Friday The 13th: The Game Sub-Reddit Restored, Bannable Offenses Updated
Friday the 13th

The Friday The 13th: The Game sub-Reddit has been restored after being shutdown briefly due to security concerns. Moderators recently re-opened the sub after they claimed that the developers had been doxed and harassed over the incident involving what some felt were unfair or uneven bans, including the developers not banning a 12-year-old trash-talking kid and his two friends who were accused of breaking the rules. One of the kid’s friends also claimed to be a community manager for Turtle Rock Studios, saying that she could get another player banned due to her connections.

On the sub-Reddit, administrator Chody made a brief message in a stickied topic, stating…

“The moderation team must apologize about having to lock the entire subreddit. We have now taken safe guards to make sure there are no security leaks in the future. Thanks to all of you for sticking with us through this hard time. You can now post freely without having moderation approval!”

The Steam forums for the game had also been locked down, but recently opened back up after moderator ThePraetorian made a sticky post explaining the new guidelines and rules for the game.

There’s now an amended section for what constitutes a ban, including an overhaul to bans for players allegedly reported for using their counselors to help Jason. According to ThePraetorian, you’ll now need footage of the act taking place, otherwise hearsay won’t net you a ban…

“Deliberately Helping Jason – This one is trickier; we will ban the Jason player and those helping Jason for deliberately ‘helping’ Jason win a match through killing other teammates or working to farm XP. Qualifying for a ban like this would require full footage of players deliberately working with Jason throughout a match as a means to track down and allow Jason to kill other counselors for the sake of an ‘easy game,’ on part of Jason, or through various means of continued ‘ganging up’ on other counselor players throughout a match, hand-in-hand with Jason.”

Originally, a user named Dilly Dingus made a negative review that was flagged by ThePraetorian because he claimed the user was just angry after having been banned and accused Dilly of sexual harassment and making sexual comments towards a minor. ThePraetorian provided no evidence of this charge, which set the community aflame and had many users claiming that Gun Media was corrupt.

The news quickly spread around, especially given that the allegation was that one of the women that Dilly played against who claimed that she could get him banned, also claimed that she was a community manager for Turtle Rock Studios and that she was friends with the community management team at Gun Media.

Sub-Reddit Shut Down

This is what led to so many people claiming cronyism and corruption when it came to bans being handed out, because some felt that if Dilly was going to be banned for using inappropriate language in an M-rated game, the other two counselors and the 12-year-old should have been banned for the same thing, since everyone involved allegedly used inappropriate language toward one another. The developers claimed they were being harassed and thus shut down the forums and sub-Reddit briefly.

When the news reached the Turtle Rock forums, the moderator quickly came in to censor the topic, citing that the news would incite violence toward the developers…

“Hey guys, we’ve read that developer’s lives have been threatened by this, we don’t want any activity on here that could potentially contribute to this situation. Thank you for understanding.”

Gun Media is continuing to roll out new updates for the game while also attempting to put out the community fire around this explosive set of drama.

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