Firefall Officially Shuts Down Today, New Mobile Game In The Works
Firefall Shutdown

Red 5 Studios announced that starting today the MMO Firefall will cease operations. The game originally came onto the scene many years ago back in 2012 with some cool concept videos and developer diaries, but it didn’t graduate from beta and officially launch for the public until the middle of 2014. Fast forward to July 7th, 2017, and it marks the final day of its operation on the market.

Only July 5th, 2017 Red 5 Studios made a basic news post over on their official website indicating that Firefall was closing up shop for good this weekend on July 7th. They kept the announcement short and sweet, stating…

“With heavy hearts, we regret to inform you that after much review and analysis, Red 5 Studios have decided to suspend the Firefall efforts on 7th, July 2017. Thank you for being an important part of the Firefall experience and for your loyalty and dedication to the online community.”

The post goes on to say that they’re currently working on a mobile version of the game and that their efforts will continue onward in that avenue.

They note that the player recognition and dedication won’t go unnoticed as they prep to launch the new version of the game…

“Firefall is currently developing a mobile version of the game and all of Firefall’s founders and players will be rewarded greatly in the new game. We will be sure to provide everyone with more updates as we have them.”

Firefall Negative Reviews

The game suffered from a lot of setbacks, a lot of design decisions that the community did not appreciate, and eventually it just declined to a point where a lot of gamers gave up on the title and Red 5 let go most of the minds behind the game.

Former Red 5 lead developer Mark Kern was at the helm for a spell before things went sour. After Kern left the direction of the game fell even further, and strangely since launching it only seemed to get worse.

At this point the Steam page is full of nothing but overwhelmingly negative reviews as the missions are bugged, support is nil, and now the servers are officially shutting down.

Developers like Kern, however, have moved onward with crowdfunded projects like Em-8Er, which features some really cool mechs versus kaiju action. Hopefully it fares better than Firefall.


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