Dragon Ball VR Gameplay Video Shows Off Motion-Controlled Fireballs
Dragon Ball VR

A new gameplay video was posted up of the Dragon Ball VR mini-game that’s part of Bandai Namco’s VR Zone Shinjuku amusement park. The video clocks in at just under five minutes, giving gamers a look at some of the actual gameplay featured in the VR fighting title.

YouTube outlet Saiyan Legends posted up the video from the VR gaming zone, giving gamers a look at what the VR title is like on the Vive headset. Check it out below.

The video starts with Goku giving your character a slight run through of how to shoot ki blasts. We see that there are other players in the area, but before shooting the blasts players must power up first.

After powering up you then shoot the fireball off into the distance.

There are a couple of things that stand out. For one thing, the multiplayer aspect is pretty funny, as other players are in the same instance, shooting fireballs at one another.

Also, there’s a geometric deformation element to the stage, so fireballs create dents and craters around the map area, which is pretty cool.

Another thing – and probably the most important element of the video – they aren’t using Vive motion controllers. I haven’t seen those hand controllers before, but they strap around your hands and wrist, allowing for 1:1 tracking. I’m not entirely sure what makes them different than the standard controllers, but Valve and HTC did mention that they would be introducing more customizable components for the Vive.

The only motion control set I’m interested in for the Vive are the Knuckles. If those can work 1:1 with all the other Vive-compatible games, then that would be awesome.

I’m also curious if Bandai will have any inclination to release the Dragon Ball VR game as a standalone?

For now, if you want to throw Kamahamehas at people, you’ll have to travel to Shinjuku, Japan in order to do so.


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