. This false statement may lead you to incur huge losses because one game is independent of the next one. Unless you are playing a progressive mission game on your console, remember to exercise moderation when betting using a slot machine.

  1. The Temperature Myth

Occasionally, you may hear the idea of warm coins on a cold slot machine is the ideal starter pack for a sure win in land-based casino slots. Well, you should know that the machines operate mechanically. This means that the temperature of the room and the warmth of the coins have no effect whatsoever on the RNG or the payout rate of the machine. Anyone floating this information around is either a prankster or a crazy person.

  1. Membership Cards Stifle Winnings

As mentioned before, the winnings produced in slot machines are based on intrinsic factors namely:

  • The RNG computation on the chip inside the slot machine
  • The RTP rate of a casino

Shying away from using your VIP membership card in playing the slots will only bar you from enjoying the hard-earned incentives it qualifies you for.

  1. Winning Patterns are Predictable

Some people believe that longevity will help a player establish the paying patterns of a specific slot machine. For instance, a win falls between the 500th and 600th spins. That is why you see some counting while waiting to cash in at the right moment. This is an absolute untruth considering the random configuration earlier discussed.

  1. A Dormant Machine is close to a Big Win

Another misconception is that a machine that has not provide winnings for some time’s a ticking victory bomb. Expecting a volcanic eruption is a scientific fact. But one cannot really forecast a winning or losing run of a slot machine. There are no seasons for rapid winnings or dormancy.

  1. The Jackpot Miss Untruth

Further, a common misinformation is that one would have won a jackpot had he or she played on in a slot machine that later hits the jackpot. This statement is just meant to leave a bad taste in your mouth. Jackpot wins are rare and random.

  1. Online versus Land-Based Slot Machines  

It is false to think that online slot machines are harder to win at compared to their land-based counterparts. This is wrong because the technology behind both is developed by similar software providers. Both platforms are also regulated for fairness and reliability by official gambling commissions.

  1. Casinos Select Winners

The mother of all misapprehensions is that casinos may tweak the slot machines to favor players or the jackpot winner is predetermined. The truth is that it is false. This would require reprogramming a chip, or loading a new one with pre-set commands. In addition to being costly, altering these would require lengthy legal procedures hence casinos cannot risk all these for an individual.

In conclusion, we have seen the ten common myths and misconceptions surrounding online and land-based slot machines. It would be ideal to ignore them and gamble with an open mind.


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