Dr. Who Becomes A Woman And SJWs Claim Victory Over Patriarchy
Dr Who SJW
(Last Updated On: July 17, 2017)

The topic of Doctor Who becoming a woman has been brewing under the canopy for years, like yeast in a fermentation tank at a beer brewery. Things have finally come to a head now that the BBC has made the news official after years of Social Justice Warriors begging them for this to happen: The 13th Doctor in the show Doctor Who will be a woman.

The Telegraph is reporting that Broadchurch‘s Jodie Whittaker will step into the role to replace Peter Capaldi. The site states that Whittaker confirmed to them that she is a feminist and that she didn’t want to be boxed into the role based on what people say you can and cannot do.

According to Whittaker, she explained…

“I want to tell the fans not to be scared by my gender. Because this is a really exciting time, and Doctor Who represents everything that’s exciting about change. The fans have lived through so many changes, and this is only a new, different one, not a fearful one.”

Gender, however, is the top discussion centering around the change for Doctor Who, a character who has been renown for being a male throughout the series’ run since the early 1960s on BBC television.

Social Justice Warriors took to social media to proclaim victory over the patriarchy.

Not everyone was on board with Doctor Who becoming a woman. Those who expressed their displeasure at the typically male role being upended for a female lead were quickly bandied into a collective bundle and labeled under the wide swathe of either exhibiting internalized misogyny or being a right-wing member of the patriarchy.

Articles from the New Statesman took it a step further, actually going out of its way to antagonize people who didn’t think that Dr. Who should have been turned into a woman. Author John Elledge wrote…

“Today’s announcement, I’m sure, will annoy exactly the right people. The sort of purple middle-aged men who go on Question Time to lay into Jeremy Corbyn for his reluctance to nuke Tehran, or who sit on social media all day saying things like “Actually it’s about ethics in games journalism”. People who use words like “feminazi” or unironically blame “political correctness gone mad”. People who genuinely think that white men are the true victims in this world. The more that happens to irritate people like that the better, as far as I’m concerned.”

Actually, it’s not just about games journalism… it’s about ethics in journalism.

Some have questioned where this puts the Dr and his (or her) relationship with their sidekick? With Express reporting that the first openly gay character, Bill Potts, may still have some sort of future in the show according to the actress, instantly making some wonder if that means Dr. Who could potentially become a lesbian?

Nevertheless, famed WWE wrestler the Iron Sheik didn’t mince words about the Doctor Who television series or all the hoopla over the sex-change taking place with the character.

The lead change for Dr. Who will take place during the Christmas special later this year.

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  • AlecJ


    They are now at the point in this story where — like “Ghostbusters” long time fans of the IP are being told by the “powers that be” that they should shut up and deal because they are terrible people who are worse than Hitler if they dont like the ruining of their favorite show.

    The BBC is openly dismissing anyone who isnt 100% on board, publicly.

    Dr Who is toast. You cant retcon stupid….or maybe you can….i just like the way that phrase sounds.

    • GodBowser

      This is definitely going to go the same way as Failbusters if they’ve started lashing out at the fans

  • Galbador

    I got no words anymore. This will rip everything we know and like into the abyss just because some people are butthurt and want change for the wrong reason. I watched Dr Who and loved it for its premise, but this is just the wrong way. Once again, we see how creators cave in towards the madness what is 3rd wave feminism rage.

  • Dane Smith

    I don’t understand the appeal of ‘bending’, whether it be race or gender. Why not make a new, kick-ass series with the lead being said race or gender? I know people chuckle at the overuse of ‘color/gender’ clones of superheros in the past. from Super Girl to Black Adam to She-Hulk, but they are original beings. Hey, that Hulk guy is popular. How about we make a female version and call her She-Hulk. Easy, done, and no legitimate complaints.

    I’ve written a couple novels. Writing female characters was easy. Writing female character of different races was easy. Honestly, I think some TV companies are not into taking risks, and think a gender-bend of an established franchise is going to mean mega-profits from megaphone activists when instead it alienates the silent majority section of their fan base.

    The new Star Trek series coming out soon didn’t just take Kirk and Spock and bend them. They made new, unique beings. Whether or not the show is good, or the characters are interesting is a different debate, but by being a new being it takes away ammunition from the real women haters.

    Now, I understand in Dr. Who he is always being reincarnated and is a different person each time. So from the Dr. Who fans, correct me if I’m wrong on that. So legitimately, turning her into a woman isn’t a bend per say, even though I wrote three paragraphs on it. But it is all about the optics that is making people go batty, in my opinion. ‘Just Because’ and ‘Because it is Year X’ seems to be the reason why for the change, instead of some real, authentic, story-driven drama for the change.

  • GodBowser


    It seem sort of suspicious that Failbusters has been brought up again at the same time as the Doctors gender swap controversy

  • Dave The Sandman

    Its just the way the BBC are heading and have been for some time….down the poop chute.

    This character bending is getting ridiculous.

    There was a recent BBC documentary series about the invasions of 1066. Great series, but just one issue….. how come William The Conqueror’s chief advisor and right hand man is a black bloke? Its meant to be a serious history doc. Funny…..Ive looked at the Bayeux Tapestry and I dont remember seeing any black blokes on it. Also my knowledge of Norman politics of the turn of the first millennia isnt exactly PHD level, but I dont recall reading anywhere about the innovative and inclusive attitude William The Bastard had to diversity hires in his inner circle.

    Its just one of many reasons I choose not to fund the BBC through licensing fees.

    • GodBowser

      Since you brought up diversity hires I was wondering if you could tell me if there really were black people in France in the time period that the Musketeers was set in

      • Dave The Sandman

        Short answer is yes
        “Moorish” traders, merchants and travelers were around in the 1300s, as proven by archaeological finds in old graveyards in London. If they were in London, then they were in Paris.
        Such people would, according to the docs Ive watched and books Ive read, have been forced to live in restricted ghettos like the Jews of the same period were all across Europe, and always treated with suspicion and a fair degree of disrespect.
        By the mid 1600s, when The Musketeers is set, France was a major seafaring and trading nation. So yes there were black people in Paris in the period The Musketeers is set in.
        No there were not as many black people in Paris as portrayed in The Musketeers, and none in any real positions of power.
        There were definitely NONE in the French Musketeers of the Guard. The prestigious elite royal guard regiments (there were two) were mostly made up of the sons of landed gentry and aristocrats. The only other way to join was through a set period of military service and veterancy in the regular French army/cavalry.

        • GodBowser

          Thank you and I was asking since one of the Musketeers was black and you confirmed that the BBC did sacrificed historical accuracy for the old forced diversity for that show

          • Dave The Sandman

            I dont mind it that much mate as it is an out an out fantasy version of reality – but yeah the high number of brown faces in places they should not be breaks what immersion there is.
            There is a lot (historically) wrong with the series if it were pitched as serious history based. Wrong uniforms, wrong weapons, etc.
            Truth be told Im a fan of the classic 70s Three Musketeer flicks with Christopher Lee and Oliver Reed in em. Everything else, although I love the Musketeers “genre”, is a pale reflection.

  • AlecJ

    Just remember when the show is cancelled because the core viewership disappears, these same people now celebrating will have forgotten all about it….heck they will have forgotten about it in a week.

    It is exactly like gaming.

    Deference is given to a tiny obnoxious minority while the heart and soul of the community is alienated.

    Honestly, i lost interest in Doctor Who with this latest actor. I just never warmed up to him, but the idea of a desperate PC stunt casting….which is how this feels….has caused me to completely write off the show.

    Its over.

    I imagine it will be back in a decade for another reboot…..guess ill check it out then.

  • englishgit

    They have defeated the patriarchy by making a series even shittier than Moffat hade made it. Gosh what an achievement

  • Alistair

    i can play the diversity card too. here my list.

    * Woman Pope in Rome.

    * Woman to play jesus in jesus christ superstar *sings* # Superstar oh superstar He walks likes like a woman and wears a bra. #

    *woman hitler to play the role in remake the prouducers *sings* # spring time for hitler and germany. #

    now be honest without any triggering what are my chances getting that.

    • ChaoticWin

      I demands an SJW Nativity! The black man virgin Mary (Will Smith) fucks God (Alanis Morrisette) while Joseph (Melissa McCarthy) is a cuck who tapes it. Mary gets pregnant, they are turned away from the inn by the evil White man (Richard Spencer) so they are forced to go to Planned Parenthood for an abortion. But three evil White men (Sarah Palin, Shirley Phelps-Roper, Betsy Devos) follow a spotlight activated by the evil Roman governor (Donald Trump) to the clinic where they bring three gifts: Funding cuts, Pro-life literature, and a rape-test kit. Discouraged, Mary and Joseph go to a safe space at UC Berkeley, where Mary miraculously gives birth to a litter of SJW heroines (Big Red, Jigglypuff, Antifa Dreadlocks Girl, Brian Wu, Anita Sarkeesian, Hillary Clinton, and Elizabeth Warren), who turn out to be the Seven Plagues that destroy the Patriarchy. [Roll credits]

  • Alistair

    I think the BBC have just open the pandora box, I headed last night on radio a guy speaker. He doesn’t think the BBC gonna fill the targets example since we have a woman doctor,

    The next one should be black, and transgender, and a disabled doctor that the guy doesn’t think is needed.

    I bet they do, if not the other group out there like disabled, trans would be pissed off about it they would say it our turn.

    Then this morning on radio a woman said it not about political correctness, and it not about qoutes. That is a a load of bull.

    The new BBC diversity policy fills in that quotes, the pandora box is open and it now can’t be close. Congrats BBC you just shot yourselves in the foot.

  • What a complete disgrace. We all know it’s done because of SJWs, i.e. forced “diversity” and forced feminism, and not because of the creator’s/producer’s/director’s own free will.

    I say forced because it’s clear that SJWs and feminists for years have been whining and bullying their way into getting a female doctor for years. Had the 13th doctor been male, these SJWs would have lynch-mobbed the producers for being “misogynist” and “sexist”.

    If these crybabies really wanted a vagina so badly, why not just make a new character AND a new show that is SEPARATE from the original? So there would be both a male doctor and a female doctor. Instead, they just had to replace the character in order to fight that non-existent patriarchy and further “muh feminism”.

    So Matt Binder read the comments and hopes the doctor will never be a man again? Well, myself reading all the comments from all the misandrist little pieces of s*it makes me hope that the doctor will never be a woman again.

    I hope the show flops because of this.

    What an absolute joke the Western society have become.

    • tajlund

      Apparently something happened at Marvel. After their next big storyline, we’re supposed to have both versions of most characters. Not sure how they’re pulling it off, but it sounds a bit like a Crisis on Infinite Earths reboot. They’re even pushing that most dead characters will be showing up. (So, we’ll have two different Logans, or more?)

      I think the BBC could have tried something similar. As an interesting aside, the BBC has been tossing around an idea for a series based on the Paternoster Gang (a victorian detective agency headed by a lesbian lizard woman and her wife), but haven’t been able to get enough interest generated to take the risk.

  • Gaijin-

    Hm. Let’s make George freaking Washington a woman. And Napoleon Bonaparte. And Saint Peter. Jimi Hendrix too. Some boobies would look lovely on Marshmallow Man, since we’re at it.

    Aaaand let us put them all together in a crossover.

  • SJWs claiming victory with Doctor Who sound like those Christians cheering when Hitchens died.

  • Migi

    This is the typical lazy Gender swap like Marvel did it, they couldn’t go about it the original way so they had to do this cheap way.

    • Disqusted

      The writing will probably be filled with the same shit as Marvel’s, too.

      • Migi

        Every episode is gonna be about taking down the patriarchy and how evil it is.

        • tajlund

          Yep, everyone who knows the doctor and meets this one and questions it in the show is suddenly going to get a speech about how they are wrong and primitive for questioning her.

  • Mr.Towel

    Am I missing something? I never watched Doctor Who, seems a British thing like Dr. Seuss… But isn’t Doctor Who followed around by a lot of fanatic fangirls? Why make it a woman? Or it was only the last doctor? I’m confused.

    • descent3031

      awww man that’s actually such a good point!
      I’d not even considered the nerd fan-girl base that wants to fuck him, and it’s legit the majority of Dr. Who fans I know.

      The funny part is they’re probably going to cheer this decision then wonder why they stopped watching the show.

    • Disqusted

      I grew up terrified of Daleks. That’s about the extent of my experience with Doctor Who.

  • Feli Aslan

    Now I want Mohammed, the holy Prophet of the Quran changed into a woman. Like, LOL, guys? We have like current year 2017? They should give us finally Mohammed as she was ever supposed to be: A proud, lesbian woman. Like, Mohammed is the holy prophet of the one true religion of peace, that mean that she can only be portrayed as a lesbian woman, because heterosexual males are not peaceful.

    • Disqusted

      There’s probably already a girlified moe version of Mohammed in Japan somewhere.

      • Feli Aslan

        Sadly no.

  • Jim

    Countdown to the show being cancelled because it’s full of SJW propaganda. I’m betting 18 months or less.

  • LinKurosawa

    Why cant they allow things to stand on their own, this just makes me not care ot watch, in fact it makes me want to see it fail.

    • Galbador

      Because they want it to fail. They give a damn about the show, all they want, is to change the material to something they want to see and if this happens, they move to a different place while the target losing views, followers and fans, which leaves into the destruction of the target. This is what makes 3rd Wave Feminism so damn dangerous. They know that people will cave in to them and make the changes, because otherwise, they are sexist towards women and no one wants to be sexist towards women, right?

      To be quite honest, if people don’t wake up soon, there will be nothing left but a big pile of nothing and those fems will laugh at it, but what they don’t know, is if this happens, they will going down as well. They kill themselves. Slowly, but it will happen. When I learned one thing, than that if the balance gets out of control, the part that made this change, will cause the balance to get back into its normalily. There can’t be only Light without darkness to make a difference.

  • MLGBob26

    SJWs got there female Dr Who will they fuck off now?

  • Kiryu

    And ofcourse Matt “the tampon” Binder has to give his two cents.

  • totenglocke

    I’m done with the show. This most recent season had a black lesbian who had to proclaim she’s a black lesbian in every episode, then at the end of the season they had the Doctor say he hopes that there are only women in the future. Add in the awful writing that always comes with these forced “diversity” recasts and this is going to crash and burn like Paul Walker.

    • tajlund

      Yep all around horrible season. But they foreshadowed that with the Doctors anti-military rants the previous couple seasons. It was pretty obvious they were headed full SJW.

    • Kiryu

      I never watched this series but the BBC looks like it wants to self destruct.After destroying Top Gear now Dr. Who.

  • descent3031

    You know what really grinds my gears? Audiences have proven again and again that it’s not about the fact that we don’t like seeing wimmin on screen instead of the in the kitchen ‘coz patriarchy! Give me a movie about Rogue, where she isn’t a neutered little pussy. Give me a Samus movie, or a new Tomb Raider. If they’re well done I’ll watch the shit out of it. Just please stop fucking with established characters. It doesn’t work the other way either. There’s no reason Samus can’t be a man, but imagine how pissed everyone would be if the character got a movie and it was just male for no reason.

    I’ve never ever watched Dr. Who, and IDGAF if it’s a man or a woman. The problem is that the same appears to be true for the people who made or support this decision. This means the only reason they did this was to push an agenda, and this bait and switch game where they make a character gay/trans/black w.e for politics, then claim you are a bigot if you’re sick of seeing your characters messed with is getting super old.

    • Give me a movie about Rogue, where she isn’t a neutered little pussy. Give me a Samus movie, or a new Tomb Raider.

      There is a new Tomb Raider movie in the works, and there is a Dark Phoenix movie in the works, but I’m willing to bet both will be SocJus propaganda.

      • descent3031

        Maybe, but they’ve got a better chance of being worth watching than any of the recast shit. You’ll know how Tomb Raider is going to turn out purely by who they cast and the first promo shot. If it’s a relative unknown with an English accent that looks good in shorts, then the movie will probably be good. If it’s an “A lister” with SJW bona fides and short hair, then it’s going to be more Ghost in the Shell than Wonder Woman.

        • Shorts? AHAHAHAHA….

          Bro, this is current year. Shorts = patriarchy. Get with the program.

          They got Alicia Vikander, and she looks more middle-eastern than British based on how they’ve made her up. She’s covered up just like in the reboot series of the game, fighting off 250lbs men with a pickaxe and a makeshift wooden spear.


          • Mr.Towel

            If Hillary had won, we would be getting Tomb Raider in pantsuits by now.

          • Galbador

            We don’t need Hillary for this, the company behind Tomb Raider would do this by themselves just to kiss butts with feminists.

          • descent3031

            I dunno, I don’t hate the look of it.. Don’t love it either, but it doesn’t have the ghostbusters, Ghost in the shell feel to it. You’re right tho, asking for shorts was a bit much.

          • Alistair

            yes billy a SJWs wet dream she may as well wear a buka or better still it not diversity enough so change her into a him and name him larry croft. lol

          • Richard

            They would never allow a female to be changed into a male, it would be blasphemy.

          • DaUglyHamstar

            I like that look.

          • durka durka

            such a same this great series is genericized so much trying to achieve relevance in the modern day. I want to go back in the old days that tomb raider was good and interesting.

  • John27

    So does this mean Doctor Who is going to get gang-raped by space-pakis?

  • John27

    BBC is government television, it’s not like they care about ratings. They’re more interested in pushing neo-Marxist propaganda than they are in getting anyone to watch their crap.

    • Disqusted

      Good point. Nice avatar!

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    You know, considering the whole reincarnation thing, I could totally believe The Doctor would become a girl. The problem is…you know they are only doing it so they can look “progressive” and nothing more.

  • durka durka

    ” Doctor Who represents everything that’s exciting about change”

    Doctor who? Change? Change in doctor who?


    So this is the big “change” you picked another actor to do the doctor but this happens to be a woman and that is such a huge change because???

    This is a victory against who? Patriachy? Why? Because after all those years its now a woman…ok and when the season ends what will happen? It will stop beinga woman you say? So what exactly did you win and against who?

    Doctor who?

    Doctor who fucking cares as the last guy said.

    “Sexism had nothing to do with the defeat of our first female POTUS
    nominee, but also dudes are losing their minds over a female Doctor Who.”

    No you retarded fuckwit it has to do with her being the most corrupt warmongering wallstreet sellout in existance and screwing off Bernie’s voters….

    Who is this bitch anyway. Clicks on her twat acount……yup the banner says everything i need to know.

    • Disqusted

      You can tell someone is pathetic when they keep harping on about how amazing it is to “change” stuff that worked fine and never had problems.

      While simultaneously completely failing to address real, actual problems.

  • ThyPancakeConsumed

    As Rubi Malone said: Here we go again.

  • RichardGristle

    No idea what Doctor Who is, but the new chick kinda sends off cunty vibes.

    • Alistair

      Dr who is a time lord who travels in time in a police box, and the series is 50 years old and it took all that time for SJWs to have their way. lol 😂

      Edit: but here the rub you can’t be a time lord as a woman so I got a new name for her a time-babe or Time-dame.

      • ShepardRahl

        I saw somebody’s desperate rationalization earlier saying Dr. Who was a genderless alien so they can be any gender they want.

        Yet he just so happened to pick male for the last 50 years. lol

        • Alistair

          In fact it took 54 years to make the change. And still some SJWs not happy because the 13th doctor is a “white woman”

          • Phasmatis75

            It’s almost as if BBC knows that few are going to tune in to a female doctor and almost nobody would tune in if they weren’t white.

      • RichardGristle

        lmao “Time Dame”.

        • Alistair

          Time-lady been banging around a lord is a bloke.

          Now unpolitical correctness: how about Time-witch, Time-bitch, or my favourite little-timey as in little woman.

          • “Time-Bitch”, that’s a good one. Needs to trend fast.

      • ChaoticWin

        While that’s generally true, the word ‘lord’ in some contexts doesn’t connote gender, but authority. The Lord of Mann is female (Queen Elizabeth), and there have been a couple of female Lord Mayors.

        IMO, the gender of Dr. Who is of no relevance; it’s either a good character or it isn’t (and this can vary from incarnation to incarnation).

        • tajlund

          And they’ve already had that debate with the Master having turned into Missy. She settled on “Time Lady”.

          I just hope this gal can pull it off. Most people I talked to said that if they had to have a woman from Broadchurch they picked the wrong one.

  • The Fractured Filter

    What I have to laugh at is its quickly gone into “ERMERGHERD WHITE FEMALE!”. The crazy train keeps on chuggin along and I need more popcorn for it haha


    • tajlund

      Yep, the SJW crowd is completely triggered that she is white. Like I said above, they can’t win so they need to stop trying.

    • Just let these c*nts destroy themselves.

      • Galbador

        Don’t worry, they will die out soon, because they can’f find a man to date with and those who do, are losers from the very begin with.

  • Hoki

    gotta love all the comments “never watched it, not going to. just glad it isn’t a man” So much hate from the “progressive” left.

    • Disqusted

      Same shit in games. They don’t play games, they’re not going to, but they whine about them anyway. Idiots need to stop pandering to non-customers.

      Although I guess Soros is a big paying “customer”. Puts things into perspective. They’re not selling to us anymore, they’re selling to Soros. That’s what happens when you have corrupt rich people throwing their money around to push agenda.

      • durka durka

        I still remember the metal gear thing “HUR DUR WHY IS QUIET DRESSED LIKE THAT, SO SEXIST”

        But peacewalker and metal gear 2 is filled with gay sugestive stuff and metal gear 3 has a female character that plays the weak damsel in distress but is infact a super secret agent that screws the main character at the end of the game.


        Of course you didnt you clueless muppet.

        • ShepardRahl

          I remember a while back somebody on twitter who makes SFM porn using Quiet’s model was whining about how Quiet looks in MSG 5. I was like…LOL What?!

          • durka durka

            wait what?

        • Disqusted

          Soros’ Open Muppet Foundation.

          *MGS spoilers warning*

          Paz also had that kind of role too, right? They trolled people hard with all that Paz merchandise and she turned out to be like 30 years old or some shit. Then they literally just blew her up. I sometimes wonder how many people burned their Paz merchandise in anger.

      • descent3031

        I remember a guy on here in that article about how Treehouse is now going to directly fuck with the source material, claiming that Nintendo shouldn’t listen to us because his friends play Nintendo and they love SJW horseshit. I bet this is another shifty little bait and switch. They probably do all have Wiis and play Mariokart every day. 10 to 1 they’ve never imported a JRPG in their lives though.

        Whilst Soros is a big problem, I think the bigger issue is actually the armies of willing thugs and goons who will attack any who dare step out of line. Look up “Coopers ale”. A beer company her in Aus that had the temerity to host a discussion between two people on same sex marriage. They didn’t even suggest they were against it, just hosted a discussion, yet they were boycotted and hounded into an apology.

        Even if we were somehow rid of Soros, we’d still have this multitude of international dickheads who want to police us.

        • Mr.Towel

          That’s the problem with Useful Idiots, even if you kill the source, they are still out there, breeding.

          • Phasmatis75

            True but you can use the useful idiots yourself. They’ll confirm to societary pressure quickly and pretend they never were progressive. Anyone who says otherwise, that they at one point were an SJW is a liar or remembers things wrong.

        • Phasmatis75

          The left is not a naturally occurring phenomena. They need money to bail their terrorists out of jail, to pay for their lawyers, to pay for their livelihood. If we get rid of Soros and his ilk, they’ll return to being the cancerous elements of Christianity or whatever dominate power is in effect to protect their own arse.

          • descent3031

            Maybe, but I don’t think so.
            A large section of society actively hates freedom and individual liberty.
            They truly believe it’s wrong for them not to be able to take your shit, regardless of whether it was earned or not. When you get right down to it, they even hate the very idea of Democracy.

            In Australia our (allegedly right-wing) government promised a plebiscite on gay marriage. The left torpedoed it even though it would have almost certainly gotten up. Why? They resented us choosing it. They want to decide it for us, because the population can’t be trusted to make the “right” choices.

            This resurgent socialism is infecting the entire West. With or without the influence of Soros.

          • Phasmatis75

            I’ve look at history, it’s not naturally occurring or I probably should say naturally sustaining. Everywhere it crops up there is always money from the rich propping it up.

            In modern times it is George Soros and his extensive network along with others in his circles financing it. Socialism is an orchestration by the rich to further control society. It always has been and always will be. If you have the time look up a KGB agent talking about how they spread communism to the West.

            The average person is a mindless animal of sorts. All it takes to control them is propaganda and for them to feel good about it. They’re passive not happy about socialism. If I walked into your capital, killed your entire government and declared myself sovereign because I had a nuclear arsenal and army at my backing, your oligarchs would complain, die, and the average person would accept my rule within a year.

  • GodBowser

    If members of the SJW infested media are going to start labeling the people who have concerns about a female doctor as being sexist will the BBC go along with it like Sony did when the media was doing the same thing to the people that were not interested in Failbusters

    Any chance that this might back fire on them?

    • tajlund

      Nope BBC is government controlled. They are protected from this kind of criticism. They’ll just cancel Doctor Who and say that fans just didn’t understand what they were doing.

    • Phasmatis75

      Already is. I’ve seen people saying the Dr. Who community is having their own little Gamergate right now. The truth is though even if they can get away with this, they lose. With each stunt they pull they show more and more people that we’re right. That they are lunatics that will force their politics into everything, that they will ruin everything.

      They redpill people faster than we do.

      • they are lunatics that will force their politics into everything, that they will ruin everything.

        They redpill people faster than we do.

        Yep, it’s a really good thing the opposition are idiots.

        • tajlund

          Apparently my 13 and 14 year old sons are now misogynists according the the SJW crowd. Just showed them the teaser for the new season of Who and they were both confused. My youngest wanted to know why after 50 years of being a man he suddenly had to be a woman. Oh, it should be mentioned that my kids mom (my ex-wife) is now gay and married to a woman. But, even with that, this made no sense to them.

        • Phasmatis75

          Not so much idiots, but arrogant. They hold positions of power, have massive amounts of financial backing, they have right to think they can get away with everything. Yet it all relies on the people that back them, and certain people in power are starting to realize that the socialist element of their little cabal will destroy everything they’ve worked to build.

          Going to be interesting to see how this all develops.

  • Alistair


    Patriarchy, you got a choice but of course it the middle ones isn’t it.

    Hmm who being oppressed again it certainly isn’t women that for sure.

    • durka durka

      None of those apply in the west anymore, hm maybe in chuch but other than that….nope!!

      • Alistair

        Well yes but it the femmists views isn’t it like they think us men oppressed them, but it the other way round it them oppressed us and other women that don’t think like them.

        That why we get fucking censorship in all media to stop the “male gaze”

        But some women like ecchi games too. Another fetish of femmists is this and it been said, a woman should be first to speak at a press conference before the male. So I say it again who is oppressed who.

    • John27

      We’re currently living in a cuntriarchy.

      • Smug


  • Alistair

    Well I didn’t Remember those tweets, Patriarchy eh that another buzzwords that regressions SJWs cunts love to use.

    Well good on them I say let them have their little victory it be short lived, “fuck patriarchy” eh the next time regressions whine and bitch about games or anything else I shall use this article to call them hypocrisy out.

    They nothing but worthless, pathetic toxic hypocrites. Also I didn’t know Jodie was a feminist nice research billy. And those tweets you found.

    • Disqusted

      I feel she could just as easily not be a feminist, but just wants to pander to what they believe is the “popular progressive” crowd. Virtue signalling, or a call to Soros for free support cash.

      • Indeed. She doesn’t really have much of a choice to be honest.

        She’s probably still a c*nt though.

  • Gorgon

    Moffat has already ruined Dr Who with nonsensical bullshit plots that are all set-ups with no payoff. I quit watching it after season 6.

    I kinda wonder if now that Doctor is a woman all white men in the series will automatically become either evil or bumbling idiots, or both? I mean, they can’t have any positive white male characters, that’s against SJW religion, right?

    • Disqusted

      Yeah, I can totally see that happening. It’s gonna be another Horizon Dawn or whatever the hell that game is called.

      • ThyPancakeConsumed

        its called WhiteHor(shit)malezon Down

      • I call it Mary Sue: The Game

      • Phasmatis75

        Fun Fact: The game never made back it’s money. Thank you advertisement budgets.

    • Alistair

      Steve Moffat had paved the way for this to happen, he also to leave with peter.

      I haven’t got a licence but I shall watch the xmas one and only one of the episode or I shall just read up on them by other viewers.

    • tajlund

      Last season had a number of attacks on perceived “right wing evils”, anti-immigration, homophobia, xenophobia, and even blatant comments on religion and Trump. It was pretty much a pander fest, and honestly it was one of the weakest seasons in it’s long history. The only shining point of the whole last one was the introduction of a wonderful comic relief character, who they probably have now written out.

  • Disqusted

    I’m not a Dr.Who fan or anything, but I feel like I couldn’t care less if Dr.Who was a man or a woman. The problem is people making a big deal of the gender. All I can think is that probably nobody outside of Soros’ West would give a flying f**k about gender.

    All this ruckus over bullshit like gender is the direct result of Soros’ minions, constantly stirring up perceived “misogyny”, “racism” and other nonsense. It only becomes a big deal if loud people keep making a big deal about it.

    It’s sad that people refuse to see the basic facts of reality and instead choose to fall for propaganda bullshit. If we make it out of this alive, this will probably go down in history as one of the most pathetic times in human history. I don’t even feel confident than our descendants will learn from the stupidity.

    On a sorta relevant topic, I saw people talking about female Tekken player Tanukana losing in Evo 2017, and someone said something like, “the Japanese are used to female gamers, so it doesn’t waver them”. It’s interesting if you compare that to Tanukana vs Princess Ling, where PLing clearly looked very nervous.

    I think it says something about how the West sees gender. Because of all the gender politics bullshit in the West, such as pressure on guys to be better than girls no matter what, we don’t have as many female gamers, which probably leads to people not being able to deal with them when it happens.

    • descent3031

      “‘m not a Dr.Who fan or anything, but I feel like I couldn’t care less if Dr.Who was a man or a woman. The problem is people making a big deal of the gender.”

      Me too, but I suspect it’s precisely because we’re not fans that we really don’t care. There are certain characters that are more a role than a person (Dr.Who and James Bond come to mind). So there’s sort of no reason they couldn’t be female. It’s just, you fucking know what comes next, and it’s going to be shitty. Like how the main character in the new Bf is ugly and female. There’s no reason they can’t be, but there’s one clear reason that they are.

      • tajlund

        I am a fan, but honestly I couldn’t care less if this had come about organically. But, they’ve made it perfectly clear this was done specifically in response to the long time tantrum throwing by the SJW’s. They are making the same mistake the game designers make, they think by giving in they can win, but they don’t realize it is never enough, the SJW crowd will not stop until you are destroyed.

        • Disqusted

          It’s the whole pandering thing that makes it disgusting as shit. The rest of us should start making loud, ridiculous demands to change stuff in stupid ways, and maybe the idiots will pander to that.

          • descent3031

            “he rest of us should start making loud, ridiculous demands to change stuff in stupid ways, and maybe the idiots will pander to that.”

            I like it. Let’s make demands that would make the adaption retarded.

            I want a remake of American history X, but I want the main nazi guy to be a black transexual.

        • The best way would’ve been to make a completely new show with a completely new character as a woman doctor.

          So both a male doctor and female can exist at the same time.

          But those parasites just had to replace the male doctor with the female for “muh feminism”.

          Which has brought out all the gloating from the man-hating SJWs and feminists. If there’s a reason I want the show to flop then it’s this.

      • Disqusted

        Well, I mean, from what I heard, there’s that whole “the next doctor” thing, who tend to be different people? So I don’t see why it has to be a big deal if the next doctor happens to be a woman.

        Non-infected people would just look at that and think, “hey, it’s a little different, it might be interesting.” They don’t go “OMG PROGRESSION FINALLY A WOMAN TO DEFEAT THE PATRIARCHY” or some bullshit like that. You’d have to be utterly pathetic or a mental head case to jump to that conclusion.

        And like, I’m already used to female protagonists, or female successors, or whatever. From Japanese media. I’m also reminded of how they changed the gender of some characters in some series, like the twins in Full Metal Panic. I don’t recall hearing people raging about sexism over that. Although to be fair, I wouldn’t have known if they did.

        • tajlund

          Exactly, it’s not the change that is the reason to be pissed. It’s the reasons they did it and the (expected) reaction by the SJW crowd after they did it.