Anti-SJW Comments Compel Neil Druckmann To Add More Diversity In Games
Last of Us Kiss

Expect lots of SJWism in The Last of Us: Part 2 if Neil Druckmann’s tweets are anything to go by. Progressive outlet JstationX caught wind of a couple of tweets from Druckmann who responded to some users who were not keen on the growing forms of what they perceive to be Social Justice Warrior topics in Naughty Dog’s titles.

The original tweet from Druckmann was in reply to a comment stating that homosexuality and LGBT content in games is not something that should be given merit.

As mentioned by Druckmann, the more anti-SJW comments he receives, the more compelled he is to add in “greater diversity” in Naughty Dog’s games.

Some people became frustrated at the prospect of Last of Us 2 potentially focusing on Ellie being a lesbian based on the ending of the Left Behind DLC; Druckmann didn’t let it faze him, posting up more praise of people positively reacting to Ellie’s lesbian relationship with her best friend.

Some gamers believe that Ellie still isn’t a lesbian and that she just shared a kiss with her friend, but given Naughty Dog’s push for more diversity in their games, many have no doubts that Ellie is now a lesbian and that it could play a part in the story of The Last of Us: Part 2.

The game is still a long ways out from release, but it’s expected to arrive on the PlayStation 4.


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