Agents Of Mayhem After Hours Campaign Features Candid Portraits From DeviantArt
Agents of Mayhem DeviantArt

Volition Software has decided to take a different approach with promoting Agents of Mayhem, tapping the DeviantArt community and some well known artists such as Genzoman and Table Taffy Studios to produce candid art based around the Agents in Agents of Mayhem. If you’re expecting explicit content, your expectations are too high.

The roll out of the campaign, called “After Hours”, has already begun with a few of the character portraits being unveiled over on the official Agents of Mayhem DeviantArt portal.

The complete schedule for artwork based on the characters from select artists is listed below:

  • July 24 syncmax
  • July 26 GUWEIZ
  • July 28 Claparo-Sans
  • July 30 elsevilla
  • August 1 larienne
  • August 3 TamberElla
  • August 5 CGlas
  • August 7 NanFe
  • August 9 Valentina-Remenar
  • August 11 Table-Taffy-Studios
  • August 13 GENZOMAN
  • August 15 MartaNael

Volition is desperately trying to get people to like their characters the way Blizzard won people over with the sex appeal of their Overwatch crew. The only problem is… none of the Agents in Agents of Mayhem have sex appeal

In addition to the DeviantArt stuff, they also had another video showcasing the character Daisy, the butch roller-rumbler who carries around a mini-gun while rocking rollerskates.

In a separate developer diary they talk about the design of Daisy as being an unapologetic rockabilly rollergirl.

Some of her early concept art saw her in some 1950’s getup with twin machine guns, silk stockings and rollerskates. I’ll be honest… the sexy rockabilly housewife outfit with the assault rifles actually looked kind of interesting.

They also played around with a burlesque version of the character, who looks like a character from Fallout 4 who got a Borderlands makeover.

They then went through a ton of iterations for the design of the character, bulking her up, adding the mini-game, and playing with the concept of some SJW hair before settling on the bangs.

Originally they were going to have an ammo drum for her mini-gun on her back, but they joked that it covered up her butt and that it was technically a bit cumbersome, so they removed it.

To be honest: the design looked way better with the ammo drum because – for me, as a player – it’s impossible to stop thinking about where the bullets come from in a mini-gun if there is no ammo drum!

The actual gameplay did not get any kind of showing until 44 minutes into the video above.

The mini-gun doesn’t have an ammo limit but it does overheat. When it’s overheating you can use the speed mode to shoulder charge bad guys.

The idea for Daisy is to take on the role of a bruiser in the game, unleashing melee attacks while on the skates or laying down heavy fire with the mini-gun.

The game doesn’t have health packs, so instead Daisy can use her abilities and stat upgrades to get health back from killing enemies. So it’s like a vampire skill.

She doesn’t get any other weapons, so if you like rollerskating you’re stuck with the mini-gun.

The character properties are interesting, but locking all of these skills into boring archetypes in a single-player game is beyond frustrating (not that I would ever play it even if it were a multiplayer game).

Some fans of Saints Row still hold out hope for this game, but it seems like it might be dead on arrival when it launches on August 15th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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