Dr. Who Becomes A Woman And SJWs Claim Victory Over Patriarchy
Dr Who SJW

The topic of Doctor Who becoming a woman has been brewing under the canopy for years, like yeast in a fermentation tank at a beer brewery. Things have finally come to a head now that the BBC has made the news official after years of Social Justice Warriors begging them for this to happen: The 13th Doctor in the show Doctor Who will be a woman.

The Telegraph is reporting that Broadchurch‘s Jodie Whittaker will step into the role to replace Peter Capaldi. The site states that Whittaker confirmed to them that she is a feminist and that she didn’t want to be boxed into the role based on what people say you can and cannot do.

According to Whittaker, she explained…

“I want to tell the fans not to be scared by my gender. Because this is a really exciting time, and Doctor Who represents everything that’s exciting about change. The fans have lived through so many changes, and this is only a new, different one, not a fearful one.”

Gender, however, is the top discussion centering around the change for Doctor Who, a character who has been renown for being a male throughout the series’ run since the early 1960s on BBC television.

Social Justice Warriors took to social media to proclaim victory over the patriarchy.

Not everyone was on board with Doctor Who becoming a woman. Those who expressed their displeasure at the typically male role being upended for a female lead were quickly bandied into a collective bundle and labeled under the wide swathe of either exhibiting internalized misogyny or being a right-wing member of the patriarchy.

Articles from the New Statesman took it a step further, actually going out of its way to antagonize people who didn’t think that Dr. Who should have been turned into a woman. Author John Elledge wrote…

“Today’s announcement, I’m sure, will annoy exactly the right people. The sort of purple middle-aged men who go on Question Time to lay into Jeremy Corbyn for his reluctance to nuke Tehran, or who sit on social media all day saying things like “Actually it’s about ethics in games journalism”. People who use words like “feminazi” or unironically blame “political correctness gone mad”. People who genuinely think that white men are the true victims in this world. The more that happens to irritate people like that the better, as far as I’m concerned.”

Actually, it’s not just about games journalism… it’s about ethics in journalism.

Some have questioned where this puts the Dr and his (or her) relationship with their sidekick? With Express reporting that the first openly gay character, Bill Potts, may still have some sort of future in the show according to the actress, instantly making some wonder if that means Dr. Who could potentially become a lesbian?

Nevertheless, famed WWE wrestler the Iron Sheik didn’t mince words about the Doctor Who television series or all the hoopla over the sex-change taking place with the character.

The lead change for Dr. Who will take place during the Christmas special later this year.


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