Destiny 2 Open Beta Dates Revealed For PC, PS4 And Xbox One

Are you skeptical or excited for Destiny 2? Either emotion for the new game can be met when the upcoming Beta dates for Bungie and Activision’s first-person looter shooter, Destiny 2, will go live this July and in August for fans and gamers to play. Additionally, Bungie has revealed the actual dates for Destiny 2’s betas, which are accompanied by a new video trailer.

Notice: Destiny 2 Beta early access will start on July 18th-20th, 2017 on PS4 and on July 19th-20th, 2017 on Xbox One — the beta early access phase is for gamers who pre-ordered the game. The open beta for Destiny 2 will kick-off for PS4 and Xbox One come July 21st-23rd, 2017. PC players will gain access to Destiny 2′s beta early access phase and open beta sometime in August.

Now that the notice is out of the way explaining the many dates for Destiny 2′s betay access phase and beta dates pertaining to PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Bungie has released a new video showing the second iteration and the announcement of the aforesaid.

If you are currently displeased, on the fence or ready to play the second game to the first-person looter shooter known as Destiny, get ready to shape your opinion for free via the upcoming Beta trials when July 19th, July 21st, and August appears.

The beta trials for each of the three platforms will allow folks who pre-ordered the game and those who did not to watch the cinematic story campaign, take on the three-player co-operative Inverted Spire Strike and battle in two competitive multiplayer modes for free.

If the above sounds like something worth following, the official open beta launch trailer comes in by Destinygame, as seen below.

Destiny 2 will debut across PS4 and Xbox One on September 6th, while the PC version will become available for gamers to play on October 24th.


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