Armor Blitz, 18+ Free-to-Play Strategy Game Goes Live On Nutaku
Armor Blitz

Nutaku has announced that Armor Blitz has graduated from the pre-registration phase and has officially launched on their digital storefront for gamers. The real-time strategy title centers around collecting girls who represent tanks, and taking them out into battle to face off against evil enemy troops.

The browser-based strategy game is a mix of both a card collectible game and a traditional real-time strategy game. The free-to-play title centers around Valhalla… a secondary afterlife for those who fought bravely during the World Wars. The thing is, those who live in Valhalla are actually the destroyed tanks and war machines from past wars, manifested and reincarnated as beautiful anime girls.

Life in Valhalla doesn’t stay peaceful for long, and these warriors living in the afterlife eventually have to get back into the fight when an entity known as The Corruption emerges, forcing the anime tank girls to do what they do best. The intro trailer for the game is quite dynamic, and well worth a look.

Heck, it’s easy to see how Armor Blitz could become a real anime.

As far as the game is concerned, the free-to-play strategy title sees players going about and collecting various tanks throughout Valhalla. The tanks represent their historical counterparts, and must be used accordingly on the battlefield.

In order to level-up and grow your platoon’s strength, you have to romance your tanks. Get to know them better, give them gifts, and upgrade their stats. The closer the bond, the stronger they become. Additionally, as your romance progresses you’ll be able to unlock some special 18+ sequences featuring the tanks undressed.

Nutaku has been rolling out a lot of adult-themed games recently, and they’ve also been experimenting with different genres and game types. If you want to get in on the action you can do so by visiting either the safe for work page or the not safe for work page for Armor Blitz Online.


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