Bright’s Netflix Trailer Hammers Home That Blacks Can Be Racist… Against Elves
Bright Trailer

David Ayer could have another masterpiece on his hands or another disasterpiece on his hands come December 22nd later this year. The Netflix original, Bright, stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton in a grounded take of a high-fantasy tale.

The movie is a huge nod to the original 1988 Alien Nation starring James Caan. The whole diversity thing still lies at the heart of the film, only this time they have Will Smith as a black racist cop who doesn’t like elves, fairies or orcs.

I guess this proves to SJWs that blacks can be racist.

Anyway, the diversity angle doesn’t last long in the trailer. This isn’t just a species swap to talk about racism in the ghettos of America, it’s about some supernatural run-all-night survival antics involving a magic wand, an elven assassin, and a bunch of gang members getting down and dirty in the streets of L.A., on one bloody gory night. Check out the trailer below.

Given that the film is about diversity, I wonder how SJW critics will take this? Will they scold Ayer for portraying Smith as someone who doesn’t like the elven kind? Or will they praise Ayer for taking diversity to the next step by including fairy book species into the mix?

I can already imagine sweaty foreheads and hyperbolic headlines going through the grinder at the Mary Sue, Vox and Vice as they each try to find a spin without creating a Marxist-breaking paradox within the intersectional equilibrium.

On the upside, if you honestly don’t care about all of the racism crap, diversity nonsense, and SJWism invading all of popular media, you’ll probably enjoy a down-and-grounded gritty take on a fantasy-themed story. It looks violent, it looks original (apart from the fact that it looks like Alien Nation meets a 1990’s take of Shadowrun) and it looks entertaining.

So long as it doesn’t have a Swiss cheese plot like Suicide Squad and manages to capture the hard-edged cinematic nature of Ayer’s previous films, Bright could be a film worth watching.


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