CrisisActionVR Enters Into Early Access With Some Wonky Looking Zombie Combat

Pixel Wonder’s CrisisActionVR has entered into Early Access on Steam for $29.99. The pricey indie title for virtual reality headsets hasn’t gotten off to the best of starts, but that hasn’t stopped the developers from diving head-first into the VR arena, both feet first.

CrisisActionVR is a first-person, cooperative zombie shooter title. It’s typical of most other FPS VR games out there, with a story mode where players can battle through the maps either solo or with up to three other players in the four-player cooperative mode.

You can see what the gameplay looks like in action with the trailer below.

The trailer kind of looks like something that was designed for mobile devices. I’m not really sure what’s up with the frame-rate, but the shooting looks pretty wonky. There’s also some strange animations for the characters shooting. It looks like the left hand is supposed to be firing but it isn’t. Some of the user reviews on the Steam page also noted there was an issue with the left hand not doing anything in the game, and that you have to use the right stick to move, reload weapons, open doors, and fire weapons, which is a bizarre way of doing things.

Also, did they rip the sexy zombie nurse from Silent Hill for one of the zombies in the game?

CrisisActionVRalso features both long-range weapon-based combat and up-close melee combat as well. There’s also a team-based PvP mode, but given how loose the mechanics are, it’s tough to tell how fun a game like this would be during PvP.

On the upside, this is an Early Access title. We’ve seen plenty of games start off in Early Access a broken mess and then slowly but surely come together as a worthwhile indie title, so we’ll see if Pixel Wonder can pull off a miracle with CrsisActionVR.

You can learn more about the game by visiting the Steam store page.


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