Friday The 13th: The Game Sub-Reddit Restored, Bannable Offenses Updated
Friday the 13th
(Last Updated On: July 13, 2017)

The Friday The 13th: The Game sub-Reddit has been restored after being shutdown briefly due to security concerns. Moderators recently re-opened the sub after they claimed that the developers had been doxed and harassed over the incident involving what some felt were unfair or uneven bans, including the developers not banning a 12-year-old trash-talking kid and his two friends who were accused of breaking the rules. One of the kid’s friends also claimed to be a community manager for Turtle Rock Studios, saying that she could get another player banned due to her connections.

On the sub-Reddit, administrator Chody made a brief message in a stickied topic, stating…

“The moderation team must apologize about having to lock the entire subreddit. We have now taken safe guards to make sure there are no security leaks in the future. Thanks to all of you for sticking with us through this hard time. You can now post freely without having moderation approval!”

The Steam forums for the game had also been locked down, but recently opened back up after moderator ThePraetorian made a sticky post explaining the new guidelines and rules for the game.

There’s now an amended section for what constitutes a ban, including an overhaul to bans for players allegedly reported for using their counselors to help Jason. According to ThePraetorian, you’ll now need footage of the act taking place, otherwise hearsay won’t net you a ban…

“Deliberately Helping Jason – This one is trickier; we will ban the Jason player and those helping Jason for deliberately ‘helping’ Jason win a match through killing other teammates or working to farm XP. Qualifying for a ban like this would require full footage of players deliberately working with Jason throughout a match as a means to track down and allow Jason to kill other counselors for the sake of an ‘easy game,’ on part of Jason, or through various means of continued ‘ganging up’ on other counselor players throughout a match, hand-in-hand with Jason.”

Originally, a user named Dilly Dingus made a negative review that was flagged by ThePraetorian because he claimed the user was just angry after having been banned and accused Dilly of sexual harassment and making sexual comments towards a minor. ThePraetorian provided no evidence of this charge, which set the community aflame and had many users claiming that Gun Media was corrupt.

The news quickly spread around, especially given that the allegation was that one of the women that Dilly played against who claimed that she could get him banned, also claimed that she was a community manager for Turtle Rock Studios and that she was friends with the community management team at Gun Media.

Sub-Reddit Shut Down

This is what led to so many people claiming cronyism and corruption when it came to bans being handed out, because some felt that if Dilly was going to be banned for using inappropriate language in an M-rated game, the other two counselors and the 12-year-old should have been banned for the same thing, since everyone involved allegedly used inappropriate language toward one another. The developers claimed they were being harassed and thus shut down the forums and sub-Reddit briefly.

When the news reached the Turtle Rock forums, the moderator quickly came in to censor the topic, citing that the news would incite violence toward the developers…

“Hey guys, we’ve read that developer’s lives have been threatened by this, we don’t want any activity on here that could potentially contribute to this situation. Thank you for understanding.”

Gun Media is continuing to roll out new updates for the game while also attempting to put out the community fire around this explosive set of drama.

(Main image courtesy of Xactn)

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  • Alistair

    The thing about if cheating is a bannable offence, no it Not.

    Like all games the game has got flaws, and people can exploit that.

    Remember COD “under the map glitch” it was due to sloppy coding no games are 100% perfect. So people exploit that glitch.

    Do not think people did got banned for using said glitch. But Devs discover them and patch them out.

    That how Friday the 13th should have handle that. And not being a total cunt about it.

  • LurkerJK

    Yeah… “O.M.G. im like being harassed and stuff?!” as an excuse for censorship and arbitrary bans has been used enough to make it useless, they’ve gone waaaaaay past the “crying wolf” line… and then they kept going a few more hundred kilometers

    The “but muh privacy” excuse not to release data is just precious after accusing ppl of being sexual harassers and even pedos without a police report or proof.

    You put out a fire by suffocating it, fire any employee involved, either ban everyone involved or ban nobody and put an end to the issue, trying to put a lid on it just keeps it down for a bit, then next time something shifty happens it will blow up even harder. I’d say the game has its days counted

    see ya next time this game explodes up in a week or so

  • tajlund

    I see once again the unsubstantiated “death threats” is trotted out to end the debate.

    • ThyPancakeConsumed

      Death threats is cheapest way to chicken out.

  • I find it ironic they want video footage for future bans, but not for past ones, and that they aren’t expected to provide evidence that they were “doxxed/harassed/threatened/insert buzzword-for-sympathy here”.

    I was thinking about this game and whether or not I would ever play it, and this kerfuffle confirmed my answer to be no. Go back and cry at Jim Sterling’s feet – he might reconsider calling your game shit this time around.

  • giygas

    If Turd Rock harbors a slandering shitbag like that as their community manager, then I’ll avoid buying their games too. Wouldn’t want to take the chance of running into that crony. If she has industry connections and no qualms lying about people to get them banned for petty reasons, imagine how many other people she’s screwed over.

    • Disqusted

      May as well rename themselves to Soros Rock.

    • LurkerJK

      you’ll never fix the community managers, by definiton they are always dead beat college age ppl and the ones that happen to fit that profile the most are all the ppl doing nonviable mayors … many of which are the typical ignorant neo leftist, probably a bernie bro, sjws or have been indoctrinated into a sjw sheep.Its just the kind of person those mayors generate.

      youll get nepotism and cronyism all the time from these ppl since its in the very dna of a neo leftist, to go out of their way to be helpful to “allies” and go out of their way to destroy “enemies”

      Ppl that do not fit this profile just have better job offers and better things to do than work minimum wage to sort through online bullshit

      The best solution you can have is to find a way not to use community managers

  • Kyle Haddad

    I don;t think the “Helping Jason” thing should be bannable. Hell unless the player is outright using cheat engines, I don;t think that they should be banned from the whole game. This is why I still advocate for community servers like what TF2 has. Let the admins of those servers set up the rule set for that server and ban people accordingly when their rules are violated. SImply put, Match Making was a mistake.

    • Disqusted

      Yeah, and the game should be designed to make it less easy to help Jason. Obviously. I was telling a Japanese friend about this whole debacle, and the first thing he thought and said was “why are Jason’s victims able to communicate with him in the first place?”

      This was apparently beyond the brainpower of the dev team. But they can magically tell if you’re a sexual harasser and a pedophile.

      • Kyle Haddad

        True. the game has a distance based VOIP, but jason shouldn’t be able to “hear” them talk at all. And I do think the claims are horse shit.

        • LurkerJK

          The problem is VOIP itself, just have prerecorded lines designed not to give too much information up

          It also helps stop ppl doing annoying shit over VOIP and gives no communication channel for ppl to start screaming at each other, all that supposed potential “harassment” fixed in a freaking second

          ppl complain that Nintendo doesn’t have chat or voip on their multiplayer games, i think that’s BRILLIANT, give no way to bitch and you’ll have no bitching

    • ThyPancakeConsumed

      “I don;t think the “Helping Jason” thing should be bannable.”
      Yes it should be, it goes against spirit of and everything Friday The 13th movies established. Rest of what you said i agree with.

      • Kyle Haddad

        It is against the spirit of the game true. But it shouldn’t be bannable from a global perspective. The simple fact is that the game allows for “Betrayals” and has friendly fire enabled. If you’re talking about people being able to communicate with jason outside of the ingame VOIP with things like Skype and discord. Then yeah. Its even worse. I’m not saying people who help jason are paragons, just if the game allows it, then it shouldn’t be on the players to deal with it. It’s the developers fault for making these mechanics in the first place.

        Until they change it so that it wouldn’t be possible through normal means. Then a global ban should not happen. When they do change it though so that you have to cheat to help jason, Global bans are then obviously necessary.

  • ThyPancakeConsumed

    What i thought gonna happen, happened. It’s not first time things go into supposed death threats and lockdown mode after customer exposes stink developers and publishers are hiding under pretty words. Both gun schmedia and turtle milkers studio has chance to get things right, admit mistakes and get customers trust back, instead they chosen to censor and apply double standards. From now before buying you gonna not just look up if your pc can handle game, but also if developers got friends and family members from others studios playing it as well.

    • lucben999

      The online harassment mass hysteria is sure doing the rounds helping corrupt power-abusing fucks play the victim and shut everything down.

  • Disqusted

    I don’t believe them when they play the victim with supposed death threats. Everyone does it now: be an ass, then act like a victim and garner sympathy.

    I also think it’s kinda suspicious they changed the rules to say footage is required, when they claimed they had enough evidence to ban Dilly for supposed “sexual harassment” and implied pedophilia, but not enough evidence to ban the others for breaking the rules.

    This is just me, but if they really don’t want people to act hostile towards them, maybe they shouldn’t act like corrupt pieces of shit? I mean, when I saw Trump Jr posted his entire e-mail chain, all I could think of was “see, he’s forthcoming and wants to put bad rumors to rest, unlike the Friday the 13th assholes”. Or certain other people who delete e-mails and smash cell phones/notebooks.

    But somehow they’re always the “victims”. REAL victims don’t f**king hide or destroy evidence.

    • LurkerJK

      Great, playing multiplayer leads to so much bullshit and community management is so bad that you need a Russian dash cam equivalent these days, makes me so excited to play the next multiplayer only game