Dal Segno Visual Novel Arrives On Steam With 18+ Patch
Dal Segno Visual Novel

If you’ve been waiting for MangaGamer’s Dal Segno to launch on Steam, your time counting down the digits on the clock are over. The game is now officially available on Steam, and MangaGamer also launched the 18+ patch for gamers to download along with the title in order to… enrich the gameplay experience.

Developed by Circus, Dal Segno is a a visual novel about a young lad who finds himself on the receiving end of a transfer to Kazana Island. The transfer student is taken aback by an AI named Ame who helps guide him through his journeys of discovery and amoré while on the island.

Along the way the student ends up befriending a few other female students on the island, including the tomboy loner, Himari Asamiya; the beautiful and smart Hazuki Murasaki; the morbid Io Kouzuki; the tease Noeri Fujishiro, and the AI Ame.

You can check out the game’s intro below to get an idea of what the visuals and art-style is like, as well as a brief introduction to some of the characters.

Dal Segno has received lots of praise from the VN community for the high-quality artwork and visual splendor that Circus managed to capture with their game.

The Steam version of Dal Segno features trading cards, cloud save support, and multiple branching stories. The interface is in English along with the subtitles, but the voice overs are all in Japanese.

Back at the beginning of June MangaGamer announced that the 18+ patch would be freely distributed for Steam users. They reiterated this stance once more with a post on Twitter informing gamers that you can register on the official MangaGamer website and download the R-18+ Steam patch for free.

If you want to experience the high-quality artwork and the lighthearted story that Circus tells with Dal Segno, you can pick up a digital copy of the visual novel right now from over on the Steam store page. The game is regular $39.99 but is discounted by 10% during the Steam summer sale.


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