Birth Of The Dragon U.S. Trailer Looks Rad
Birth of the Dragon Movie

WWE Studios is distributing Groundswell Production and Kylin Pictures Production’s Birth of the Dragon in the good ‘ole U.S., of A. The movie is loosely inspired by Bruce Lee’s real life battle with Wong Jack Man. Regardless of the early reviews, the trailer that they’ve recently put out is actually really well done.

It’s a two and a half minute piece that slowly escalates toward the real life fight between Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man. In between this time we get a very arrogant Bruce lee explaining how the current martial arts (back then) were ineffective and how he had found ways to improve on the traditional techniques of Chinese kung-fu by creating his own style, later known as Jeet Kune Do.

The trailer focuses on the build-up to the fight, with Wong Jack Man being portrayed as someone coming to America to teach Bruce a lesson in humility and honor. The trailer is pretty tightly put together, which you can check out below.

The comment section is pretty livid and quite divided. While a lot of people like the trailer, many who have already seen the movie were angry that the main protagonist was white, and that Bruce and Wong Jack Man were actually side characters.

You have to admit that in this day and age where “diversity” is the big thing in Hollywood, it’s pretty interesting that they would actually make a “straight white male” a lead in a movie about the politics of Asian martial arts.

The rest of the comments are either proclaiming that the movie was bad (but they don’t really go into the details as to why), others joke about various Asian WWE stars being in the movie, and a few more complained about the WWE distributing the film.

The one thing few even mention is whether or not the choreography is good and if the fight scenes are actually in frame!


What little we see looks good. We get some really beautiful wide shots of a few techniques, including the Uchi uke into the one-inch punch. It’s nice to see that the actor actually prepped the punch with the extension of his knuckles before balling the fist in order to get the most thrust between that single inch before applying force.

It’s tough to tell how good the movie will be based on the comment section, but the trailer makes it look like it’s worthwhile. I’ve avoided reviews from other outlets so far given how many of them have succumbed to SJWism and it’s impossible to get a good gauge from them anymore. However, you can look for Birth of the Dragon to land in the U.S., of A later this summer.


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