Call Of Duty: WW2 Dev Accuses Fan Of Being Racist For Wanting Swastikas In Game
Call of Duty WW2 Nazi Zombies
(Last Updated On: July 25, 2017)

Sledgehammer Games’ upcoming Call of Duty: WW2 has a mode called Nazi Zombies. The mode, however, will not feature any Nazis iconography or symbolism. All Swastikas in the mode have been replaced with the German Iron Cross. One user thought a good recourse would be to remove the “Nazi” from “Nazi Zombies” if there weren’t going to be any Swastikas to signify that the zombies are actually Nazis. Well, Sledgehammer Games’ co-founder Michael Condrey took umbrage with this criticism, accusing the gamer of being a closet Nazi.

The Twitter feed quickly filled up with a lot of anger, a lot of finger-pointing, chiding, and some textual conflagration.

Some argued that you don’t need Swastikas to convey that the zombies are Nazis in the Nazi Zombie mode in Call of Duty: WW2. Others argued why they would even be called Nazi Zombies if the imagery doesn’t match? A few pointed out that Swastikas are banned in Germany for use as propaganda. Fewer more retorted that the Swastika are in fact used in the game’s single-player mode, so why aren’t they in the actual Nazi Zombies mode? There were even some Pepes accusing Condrey of trying to whitewash history by removing the symbol from multiplayer.

Stalemates and standstills were had over the argument about Swastikas. The gamer, Zack, however, responded to Condrey original inflammatory and rhetorical question, stating that he meant no offense and that he loves Call of Duty and that he is not a Nazi.

The Twitter exchange most definitely had more people reproaching Condrey for his attempt to Kafka-trap Zack into an admission of guilt than those defending Condrey.

Plenty of fans were obviously not happy about how Condrey handled the exchange. However, this isn’t an incident that happens in an isolated vacuum. Previously Sledgehammer Games’ founders had mentioned that they didn’t want Swastikas in the multiplayer portion of the game because they didn’t want to glorify the symbol.

They did, however, want representation and diversity to be a big part of Call of Duty, even going as far as enabling gamers to become black female Nazis in multiplayer, just without the actual Swastikas.

The symbols were also removed from the Nazi Zombies mode, as mentioned above, which did cause a lot of gamers to scratch their heads given that – as Zach points out – why call it a Nazi Zombies mode if the actual Nazi symbols won’t be used?

Some gamers have claimed in the thread that they won’t be supporting Sledgehammer Games due to having a Liberal slant, but others don’t mind so long as the game is fun.

Funnily enough, even though Sledgehammer Games promised to feature more representation of “underrepresented” minorities in the game, Polygon still criticized Sledgehammer for the move because they claimed that the studio was only doing it as virtue signaling PR move, checking off the token minorities from list that are featured in the game in order to appease Social Justice Warriors.

Update: It appears Michael Condrey also told a black gamer he needs to be more “inclusive” and “welcoming” because the black gamer suggested not to have black female Nazis in the game.

(Thanks for the news tip Lyle)

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  • Jonathan Briedwell

    I think its even more racist to not include the evil symbols, yeah lets base the game on history and pretend like people didn’t fight for freedom against oppression. I get its a zombie mode in a video game, but why are you all still calling it Nazi zombies?! money talks

  • Squidz Mackenzie
  • Deus Dex

    I’m no fan of corporate morality clauses but these SJW devs and marketing types need to be reigned in.
    It’s about time the bosses of these firms started making these snowflakes sign contracts stipulating that they won’t bring the name of the company into disrepute with their berating of fans and constant regressive moral grandstanding on Twatter.
    They’re affecting sales (Just look at Manveer the anti-white racist with Mass Effect: Andromeda) and it’s only reasonable that they be expected to conduct themselves like reasonable adults while representing billion dollar corporations and the products they make.

    • Gotta disagree, but not for the reasons you think.

      I’m glad they’re out and about on social media making fools of themselves and destroying the reputation of their company with SocJus nonsense.


      Simple: it means normal people can see them for what they are and easily avoid the products. Most gamers just want to game, and some developer spouting off at the mouth on social media about his SocJus wetdream society is enough to make most people commit to never laying a dime or dollar down in front of their feet.

      So yeah… let them burn down the house that they built; I will watch from afar, chanting praises into the night sky as the fire rises.

      • Deus Dex

        Yeah that’s a great point.
        From our perspective at least it’s better they run their mouths and redpill more people with their disgusting rhetoric and degeneracy.

        The problem with that though is that we’re talking about the profits and reputations of giant billion dollar corporations and if I was running a division of a major corporation you bet I would force those idiots that I hired to sign a contract and shut their damn mouths.
        Money and jobs are on the line here and these SJW tards think their jobs are just platforms to proselytize their ideology instead of produce consumer entertainment products.
        They’re petulant entitled children playing at being adults.

  • Matthew Wilkinson

    Cod is for kids anyway.

  • RaoulO

    Dude looks like a fookin Nazi, what do you expect?

    Maybe he’s taking it personally.

  • Not Like This

    how i know a game is going to be bad

  • Posny Crustypain

    I love that you can tell the author is worried to take a real position on this despite him clearly realizing it is bullshit. Instead has to phrase everything in this anodyne “everyone is equally rational and valid” tone, bordering on meaninglessness at points. I’m not saying it should be a horribly biased slam piece but both sides of this “debate” are not on equal footing. And it should be easier to roundly condemn a dev who is publicly and unfairly abusing his fans.

    lol so i glanced through some of your other articles and i should give you a much larger benefit of the doubt for this article. But i mostly stand by this comment

  • Maxx Kilbride

    “Be inclusive, my man.” – What the hell? Is this real life?

    • You probably wish it weren’t.

  • Ritsuka66

    Germany, of all countries, is currently seeing a rise in nationalistic criminalty and popularity of the according opinions.

    So the censor of simbols in german not help so much…

  • Beat

    Biggest nazi himself.

  • Legionarius

    I already had enough reason to stop buying CoD games with all the microtransaction BS, they’re making the decision to skip their games all that much easier with this SJW pandering.

  • Feli Aslan

    We know that SJWs are Pro-Muslim which makes them Anti-Jew by proxy, so they have any reason to whitewash history and hide the crimes of the muslim-loving and jew-hating Nazi government.SJWs hate Jews because all they care for in the end are Muslims and their goals of a worldwide Kalifate.

  • jlenoconel

    This kind of bullshit is why I give zero fucks about mainstream gaming nowadays. These devs are making games for the masses, the mainstream audience, not actual gamers. They’re so worried about “looking bad” that they have to make sure all their PR bullshit is right, and that their games are cleansed of anything offensive. I think I’ll wait for this game to hit the bargain bin like I do most games nowadays.

  • ImJust1Joe .

    By this guys’s logic one could easily accuse him of being a holocaust denier.

  • I’ll just buy the new Wolfenstien game instead. At lease they care more about historical accuracy (Funny seeing how Wolfensiten is based on a alternate reality and COD is based on true events) and how MachineGames actually care for their fans.

    • LOL… the new Wolfenstein is an SJW haven. You do know that right?

      • Um, I’m going to need some explanation here, please.

        • It’s another one of those multi-culturalism diversity pieces designed as propaganda.

          Instead of the BJ we used to know and love for being a tough masculine, SOB, this one can’t get anything done without his After-School Special Super Friends helping him out:

          • Oh. Thanks.

            In that case, consider this game in the “AVOID AT ALL COSTS” file. Pity. I really liked New Order and was excited to see where that story would lead.

          • jlenoconel

            Just buy any new games when they hit the bargain bin, dude. Mainstream gaming sucks anyway now. I much prefer buying or playing cheap or free older games. I got Return to Castle Wolfenstein for cheap a month or so ago, never played it before.

            Gaming is gonna continue to go downhill the more intertwined it becomes with mainstream culture, just like movies. Better to remember gaming for how awesome it was than the bullshit its gonna end up becoming.

          • Alistair

            been doing that, I feel like it shouldn’t have to be like that forcing me, to buy dead cheap.

            i buy censored games dead cheap or wait it hit the sales. but if the Devs havnt cucked out we wouldn’t talked about this and censorship.

          • jlenoconel

            I don’t feel forced. I don’t give a shit about most modern games in the first place. Once you buy a PC, for me at least, mainstream gaming just kinda falls by the wayside and becomes less important.

          • Alistair

            Do you care about about censorship in games or don’t care?..

            I got a handicap as I don’t understand Japanese so I have to relied on a censored English version so it feel forced as in here the game censored. There is no other so I got no choice to buy a censored version just to understand the story.

            But also buy a import uncensored Japanese version to play the game as intended.

            Well long story short, I haven’t got a luxury to don’t care, if I can fully understand Japanese then I won’t give a rat arse about English censored version.

            Edit: besides is it just me but the AAA titles are having diversity thrust down our throats. along with censored ecchi titles it can’t be a good thing.

          • jlenoconel

            I care to an extent, but some of it is out of my hands. They just took House Party down from Steam which pisses me off. I actually planned on buying that game?

          • Alistair

            Well that news has just reach me 30 minutes ago, and it piss me off as steam are usual okay with echhi content and even allow hentai patches on Their platform.

            So this removal of house party makes no sense, also now those games I mention are at risk now being pulled.

      • What? Its a old/new school shooter where you go around killing Nazis and Nazi robots as a cripple riding on top of a giant Nazi robot dog that can breath fire. Its not a game that is supposed to view the horrors of war for both sides its “Hey! Here’s your gun. Lets go kill some fucking Nazis!”

      • jlenoconel

        Just a heads up to fans of the old Wolfenstein. There’s actually a remake of the original called Wolfram floating around online. Its cool because the U.S. version at least doesn’t have any censorship. If you’re a fan of Wolfenstein and old school schooters I’d give it a whirl.

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    So…asking for history accuracy in a mature FPS game that takes place in WW2 makes us racist. Huh!

    SJWs don’t even play WW2 FPS. And FPS generally that isn’t called Overwatch. So why trying to appeal to them?

  • fnd

    This is what happens when we accept jewish propaganda at face value. We treat nazis as if they are the new Satan. And it is kinda dangerous since “evil” is subversive and cool. FFS nazi german is not even the worst regime in the world, let alone the most genocidal regime.

    • FFS nazi german is not even the worst regime in the world, let alone the most genocidal regime.

      Very true.

      • Usama Bhangu

        You’re literally agreeing with a person that says this is “Jewish propaganda”

        • I agreed that the Nazis weren’t the worst regime in the world or the most genocidal movement.

          • Usama Bhangu

            he literally said “This is what happens when we accept jewish propaganda at face value”. Do u not see the problem with this? And no im not disagreeing that the Nazis were the most genocidal regime ever but u ignored what was said in the first sentence.

          • Nice try trolling bro. But he’s not wrong about the Nazis not being the worst… heck Stalinism was taking place during the same time and had a far higher body count. How you can’t realize this means you’re either trolling or can’t separate the facts from the clauses that hurt your feelings.

          • Usama Bhangu

            lol how am I trolling, he said it was “jewish propaganda” which is extremely anti-semitic thing to say and as i said earlier I don’t deny that Nazis weren’t the only genocidal manics for example Leopold II of Belgium led a 15 million genocide against natives of Congo and Ismail Enver Pasha led the genocide of the armenians which killed 1.5 million. I know it’s pretty stupid to censor swastikas espcially since there was literally no substantial complaints about wolfenstein or even COD 5 about it have having swastikas but to say it was jewish propaganda rather than left wing pandering (or SJW’s) is really makes u look bad and can lead to people misrepresenting this site.

          • but to say it was jewish propaganda rather than left wing pandering (or SJW’s) is really makes u look bad and can lead to people misrepresenting this site.

            And I never said it was Jewish propaganda, you did. Only people out to misinterpret intentions would come away with that view. Maybe because you’re Jewish or something? I don’t know. I don’t care.

            I was just agreeing with him that Nazis weren’t the worse the world has to offer (or probably will offer).

          • Usama Bhangu

            fnd said it was jewish propaganda and as i said earlier u agreeing with a guy saying it’s Jewish propaganda makes u look bad and no I’m not disagreeing with “Nazis were the worst people on the planet”

          • fnd said it was jewish propaganda and as i said earlier u agreeing with a guy saying it’s Jewish propaganda makes u look bad

            No it doesn’t, because I only agreed with the Nazi part. You’re the only one hung up on the Jewish bit, either because you’re afraid of someone taking your shekels or because you’re trolling.

            BTW if u knew how to read u would know that at the very beginning of the message i said “HE said it was jewish propaganda

            lol @ if people knew how to read. And where in my comment did I say I agreed it was Jewish propaganda? The only one who keeps saying that is you, either because you’re ashamed in yourself for believing it’s true or because, as I mentioned, you’re Jewish.

            I never accuse u of saying it was Jewish propaganda makes u look disingenuous.

            You keep saying I agreed that it was Jewish propaganda and I never did. So yeah, who is the disingenuous one?

          • Usama Bhangu

            Now you’re accusing me of being Jewish (which im not if u read my name) and making jokes about shekels wooooooooooooow. And when did i say you said it was jewish propaganda like even though I’ll admit when i said ” but to say it was Jewish propaganda rather than left wing pandering (or SJW’s) is really makes u look bad and can lead to people misrepresenting this site.” I might made it out to seem it was you who said it but I meant it in more broader sense to others who thing this was the case. Look I don’t wanna carry this for too loog but im not here to troll you or waste your time but I just happen to come about the “Jewish Propaganda” and that just caught my eye so let’s end in mutual disagreement. Please?

          • ThyPancakeConsumed

            Hey mr. troll face, stop upvoting yourself. It wont magically make you look smarter or right in this case or any for that matter.

          • durka durka

            if “jweish propaganda” is “antisemetic” that would imply that Israel has never dont any propaganda when it has bene proven that it does all the time, they even pay university students to do it.

            In my opinion Israel has managed to use the nazi card to deflect critisism, they have managed to created a powerfull country in the middle east and manage to stop sjws from criticizing them with the nazi card. But now the sjws taking the side of terrorist islamists like the palestinians so they can criticize them.

            Personally i dont think this is left wing pandering, i think this is litteraly germany cucking up to political correctness and foces this shit into law.

    • durka durka

      which is? I want to pwn some lefties.

      • fnd


  • fenshing

    Well my brother and I game every weekend. We were deciding which to get, COD WW2 or Battlefront 2… Yeah, I told him my vote is for Battlefront 2. It might have a SJW single player but at least the multiplayer wont be full of it.

  • SevTheBear
  • Alistair

    Besides I’m determined not to buy this game, I like COD but over time it does get stale.

    2014 was the fresh idea of Ecchiness in games. That out “Ranked” COD and some other AAA titles.

    Fast forward in time COD has censored themselves, they never censored COD never so why start now?

  • ThyPancakeConsumed

    Zach V response is pure beta cuck stuff. No surprise cod is selling non stop for decade now.

    • fnd

      Cod fanbase like to be abused and emasculated it seems…

  • Disqusted

    Soroshammer Games has many mind virus.

  • Michael P

    By virtue of his ridiculous conclusion to the question, if wanting symbolism is racist, he’s literally Hitler for making the actual game with Nazi’s in it.

    Their arguments/accusations/logic leaps are getting dumber by the day and I’m not sure how many more brain cells I can afford to lose digesting their fuckery.

    How this series is still as big as it is also hurts my brain. The fan base do nothing but complain whenever a new one releases with less features/content than the last, yet they keep buying it like the fucking lemmings that they are.

    Giant meteor end the mistake known as humanity.

    • Alistair

      And never forget the ultimate censorship in modern history “burning of books” gotta a new name banning every media the left doesn’t like.

      You gotta move with the times you know lol 😂

    • fnd

      I hear you, i sometimes wonder why i waste my time pirating COD since they get bigger Gygabytes in every new interaction and here i am.

      • You have to admit, Black Ops 3 was worth it. That was the last good CoD game.

        • fnd

          Ok, if you repeat it 50 more times i might believe you lmao. Black Ops 2 ftw hands down the best COD.

        • durka durka

          so advanced warafre isnt good? The sp is pretty good.

          • Advanced Warfare was like target practice for Blops 3. Treyarch’s game just did everything better.

      • durka durka

        I wont be playing this one, i had enough ww2 games.

        • Disqusted

          I got sick of WW2 games about 20 years ago. I hear SJWs keep bitching that historical games of a specific setting in a specific country don’t have enough diversity.

          People should just tell them if they don’t like it go make their own f**king game instead of bitching at other people.

      • Michael P

        Well at least you’re not paying for it, does the multi work with pirate copies though?

        • fnd

          It probably does in some COD’s, but i never tried, too much hassle trying to put pirated games to play online.

  • s_fnx

    Fucking disgusting.

    I once had hope before they announced this game but since then my enthusiasm has quickly faded away and part of that is due to its PC agenda and SJW devs.

    The sad thing is that this piece of crap game is still going to sell millions

    • jlenoconel

      That’s because most people don’t know any better. They’re not aware of a lot of the SJW bullshit in games or just ignore it. Mainstream gaming sucks for varying different reasons anyway, not just politics. I’ve so fucking lost interest the last year or so.

  • Alistair

    Another round of “do not believe the bullshit”

    This goes for all Devs that censored their products. But I shall focus on the bullshit of sledgehammer banning Swastikas and Nazi symbols.

    The film Industry does allow Nazi symbols in films.

    Around the 3:51 mark under the German code of law.

    The Devs could use that same law the same rights as the film industry has. So no bullshit.

    It’s the Devs being awkward.

    • Migi

      Damn! you beat me too it. need to learn to scroll lower to view the rest of the comment section.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Yep, and that makes me not want to buy your game. Jesus, these fucking idiot developers need to learn.

  • Alistair

    Hmm it never good idea when a Dev called a consumer that “will” buy a product of your game a racist for stating the truth of history.

    It like a Ecchi dev called a consumer a Pervy pedo. But they don’t.

    The fact is it the co-founder and not the founder him/herself that make the remark.

    I wonder is that the same view of the 1st founder and Bobby K that owns activision is a businessman that deals getting profit.

    Edit: besides spinning and twisting is what they do best.

  • R3474X0R

    I’ll join in with Condrey’s little game of twisting words and intentions then:

    Condrey, a racist because he’s making a game that has nazi’s in it, is calling his fans racist because they asked for accurate depiction of the bad guys. Clearly he doesn’t want that, because he’d see his own comrades fall.
    Am I getting this right? Is that his position on this?
    Who doesn’t love punching nazi’s? It was hilarious in Sabotage.


    I would chalk it up as this one guy being a fucking idiot, but I think it’s the whole of Sledgehammer at this point have bought into the PC bullshit. Shitting on potential customers is a good way to get me to skip CoDWWII.

    You know what? I was going to actually forgive them for not including Nazi propaganda in German maps for Multiplayer due to a lot of countries not liking it. I was going to forgive them for letting you play as a black female, or a female period on the Nazi side in multiplayer. This? This kind of shit just can’t be ignored. I’m done with CoD until they get their shit straight.

  • Mr.Towel

    Some argued that you don’t need Swastikas to convey that the zombies are Nazis in the Nazi Zombie mode in Call of Duty: WW2

    Because you don’t! To a SJW, having an opinion slightly to the right of the hard left is already proof enough that you’re literally Hitler. No swastikas needed.

    • ThyPancakeConsumed

      PSA: Remember, opinions that differ from liberal ones, are nazi.

  • Kyle Haddad

    god forbid a fan wants a series that once prided itself on accurate historical depictions, wants a series to accurately depict history.

  • durka durka

    I dont pay any attention to this game, its just another ww2 shooter with nazi zombies, but i heard something about this game having black women nazis or something Wtf?

    • lucben999

      Black neon-haired ancient Egyptian female nazi pharaohs in European plate armor riding flying rainbow unicorns into battle and waving a Hillary Clinton banner.

  • Sand Ripper

    Nazi isn’t a race. German isn’t a race either; it’s a nationality.

    That developer flipped out over nothing, and then the fan apologizes to him for some reason. No wonder these games sell millions of copies a year.

    • durka durka

      yes, yes but, hear me out, zombies are a race…aaaahhh see, i got you there bud!!!

    • fnd

      “German isn’t a race either”
      That’s not true, what is the race of people that lives in germany, excluding the immigrants and refugees? Or you just subscribe to the 3 big races: white, negro and yellow?

  • Shitting on fans is the quickest way to guarantee you lose any respect and support from me.

    • Gozu Tennoh

      What respect could you have possibly had for a CoD dev in the first place?

      • I dunno, the passion to keep going, I guess? It’s a general rule of mine that if you betray a basic level of respect in this way, you won’t gain sympathy from me.

      • fnd

        They bring in the bucks, you gotta respect that…

      • Deus Dex

        Because they’re talented people making technically excellent videogames.
        I understand the disdain for the corporate greed motivation behind churning out yearly copypaste sequels but you can’t deny the talent of the people actually making them.

  • GuyGuysonEsquire

    Those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it. But what about those who intentionally muddle it to appease every little group that might get offended by it?

    • ItEotWaWKI

      But what about those who intentionally muddle it to appease every little group that might get offended by it?

      Doomed to be the ones carrying out the atrocities of the past they claim they’re trying to prevent from happening again.

    • ThyPancakeConsumed

      They dooming themselves and others to extinction. Things are getting build and done on going out and doing something not by sitting in safe zones and catering to thin skinned morons.

  • EroBotan

    Zach’s response is terrible lol. If someone attack you, you have 2 option: “fight back” or “ignore it”. Never choose “give up and apologize” if you’re not in the wrong.

    • GuyGuysonEsquire

      Typical response of a modern beta-male.

      • EroBotan

        his family need to send him to the army camp for 1 month!

    • His response is absolutely cringe-worthy. It’s akin to the same kinds of grovelling apologies that companies/businesses issue when they receive a load of complaints from the whining SJWs and feminists.

      • EroBotan

        yup, he gave up without a fight and even praising the enemy! Is he french (lol)?

        • ThyPancakeConsumed

          You might be not far from truth with French part.

    • John Doe

      He didn’t apologize. He responded with respect and gave valid reasons why Condrey was mistaken.

      • EroBotan

        i think you’re just sugarcoating it to make him look less like a loser.

        • John Doe

          I think you’re sugarcoating the fact you were wrong.

          • EroBotan

            whatever lol

  • AlecJ

    I was on the fence with this game… longer….

    Im out.

    The progressive arrogance in the treating of this poor CoD fan makes me sick.

    Also, Condrey knows he is being a gutless turd, — his instant spaz reaction is indicative of a guy who knows he is guilty.

    There is an oncoming storm in the games industry….

    • There is an oncoming storm in the games industry….

      What storm might that be?

      The only storm that’s coming/happening right now in the video games industry is Social Justice and feminism. Both equally cancerous.

      • Alistair

        Well if the storm is already here, we been riding that storm for years.

        There is a saying, if you cry wolf so many times, one day it could happen.

        If the left is hell bent on destroying a industry by a drip by drip approach then they winning.

        If Japan game industry crumbles then is basically game over and the same fate goes to the porn industry too. Under UK laws.

        • SST_2_0

          Making things political for no reason is just as SJW.

      • jlenoconel

        He means that eventually, if developers and publishers continue to appeal to a mainstream audience and forget about core gamers, they will end up losing their original audience, and gaming could eventually be in trouble because of it. I see the tide turning myself already.

      • AlecJ

        Lets take CoD—

        After years of mediocre games, Call of Duty, is still selling trillions*…i believe that moments like this, with Condrey, could mortally wound the franchise.

        Social media and youtube have made events like this more and more public….and the generation which is now coming up living with these platforms are far less receptive to open insanity than millennials.

        You take these two facts— add it to the lack of self awareness of people like Condrey–

        A day is coming….maybe it will be this year’s CoD…that sales will not only suffer, but will be effected in a way that changes the entire paradigm.

        Major franchises will quickly muzzle their devs causing a shit storm the likes of which we have never seen.

        The next generation of gamers is more like us then them.

        The pendulum is about to swing.

        *it may not be actual trillions, but its an f’ing shit ton.

    • EroBotan

      if there is one, i wonder if FPS community will join, I rarely heard anything from them when it comes to fighting SJWs.

      • Bitterbear

        They’re busy having too much fun teabagging each other online to notice the gigantic dildo being shoved up their asses.

    • giygas

      Apparently it’s “racist and hateful” to use the Nazi symbol, but not the name “Nazi” itself in the title? Fuck this Nazi retard and his double standards. I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

    • jlenoconel

      Agreed. I already don’t really bother buying anything mainstream anymore. I prefer buying classics and indies on Steam. Even if an indie has an SJW slant, at least I probably got whatever game for cheap, so its never really a biggie.

  • Gorgon

    >they didn’t want to glorify the symbol.

    How does Nazis using swastika glorifies it? This is unimaginable amount of bullshit.

    Also, fuck CoD. Except first two and Modern Warfare.

    • durka durka

      Apparnetly zombies “glorify” swastikas.

    • Mr.Towel

      Because they secretly love Nazis and their huge state power. Swastikas are too undeserving of such glory.

    • ThyPancakeConsumed

      I don’t really like to do this but here it goes.
      “Also, fuck CoD. Except first two and World At War”
      Here fixed it.

      (modern shitfire ruined series with all that cinematic action movie like bullshit, its pussyfied compared with WaW, i don’t understand how people can even like that game…)

      • Gorgon

        Eh, yeah, I can agree to that.

    • Franpa

      I can understand not including swastika’s in Trophies, UI elements, Achievement imagery, Soldier Uniform Decals, Base decorations etc. as that can unintentionally result in players glorifying the symbol but I can not understand why level environments can not feature them.

      • ThyPancakeConsumed

        Cuz fuck logic.

  • Insulting and slandering fans and paying customers of your own game. How disgraceful.

    Also, absolutely f*cking pathetic virtue-signaling from the developer as usual.

  • anopolis

    seems the little douchecanoes have infested every little nook and cranny out there. To say that to a fan, ….that guy is a butt sniffin fart blossom.