EVO 2017 Finals Will Air On ESPN
EVO 2017
(Last Updated On: July 11, 2017)

EVO 2017 is set to go live this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. The annual FGC tournament is the biggest fighting game e-sports event in the world, and ESPN wants to get in on the digs once again. They’ve announced that they will be broadcasting the finals, live from the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

PVP Live picked up the news from over on the official ESPN 2 website, where EVO head honcho, Joey “The Wizard” Cuellar, released a joint statement with ESPN about the momentous occasion where hardcore gaming culture will be broadcast to the normies who still watch cable television. Cuellar stated…

“”Fighting games bring a tremendous level of hype and excitement, and Evo’s mission is to share that experience with fans worldwide,” “We’re pleased to team up with ESPN and Disney to bring these games to new audiences.”

The team-up with ESPN and Disney didn’t come without its inch of flesh.

Last year we reported on how ESPN had Capcom’s Street Fighter V censored for live television. R. Mika’s default costume was not allowed to be used during the finals. ESPN offered no comment on why her outfit was banned, but it was pretty obvious that she was showing too much skin and had too many curves for network television.

If ESPN censored R. Mika last year, don’t be surprised if she gets censored again this year.

I also wonder if EVO will have a no-costume list for the competitors like some of the Dead or Alive tournaments? In the case of Koei Tecmo’s title, the DLC outfits and the sexy-time clothes were prohibited on the tournament circuit. It’s not surprising that Dead or Alive‘s e-sports presence is practically nil these days.

PVP Live reported that ESPN garnered just over 200,000 views for the Street Fighter V finals last year.

Hopefully EVO doesn’t become too corporate like the ESL, because it’s difficult sitting through ESL events when they treat the FGC like a golfing tournament. If I want soft voices, quiet audiences and empty theaters I’ll go watch a limited theatrical run of the latest Nicholas Cage movie. The FGC needs to retain just enough thuggery to stay entertaining.

You can start watching this year’s EVO on Friday when the event kicks off in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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  • Cinj

    It doesn’t matter what it is, anything that relies on advertising dollars is going to have to bend over and take it up the butt if it wants the money to keep flowing in. Advertisers are an anti-Midas: everything they touch turns to shit.

  • I like fighting games, but this E-Sports stuff is mainstream crap. And when something is mainstream and popular, you know what has to happen.

    Video games depicting humans in violence attacking each other and beating each other up senseless is no problem whatsoever. Or in Mortal Kombat, killing each other as well. Not a problem whatsoever.

    But a female character showing a bit of cleavage? The absolute end of the world.

    • Gozu Tennoh

      It’s the hypocrisy over violence that really gets me going and no one seems to care.

  • Gozu Tennoh

    I actually find sfV more erotic than doa tbh.

    I’d love to see it make a comeback as its a better game than most of the stuff at evo. Not that it’ll happen as declaring your game for esports means completely sterilizing it for western cucks.

  • RichardGristle

    I’ll admit that I’m not as hype for Evo 2017 as I have been for the last 6 years that I’ve followed competitive fighting games. I think that’s mainly due to Capcom being so garbage lately. Still, Tekken 7, KOF, Guilty, BB, and more DBFZ info is going to be awesome!

    It’s always sad when they force players not to use certain costumes, especially in a game like DOA. Fuck any of the TOs that were in on that while using the excuse that they wanted the game to be “taken more seriously”. We all know it was for virtue-signaling purposes.

    Makes me chuckle when I imagine them telling someone like Fuudo that he has to change Mika’s outfit because CABLE AUDIENCE FEELINGS. I can only picture him being like “Wut? Is that some kind of retarded Western thing?”

    Anyways, I’m prepared for more of the salt to flow from people asking “why is this on ESPN, this isn’t a sport! Give me back my bowling and spelling bees.”

    • Gotta admit… my hype levels are a little low with all this “esports needs to be more inclusive” bullcrap going around.

      From removing the thuggery to trying to push the whole diversity agenda, they’re really trying to kill esports before it even really gets off the ground.

      And yeah, Capcom really has been complete and utter garbage. Namco is okay, SNK is okay… but none of them feel like they’re really acing themselves at the top of their game. This isn’t like the late 1990s when all of them were pumping out some of the best fighting games ever made. I’ll still watch, of course… but my hype isn’t all that high.


    Be prepared for heavily censored content thanks to the social justice obsessed execs at ESPN.

  • LG

    Finals as in just SFV (ew) or all the finals matches that include KOF 14, Tekken 7, just to name a few?