Facebook Rejects Ad For Out Of The Woods Kickstarter

Out of the Woods

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American McGee opened up the new Mysterious brand and put up the Kickstarter campaign for his upcoming multimedia project Out of the Woods, which is sort of a hardcore, gruesome take on the old-school fairy tales. The ad for the Kickstarter was met with a bit of actionable apprehension from Facebook as if it were some kind of CAD Casino ad, and they didn’t seem keen on letting the general public have a look-see at the ad.

McGee let the public know about the ad being rejected by the social media network by posting it up on Twitter. You can see what the ad would have looked like in McGee’s tweet below.

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to see the image in the tweet, you can view it in full below.

The image definitely looks a lot more risque than what it actually is. It’s actually based on an image of Rapunzel wrapped around the tower, which is part of the card game.

McGee claims that it’s just part of Facebook’s censor-heavy political correctness at play preventing the ad from being showcased on the social network, which has not been uncommon for the corporate giant in the past. They came under fire back in August of 2016 for having Social Justice Warriors on staff who purposefully hid or subdued Conservative topics as a way to help influence the American election last year. After enough push back, Facebook fired the employees and replaced them with a computer algorithm, which would check and balance what trends on the service.

I did reach out to ask if McGee had plans on resubmitting the ad after making some changes, but he states that there isn’t much to change, since the “naughty” bits aren’t actually all that naughty.

They will be running additional ads for the game, however.

As for Out of the Woods, the gory card game is just the beginning. There are plans to also make a novel, a coloring book, and additional add-ons. The whole project is currently seeking out $175,000 on Kickstarter. They currently have 21 days to go and have already gathered up $114,000 from 1,460 backers.

If you’re interested in Out of the Woods, feel free to learn more or contribute to the cause by visiting the official Kickstarter page.