Battalion 1944 Closed Alpha V0.2 To Start This Weekend

Square Enix and Bulkhead Interactive will release the Battalion 1944 Closed Alpha V0.2 this weekend for players to test. The news pertaining to the upcoming WW2 FPS game is accompanied by two new videos. Battalion 1944 is set to release on PC first with console variants coming later.

Not too long ago a list of futuristic games flooded the market with jump-jets and other high-tech Sci-Fi equipment in an FPS setup to replace the over saturated World War 2 scene. A lot of devs — indie devs to be specific — then grew tired of the emerging trend of future Sci-Fi FPS titles and wanted boots on the ground again, so now we have a flood of World War 2 games… again.

In addition to FPS multiplayer games, a sudden flood of WW2 games seem to be back in full force with titles like Heroes & Generals and Day of Infamy out, and other titles like Hell Let Loose ready to hit the market, among others; this has a lot of people wondering what will make Battalion 1944 any different?

If you want to know what makes Battalion 1944 any different to other titles on the market or if it meets your expectations, there are two videos for you to look over that were released in the last 24 hours of this writing that showcase what Battalion 1944 has to offer in its current state.

The first video is a dev update that explains version 0.2 and what changes were made so that the upcoming weekend Closed Alpha can play much better. The video is up for your viewing pleasure thanks to Bulkhead Interactive.

Next is a “Fragmovie & Giveaway” video that showcases the newly added shotgun to Battalion 1944.

If you really want an ideal how the game will play out or if it is your cup of tea, the next upcoming build of Battalion 1944 is set to drop this weekend. Additional information on how to join the upcoming Closed Alpha and the devs behind the WW2 game can be found by heading on over to