Dave Made A Maze Trailer Looks Like The Goonies For Adults
Dave Made A Maze

Original movies are hard to come by these days and original movies that actually look entertaining are even rarer. In the case of Gravitas Ventures’ Dave Made A Maze, it not only looks like they managed to churn out a low-budget original flick, but also manage to make something that looks like it could be the adult version of The Goonies.

The trailer centers around an absurd but funny concept: Dave makes a cardboard maze over the weekend while his girlfriend is away. However, when she gets back and sees the mess in the apartment, she begins questioning Dave (who is trapped inside the cardboard maze) what’s going on. Dave constantly warns her not to enter the maze.

Dave’s girlfriend eventually gets a camera crew involved and brings over some friends, and some crazy hijinks ensue when they don’t heed Dave’s warning, and actually enter the maze themselves. You can check out the trailer below courtesy of Zero Media.

The general feedback for the trailer is quite positive, mirroring many of my own thoughts. For one, there were no raunchy jokes, overt foul language, dick references, or “muh feminism” commentary, which is a rarity among most adult-oriented comedies these days.

Second, the trailer doesn’t give anything away. While we learn that the maze is definitely a lot more than what it appears to be from the outside, we don’t exactly know just how bad it is. The trailer hints at the maze being deadly, with some SAW-like traps springing up, but the lighthearted mood of the trailer itself doesn’t reveal whether or not the traps are as deadly as they’re implied.

In the end, the trailer managed to convey an interesting looking movie without relying on overused, burned out, boring tropes, or giving too much of the plot away.

Color me surprised and paint me interested, but I’m actually inclined to see Dave Made A Maze.


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