Archangel, Mech Rail-Shooter Now Available For PlayStation VR

Skydance Interactive’s Archangel has officially launched for the PlayStation VR headset over the PlayStation Network. You can pick up a digital copy of the game right now from the PlayStation Store.

The game is available for $39.99, and it features first-person mech action in a futuristic dystopia controlled by a tyrannical organization known as HUMIX. Players take on the role of a Guardian named Gabriel Walker. After their base is attacked by a preemptive HUMIX assault, they salvage the remains of a mech program and take the fight to HUMIX in order to restore freedom to America in the year 2089.

A launch trailer was let loose for the game to give players an idea as to what to expect from the newly released title and you can check it out below.

The game has a basic B-movie plot, but Skydance treats it seriously enough in order to get gamers interested in the exploits of Walker and the rest of the team on their quest for vengeance.

The publisher provided a review key for us here at One Angry Gamer and that’s currently being worked on. However, one thing must be mentioned and it’s that the concept of the game is pretty cool, but you need to understand that what you see in the trailer isn’t entirely how the game looks on the PlayStation 4.

The resolution is pretty low and the asset quality outside of the mech and some of the enemy ships are also fairly low in quality as well. However, the game does feature akimbo style action, with the left and right PlayStation Move controller allowing for individual actions. It’s like a mix between the Terminator 2 arcade game and Robot Jox.

Also, keep in mind that this is a rail-shooter. There is locomotion but it’s automated, and thankfully there is no teleportation. The controls are definitely tricky but it’s setup so that you can fire projectiles, manually block incoming attacks, and use the left or right arms of the mech to punch and melee other enemy units.

Archangel is available right now on the PlayStation VR for $39.99.


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