EVO 2017: Cammy’s Street Fighter 5 Default Outfit Censored From ESPN Broadcast
Street Fighter 5 ESPN
(Last Updated On: July 17, 2017)

[Update 7/17/2017: ESPN has responded to an inquiry, stating that the outfit was banned during the Top 8 due to broadcast standards]

During the Top 8 finals during this year’s EVO 2017 tournament, player Kazunoko was asked to change the outfit he had selected for Cammy during his match against NuckleDu while playing Street Fighter V.

The news spread rapidly directly after it happened. Over on the Street Fighter sub-Reddit users made a thread pointing out the censorship taking place during the Top 8 finals. Lrn2ford wrote…

“Can they sink any lower than this? How much more disrespectful can you be to Kazunoko, who took the first game and had his concentration broken by some idiot telling him to change his costume? At least tell him before the actual matches start.”

After the first of three rounds were completed, with Kazunoko winning against NuckleDu, an EVO staff member raced up on stage to tell Kazunoko to change from Cammy’s default leotard outfit. Kazunoko acknowledges and puts Cammy in the Pro Cup Tour outfit, which sees her wearing a dress with spandex shorts underneath. It takes place at the 6:50 mark in the video below that Masked Gaming Entertainment captured.

Kazunoko had been using Cammy in her default leotard outfit before being told to change her costume. The commentators were a bit confused at what happened, but played it off without bringing any awareness to the issue.

Of course, this led many people to believe that ESPN put pressure on EVO to ensure that the players did not pick risque outfits, even though Cammy has been wearing the default green thong leotard for more than 20 years.


Last year a similar thing happened when a player was advised not to use the default R. Mika costume. When asked about any rules or measures in place regarding character attire in games, ESPN said they had “no comment”.

I reached out to ESPN to ask if they had any rules or standards in place for in-game character attire for this year’s broadcast of the Top 8 at EVO 2017, and if they decide to respond the article will be updated.

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  • Hey gamers: THIS is actually censorship. Not Capcom changing outfits or animations in their own game per their own volition, not Blizzard changing Tracer’s stupid butt pose. This is censorship: ESPN censoring a game for content that ESPN readily shows elsewhere.

    Don’t @ me.

  • Ash

    I hate this world.. 🔥

  • Anthony Kees

    ESPN/Disney are worried about conservative mothers whining about their boys watching what they thought was just a violent video game, but instead they see a violent game with some tushy. Don’t blame the liberals for this, this is 100% fear of conservative mothers. Remember, conservatives are the ones trying to enforce pornography laws.

  • John27

    Anyone who’s watching EVO has probably seen Cammy in that outfit 10,000 times already.

    • Anyone who’s watching EVO has probably seen Cammy out of that outfit 10,000 times already.


  • John27

    What’s the big deal? She’s wearing a one-piece bathing suit, not even a bikini. Something tells me ESPN employees would rather be watching competitive Cho Aniki.

  • anopolis

    since liberals are all about sexual liberation and ” you can’t call me a whore for being a whore” mentality ….why would they cry sexualization ?? what if cammy wants to dress like a stupid hooker?? she has that right!! down with the man!! down with the patriarchy!!!! oh….its when men enjoy it, that it becomes bad…only fat ugly ‘ladies’ can show off the goods…thats dumb.

    • John27

      Not anymore. The SJW-left are the new hyper-uptight Puritans.

  • Again, huh? Guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since Capcom decided it wanted to die on the mainstream media hill. Fuck their stupid, shitty game.

    As an aside, the BlazBlue and Guilty Gear top 8s were phenomonal.

  • wombat

    My friend was telling me it was probably because they wanted to advertise the DLC costumes. But the way it happened both times I call BS. Players would’ve been notified before the matches. Plus I swear this is an older costume, maybe I’m wrong (haven’t played SFV since, like, 2-3 days after it came out).

    • John27

      Then why didn’t they do it for the other characters?

  • Jon

    Ok, that’s just wrong. Even if I had any interest in watching this match, I’d have turned it off in a heartbeat in protest when they forced the non-standard outfit for Cammy.

  • AR7777

    He lost a great chance to say NO.

    • Nicolas M

      Clearly, If I was him I would have smiled, nodded and pick the base skin anyway.

  • TwoLiterSoda

    Ugh so stupid

  • MusouTensei

    Was he obligated to do so? What would have happened if he said no?
    Fuck this mainstream garbage.

    • I was also very curious what would have happened if he said “No” and kept on with Cammy’s leotard. I wonder if Mr. Wizard would have waddled out on stage, sweating and all wide-eyed with nervousness…. stuttering “K-Kazunoko! Do it for EVO! Do it for EVO!!!”

      • RichardGristle

        Do it for the McRib sponsorship!

  • Mr.Sixes

    ….They show women’s olympic swimming, they show women’s gymnatics and they show women’s volley ball, all of which shows MORE than this!

    • Disqusted

      Some SJWs argue that the difference is fictional characters don’t get to choose to wear revealing clothing, which I personally think is bullshit.

      It just goes to show they have nothing better to do but bitch about fiction under the gross assumption that everyone HAS to be stupid enough to let fiction somehow negatively influence their perception of reality.

      • Mr.Sixes

        And I’d point out “how many of them are your actual viewership outside of this event, let alone your viewership for this event? “

    • Mmhmm. Weird double standard they have for games. Maybe it’s because the Capcom ladies in SFV are thick?

      • Mr.Sixes

        Dude have you seen them volleyball girls?

  • Ryuspants


  • Disqusted

    I heard they want to make EVO “family friendly”. I wonder how many mothers and little kids attend EVO? A friend told me little kids compete, their parents know what’s in the game, and it doesn’t bother them. If so, companies are basically policing the parents as well as the kids.

    This all kinda reminds me of when I saw Americans bitching about Japan using those revealing bloomer shorts for female sportswear (they don’t anymore, because many girls found it embarrassing, which is understandable).

    From what I hear, the origin of the Japanese bloomer was they saw American sportswomen wearing them at the Olympics (pretty sure they still do in various sports), thought it was “cool” and copied it.

    I think that’s interesting in how it puts into context the constant revolving of what is and isn’t acceptable, and how people are hypocrite pieces of shit.

    • Nicolas M

      Yeah because nothing says family friendly more than games when characters beat the living shit of each-others.

      These fucking corporate need to understand that everything don’t need to(or even can) be mainstream, and mainstream don’t mean “kid friendly”.

  • Vrenna

    Fools enjoy digging their own graves.


    And thus, we witness the death of the fighting game.

  • Next year: mandatory burkas for all female characters.

  • LurkerJK

    Ah, going mainstream, the death of niches that get too popular for their own good

    • Nicolas M

      It’s funny because going on ESPN IS the niche of that pretty mainstream game.

  • This will happen when:

    1) Something gets popular and goes mainstream for “family entertainment”
    2) Getting on your knees and kowtowing to SJWs, feminists and crybabies

    This is what they asked for. Someone had better tell these Japanese and Korean players that attractive and sexy women in fictional media are illegal in the West.

    This will lead to more censorship of female characters in video games, especially the ones involved in E-Sports.

    As I’ve said time and time again, if enough people cared in the first place then this wouldn’t be happening. Either speak up and voice your disapproval or put up with more of this bulls*it.

  • Keirnoth


  • ThyPancakeConsumed

    “Only we and our betas can say what women are allowed to wear, not those privileged males.” – every social justice loser ever.

    • RichardGristle

      “Hooray for sexual liberation… on OUR terms!”

      • Mr.Sixes

        “We are a sexual liberation of peace!”

    • Kiryu

      It’s ok when they do it.

  • Grim Cube

    Holy shit these feminists are annoying

    • ThyPancakeConsumed

      That’s understatement.

  • RichardGristle