Battle Girls 18+ VN About Beautiful Mech Pilots Is Available On Nutaku
Battle Girls

Dharker Studio announced that Battle Girls is officially available for PC over on Nutaku. The visual novel joins a host of other games on the adult-themed gaming digital distribution portal and online games provider.

Amid all the recent browser based games and free-to-play strategy schlock that has been released on Nutaku, I’m sure some fans are happy that the site has returned to offering the bread and butter that got them noticed in the first place: kinky-arsed visual novels.

The game centers around a new mech pilot recruit who ends up at a battle mech training facility. He must make it through training while also romancing his fellow female co-pilots. Oh, woe is the pilot who is tasked with piloting a big ‘ole mech while surrounded by a bunch of amply-endowed young women who don’t mind showing off the boobies during morning strolls or midnight trysts.

Battle Girls VN

Much like Dharker Studios’ other VN, Army Girls, the theme in Battle Girls centers around getting to know each of the fellow mech pilots while at the battle mech training facility, and picking and choosing how you interact with them and attempt to romance them.

Art wise don’t expect anything on the line of what you would get from a Winged Cloud visual novel. The art here is purely on par to the Army Girls art quality. You can see what the characters and some of the background artwork look like Battle Girls with the launch trailer below.

Battle Girls does sport branching story routes and offers gamers multiple endings to unlock as well. There’s also a CG gallery for all of the CG sequences you encounter, and plenty of uncensored and scintillating moments of lascivious amoré to help fulfill the promise of being a true 18+ visual novel.

You can grab the game right now in all its uncensored glory over on Nutaku for $10. You can learn more by visiting the not safe for work Nutaku store page.


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