Artist Apologizes After Getting Harassed, Death Threats For Dream Daddy Fan Art
Dream Daddy Harassment

A female artist going by the online handle of OhNips, recently published an apology on Twitter after receiving a torrent of harassment and death threats from Social Justice Warriors. She decided to apologize after receiving an incessant amount of hate from the SJW community who came down hard on her for posting up fan-art featuring a gender-swap of the main male characters from the dating simulator, Dream Daddy. One of the characters happened to be trans, and they felt that OhNips gender-swapping the character was promoting transphobia, and thus the death threats and harassment began.

OhNips had originally thought about closing down her social media accounts and calling it quits, but she received a lot of support and words of encouragement from the social media metaverse outside of the Social Justice communities. However, the saga did not end there.

OhNips on July 29th, 2017, posted up an apology on Twitter for those who she feels may have been offended by her actions.

For those unable to read the tweet, it states…

“With the amount of personal attacks I’ve been receiving everywhere, pride says I shouldn’t have to apologize, and you know what, to those of you who are relentlessly harassing me, my man and my comic: Fuck you.


“Today I realized those people don’t represent the entirety of you who disagree with my actions. So to those of you who took the time to calmly express your pain or qualms with what I’ve said or done the past couple of days: I am sorry. To you and your communities.


“Sometimes I just wish that the internet could see through to intention/context before vehemently condemning.


“I love and respect all of you and I hope you never feel like I don’t again.”

Some people criticized her for apologizing to a community represented by those who sent her death threats and rape threats. Others praised her standing up and apologizing for what they felt were hurtful actions on her part.

Twitter user SpicyScrump captured tweets from the Social Justice community, many of whom were defending the harassment and claiming that it was justified because of OhNips’ skin color and/or race.

Previously, the developers of Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, Game Grumps, made a public announcement telling their fans not to harass OhNips and that they didn’t support death threats or harassment, stating on Twitter

“We were recently informed that a fanartist has been receiving death threats and hate messages. Our team does not support this. [Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator] was built around positivity and support. Disagreements will happen, but we ask that you remain civil and constructive.”

The saga involving the harassment of OhNips was ignored by most media outlets despite thousands and thousands of people having witnessed it online, or at least came across some form of it while searching for the game on social media.


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