Artist Apologizes After Getting Harassed, Death Threats For Dream Daddy Fan Art
Dream Daddy Harassment
(Last Updated On: July 30, 2017)

A female artist going by the online handle of OhNips, recently published an apology on Twitter after receiving a torrent of harassment and death threats from Social Justice Warriors. She decided to apologize after receiving an incessant amount of hate from the SJW community who came down hard on her for posting up fan-art featuring a gender-swap of the main male characters from the dating simulator, Dream Daddy. One of the characters happened to be trans, and they felt that OhNips gender-swapping the character was promoting transphobia, and thus the death threats and harassment began.

OhNips had originally thought about closing down her social media accounts and calling it quits, but she received a lot of support and words of encouragement from the social media metaverse outside of the Social Justice communities. However, the saga did not end there.

OhNips on July 29th, 2017, posted up an apology on Twitter for those who she feels may have been offended by her actions.

For those unable to read the tweet, it states…

“With the amount of personal attacks I’ve been receiving everywhere, pride says I shouldn’t have to apologize, and you know what, to those of you who are relentlessly harassing me, my man and my comic: Fuck you.


“Today I realized those people don’t represent the entirety of you who disagree with my actions. So to those of you who took the time to calmly express your pain or qualms with what I’ve said or done the past couple of days: I am sorry. To you and your communities.


“Sometimes I just wish that the internet could see through to intention/context before vehemently condemning.


“I love and respect all of you and I hope you never feel like I don’t again.”

Some people criticized her for apologizing to a community represented by those who sent her death threats and rape threats. Others praised her standing up and apologizing for what they felt were hurtful actions on her part.

Twitter user SpicyScrump captured tweets from the Social Justice community, many of whom were defending the harassment and claiming that it was justified because of OhNips’ skin color and/or race.

Previously, the developers of Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, Game Grumps, made a public announcement telling their fans not to harass OhNips and that they didn’t support death threats or harassment, stating on Twitter

“We were recently informed that a fanartist has been receiving death threats and hate messages. Our team does not support this. [Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator] was built around positivity and support. Disagreements will happen, but we ask that you remain civil and constructive.”

The saga involving the harassment of OhNips was ignored by most media outlets despite thousands and thousands of people having witnessed it online, or at least came across some form of it while searching for the game on social media.

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  • Galbador

    Why are you people always apologizing and giving in to those morons???
    How hard is it to stand to your words? Sure, people will hate you and try to get others away from you, but at least you can look into the mirror and say “Yes, this is what I stand for”.

    Fuck this crap. We really ended in Bizarro World.

    Heil Hydra, I guess?

  • Brice

    She didn’t do anything wrong and she have to apologize for it?, what a world we are living on.

  • Phasmatis75

    What I truly can’t stand is when the media does report on this behavior it’s not “SJWs” it’s always “the fans”. Take Tokyo Ghoul for example. When the social justice terrorists rolled out and issued death threats toward a Japanese manga writer while the fans merely enjoyed the work and it’s twists and turns, how did the media cover it?

    “The fans issue deaths threats.” When they do anything, it’s always a collective guilt by association even if the SJWs in question aren’t part of the fan community or don’t participate in the project. When an outsider does something, it’s always singled out, “it’s not us” in every article.

    This is why we need sites like One Angry Gamer who are willing to call out the real terrorists. Anyway be sure to send this talented artist your support.

  • anopolis

    crazy…i thought those gamergate fuckers were the mean ones…..i’m sure the other news outlets will pick up on this any moment now and issue proper responses…

  • PizzaWolf

    Her only mistake was backing down and apologizing to these people. Never apologize to them, never give them any leverage over you for what you say and do. It’s beyond absurd! They’re not tolerant, they’re hateful bullies who try to shout down free expression to signal their own virtue. Fuck em! They hate rule 63 fan art of gay dads? I’ll give them so much really bad rule 63 art that it’ll ruin their lives.

  • descent3031

    I absolutely love watching these assholes eat their own.
    Just like Bioware trying to signal by putting a tranny in Andromeda and getting reemed for it. They’re always so surprised.

  • tajlund

    Horseshit, she didn’t owe anything, even to those that calmly expressed their opinions. They were still being intolerant assholes who were trying to force her to change it, they were just doing it in the other leftist tactic (the allegedly reasonable approach which still tells you that you are in the wrong). These SJW’s went after her in multiple directions and she didn’t owe them shit.

  • Disqusted

    Didn’t warrant an apology. The problem is babies who think they’re so important that everything is a direct specific attack on their feelings.

    It pisses me off that people like me went through actual trauma, while these shitty SJW babies are treated like kings for getting offended over nothing.

    To be fair, she did direct the apology towards the people who were more reasonable. But she should make it clear there was zero intention to offend, and that if they’re getting offended so easily, they should get therapy.

  • I knew this SJW game would cause some major bullshit.

  • Mr.Towel

    SJWs made a woman bow down through shouting death and rape threats.

    So much for the tolerant left.

  • Azrin

    I would bet money that the people crying over this piece was all “je sui charlie” when it was trending.

    Still pathetic that she apologized though.

  • s_fnx

    And another one bows down to the mighty SJWs.

  • MLGBob26

    SJW enabling cunt grow a spine. I’m tired of this shit.

  • MLGBob26

    Good job moron you gave these assholes the greenlight to keep doing this shit to other people instead of having a spine and standing your ground.

  • VersVlees

    Lets be honest deep down everyone here knew sooner or later this artist was gonna buckle on the pressure of all the fat SJW’s and their army of lard ass White knights.

  • Element

    SHE’S the one that has to apologize!?

    • ThyPancakeConsumed


    • totenglocke

      Unfortunately, it seems that most people who are artistically inclined also tend to be complete pussies and will immediately cave when bullied. We need more programmers / developers / artists / etc to start blatantly telling these people to go fuck themselves.

      • Milk Mynk

        She did at first. But I don’t blame her for caving, especially because I know very well that SJW / keyboard warriors are absolute BASTARDS who would be more than happy to dig up her personal details and their threats would be far more convincing then.

        Seriously. Scum of the earth, every one of them.

        • totenglocke

          Block buttons exist for a reason. Or you can just not read the comments. When I know that I triggered a bunch of retards and don’t feel like reading the autistic screeching, I just click to clear the notification without ever looking at the replies. Also, if you use your real name / email address to post online, you’re a dumbass.

          • Milk Mynk

            I won’t deny that you should never (unless you’re sufficiently prepared to protect yourself) release your personal information online; but not everyone has/had the foresight to when they post online.

            Are you implying that simply because they weren’t careful in keeping their information confidential, that they are undeserving of sympathy or understanding when they decide to cave rather than be afraid for themselves and their family?

            (Again, just to note, this is just speculation that she probably got doxxed.)


    Anyone who caves into these crybullies and apologizes for something like this instantly loses any respect / support I had for them. I’m done.

  • Lionhart16
    • LOL… of all people. He cucked and apologized to the exact same kind of people!!!

      • Lionhart16

        Either he wised up real quick after that whole fiasco, or he’s not putting two and two together.

        The problem is now I really want to call him out on that, but the tweet might be too old (day old, I know, but still) for it to have effect.

        • It wouldn’t hurt, though.

          • Lionhart16

            I made a little rant on comment section of that tweet.

            I’m not the most well-versed of people, and I’m probably not gonna catch his attention, but I gotta do my part in stopping this endless cycle.

            This crap ends when one stands their ground instead of choosing to sink between the waves.

    • durka durka


  • ThyPancakeConsumed

    So much tolerance we are swimming in it….

    • mikebrand83

      Seems to be the trend that the more SJW-friendly a game, TV show, movie, etc are… The more likely the fan base tends to be virtually dominated by a toxic vocal minority that gets totally unhinged over anybody expressing something outside of the cult’s “allowable opinions”.

      And not “toxic masculinity” newspeak BS “toxic”, but the “We’ll dox the crap out of you, also hound you and your family with death threats” toxic.

  • Feli Aslan

    She shouldn’t have apologized. Seriously, if a Transperson is that weak that fanart crushed them, then they are too weak to go through transition as well and everything that encourages them to kill themselves is a mercy.

    Fuck ey.

    This is fucking fanart. Like fuck, you have this fucking shit only with this fucking retarded SJWs. When this fucktards are unable to differenciate between fanfiction and themselves they should be fucking euthanized, Hitler-Semptai Style.

    I’m a fucking tranny and even I want to get drunk as shit and then beat this faggots to death with a fucking baseball bat, screaming that god hates fags. Fucking faggots. I hate this faggots.

    • I’m a fucking tranny and even I want to get drunk as shit and then beat this faggots to death with a fucking baseball bat, screaming that god hates fags. Fucking faggots. I hate this faggots.

      I don’t think many of them are actually trans, though. I get the impression it’s a lot of beta SJWs speaking on behalf of the groups they claim to be oppressed. It’s a good way to get people riled up and stuff, and sow seeds of distrust and anger toward various groups.

      • Feli Aslan

        Naturally not many of them are actually trans, they have fancier identities. Still annoys the fuck out of me. This fucktards are the cancer of every form of community. They tried to pull this shit against one of my favorite Mangakas as well. Do this Retards lack friends? I mean, when I get triggered or offended, like any sane people most of the time from something more important, I annoy my friends with it.

      • Zufield

        Just call them “transtrenders.” They’re only “trans-whatever” as a fashion statement, after all.

        • durka durka

          Exactly its a virtue signaling social acceptace fashion choice.

        • Disqusted

          That is a brilliant name that accurately describes them. “Transtrenders”.

    • durka durka

      You know someone made a video criticizing some dumbasses from the LGBTQ community and everyone was attacking them, one of them said that people like him are why he wanted to be gay when he was young, just to piss them off.

      Wtf? At this point this is nothing more than virtue signaling and brainwashing kids to hate everyone who isnt as anti normal as them, because they are all raised to hate everything that is traditional and western thanks to post modernism.

      These people they dont fight for their individual rights but are infact usefull idiots, drones for a neo marxist revolution that aims to destroy the west.

      • These people they dont fight for their individual rights but are infact usefull idiots, drones for a neo marxist revolution that aims to destroy the west

        Yep, someone gets it.

      • Feli Aslan

        I’d say the best thing one can do is not to punch a gay man just because he is gay but also not to refrain from punching a gay man just because he is gay. Same with women, trans people, black people. The only exceptions are muslims, you never should punch those, they could explode.

        • tajlund

          Excellent point. And yes, punching Explodedopes is to be avoided unless you make sure they are deactivated.

        • durka durka

          See muslims are he main reason why i am not like them… the “progressives” i mean. Say the west decides to be atheist, metrosexual with no family values, destroy any form of patriotism and nationalism so everyone is essentially a “citizen of the world” who moves from one country to the ohter just ot make money by being a “Wage slave” for a corperation……..will the muslims change? No they will continue to be the crazy ass backwards barbarians that they always were… BUT HEY THE WEST ARE THE PROBLEM AND DONT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT OR YOU ARE LITTERALY HITLER.

          To that i say no, i would like to protect my people, my tradition and my culture, it is my right and i dont accept the idea that we live in “post- modern” era and everything has to change…apart from muslims who continue to multiply. Same goes for Africa and asia but the diffirence is that asia doenst have to be ashamed of their culture or change their traditions, but the west has, cuz REASONS….serioulsy these people are usefull idiots.

          Oh and something else, during gamergate in kotakuinaction someone posted a list of people working in that horrible game that Brianna Wu made. someone commented on how many women work or did not work in the game or whatever and ho did a game like this need so many devs to make.

          I replied with “for a game like this? Too fucking many of them”

          People responded to me calling me a misogynist, i didnt know why, apparently they thought i meant too many women worked in this game and they shouldnt be so many games in game development or something. But i wasnt focusing on gender at all i was merely saying that the game is trash and it too too many devs to make this piece of trash.

          People were thinking about the people who worked on that piece of trash by their gender…. i was not even bothering looking a their gender or who they are, i was looking at them as people who work in the game, i wasnt focusing on gender at all.

          It seems to me most people look at other people by their gender or race or some other thing when i always looked at them as people.

    • Kiryu

      Just look at Blaire White,lgbtq/sjws hate her because she disagrees with them.

  • Hawk Hopper

    To the people of the “…took the time to calmly express your pain or qualms with what I’ve said or done the past couple of days…” group, shouldn’t you have spent less time being offended and maybe spent some time reporting the death threats to the authorities?

    • Alistair

      Yes that what I thought it most odd, the same odd that the left that says we been harrash by male gamers etc etc, but don’t ever Ever phone the authorities funny isn’t it.

      Edit: I often talk what consider freedom of speech and expression, with that name calling isn’t a issue or trolling etc etc anything should be allowed but of course stop short of rape/death threats.

      And that clearly what happen here so why do people not report such things most people do that not under the left banner.

  • Alistair

    Now a question to billy, what could possibly take you to court under harrash, bullying, death/rape threat.

    I say that because the term is rather vague and no leftists has taken anybody to court.

    So is it a gray area of the law like local laws?.

    Local laws are not binding.

    Edit: thinking back billy there was a twitter user got the police on him by harrashment of a woman. But it far and few in between.

    • Well there needs to be some element of immediate or actionable danger present in the death threat.

      Death threats are only considered actionable for legal recourse when there’s intent. That’s how Elonis got off in the Elonis v United States case.

      Most courts would throw out a case based on Twitter harassment unless it could be determined that the senders had intent to act.

      It was a clown show in Canada when Elliot — the guy you’re referencing — was taken to court over the Twitter comments, many of which Gutherie’s case was based upon had actually come from a fake account.

      • Alistair

        So you saying just writing death threats, rape threats isnt enough for the authorities to take action.

        And that what I thought as I mention this. Months back it what you do after it counts like a follow up with the threat.

        that good to know if you really think about it, for every silly posts (shitposting) that the authorities took action everybody would be in jail in a already chock a block of full up jails.

        Edit: dam billy after all that He didn’t follow up the threat to cause physical harm. He still went to prison.

        Want become of the appeal did he won that?

  • Alistair

    Hmm interesting it like a victim saying sorry that got raped.

    and above was a extreme example because she said sorry after she got rape/death threat. She is victim that doesn’t need to say sorry.

    If you think my example is batshit crazy so is fucking regressions backward logic.

    It very logic it the harrashers and rapists etc etc that needs to say sorry.

    Besides if it was a male artist, we won’t hear the end of it.

  • Gorgon

    Jesus fucking christ, why is fan art such a big fucking deal to these people? Why the death threats? Even if one is of SJW persuasion, that seems like a serious overkill.

    • Disqusted

      Because they can’t draw it themselves.

    • descent3031

      You know what I think it is. This game came out and it was going to be soooo edgy and patriarchy smashing! A game about dating dudes?! OMG this may actually cause Trump to explode with rage!! Then (of course) no one actually gave a fuck.

      Since SJWs have a pathological need to be noticed and a pain in the ass, they had to bitch about something. This poor bitch just stumbled on the next line you can’t cross.

      • Gorgon

        Japan churns out VNs about dating dudes by hundreds as long as VNs existed. If these devs expected any attention, they clearly didn’t know their audience. Or the industry in general.

  • Some people criticized her for apologizing to a community represented by those who sent her death threats and rape threats.

    Rightfully so. She has made a mistake by apologizing to those parasites.

    Now, she’s under even more scrutiny and will need to be careful of not offending these people when she produces future artwork.

    In fact, she’s going to have to CATER to these morons to avoid being bullied.

    And yet these same SJWs and feminists will keep telling us on how they’re somehow “oppressed” when they can just log onto social media and bully, harass and lynch-mob someone into an apology or ruin his/her life just because he/she did something they personally disliked.

    The SJW trans-retard community have become the authoritarian oppressors, absolutely no doubt about that now. I thought these people were all about diversity and tolerance?

    Others praised her standing up and apologizing for what they felt were hurtful actions on her part.

    So drawing some fictional artwork are hurtful actions.

    Dear lord.

    • Alistair

      I agree I’m so fucking Angry that The left get away with this.

      If male harrash and bully we misogyny etc etc, when the left bully a woman like her, a male anything they dislike. It perfectly okay.

      The only way to stop them, like I said is the courts. If a male harrash on twitter he goes to court. But it up to the police to take action or not.

      Now since death/rape threats can give you into trouble she got the right to take them to court if she reports them.

      And no they not immune from behind they keyboard or tablets.

    • Richard

      “So drawing some fictional artwork are hurtful actions.”

      I am pretty sure that you could beat this people to near death and as long as you say you love them, they will buy it hook, line, and sinker. Because to them words mean more than action.

    • Disqusted

      It offends them that they can’t draw for shit in comparison. Or have any talents whatsoever.

    • NuclearBlackMetalKampf

      Exactly. You never apologize to them. It’s like blood in the water for sharks when you ever concede their points. Look what happened to John Green, a successful, accomplished bestselling author, when he apologized to a bunch of unemployable Tumblr users. They just got MORE infuriated.

  • Vrenna


    • Disqusted


  • durka durka

    Do as they say they way they say or they will skin you alive…”tolarent progresives.”