Antihero Launch Trailer Highlights Board Game Machinations


If you enjoy turn-based board games and scheming like a true Machiavellian, there’s a new game set to go live on July 10th for PC on Steam called Antihero, and it’s a game about building a guild and running the streets.

The idea is that you take your anti-hero, you build up your group by recruiting scum, low-lives, street urchins and vagabonds; you raid homes, you increase your power, and get you stronger.

The game is played like a board game, where you move across the playing field and make strategic decisions in order to gather supplies, create new weapons and clobber your opponents into oblivion. You can check out the launch trailer below.

The game is very similar to the strategy game Gremlins Inc., where you could also go through the game, collecting coins, and scheming your way toward victory.

The game features the ability to rob, steal, kill and bribe. It’s a little bit like the meta-game in Assassin’s Creed when you send out your Assassins to carry out missions.

Turn-based nature of the game, maintaining and gathering supplies, is juxtaposed with facing off against a rival group attempting to take control of the town and your forces as well.

This PvP nature is actually something that carries over into the multiplayer modes. There are both online and offline multiplayer, where you can play against rivals online, or take turns duking it out in the local hot-seat mode.

We don’t oftentimes get games like this that kind of move outside of the traditional turn-based setup, so it’s nice to see developer Tim Conkling and publisher Versus Evil try something new by focusing on a guild-based strategy game themed after Oliver Twist.

The Steam page is up and available right now ahead of the July 10th release, and the game can be pre-purchased for 20% off for only $11.99. The full release will see it available for $14.99