Destructoid Lets Jed Whitaker Go Following String Of Controversial Articles
Jed Whitaker GamerGate

Jed Whitaker recently took to Twitter to proclaim that he was “fired” from Destructoid. He claims that the new owner of Destructoid is getting chummy with #GamerGate, and that he would prefer to offer his services elsewhere.

Given the 150 character limit on Twitter, Whitaker wrote out his departure missive and then pasted it as an image on the social media network.

If you’re unable to read the text, Whitaker writes…

“Destructoid found the excuse they were looking for to “fire me”, which is a rich way to say stop letting me write there for essentially no pay.


“I can’t speak for everyone but I haven’t been paid to write there for over a year since the Dtoid UK team was let go. Aside from page view bonus.


“They have been trying to find a reason to be rid of me ever since the site was bought out and I wrote something that pissed off GamerGate, a hate group of which the new CEO has been openly engaging with on Twitter.


“Honestly, I’m relieved. If anything this can push me to go somewhere that actually supports me, or just take time to myself.”

According to the FBI report, there was no evidence that #GamerGate is or has been a hate group.

Whitaker mentions that at one point he was only making $300 a month at Destructoid, and that the pageview bonus was rather small since it was 50 cents per every 1,000 views.

He claims that people will see him around at other sites. Those who supported Jed Whitaker and his writing offered their condolences and well wishes on Twitter.

Meanwhile, however, many were glad that Whitaker was gone from Destructoid over on Kotaku in Action.

Whitaker was oftentimes the topic of discussion when he would write purposefully inflammatory content that caused people to archive Destructoid’s content, such as the time when he imported Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 just to perpetuate the narrative about sexist gamers, or likening those who enjoyed Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni to pedophiles; a comparison that netted a response from Destructoid publisher, Niero Gonzalez, who amended the review, writing…

“We’re not running any stories containing the word pedophiles anymore, even in jest. The comments below are way, way off the topic of videogames so let’s put this one to bed, eh? Also, it’s of course worth mentioning that we do enjoy this sort of game. I for one acknowledge that some games are junk, but that can be precious brain-dead junk.”

That one article is just a small sampling of Whitaker’s misdeeds in the eyes of the gaming community., the #GamerGate funded database that keeps track of journalist malfeasance, has a couple of entries regarding Whitaker’s sensationalism regarding topics such as claiming that Fire Emblem: Fates encouraged gay conversion therapy, and was also one of the many media outlets who helped promote a discredited research survey about male teenage gamers and sexism. You can read Jed Whitaker’s entire profile over on

Destructoid has been in the cross-hairs of #GamerGate for a while, with many people wanting the site to do better since it was one of their go-to hotspots for gaming news. Publisher Niero Gonzalez has been engaging with the community and attempting to find ways to improve the quality standards of the site, including updating the ethics policies, tightening up the content control and attempting to address articles that don’t meet those standards, which happened recently when Jonathan Holmes attempted to cover for composer Alex Mauer by purposefully leaving out key details regarding the situation of Mauer filing multiple false DMCA claims against the developers of Starr Mazer: DSP and River City Ransom: Underground.

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