Friday The 13th: The Game Community Claims Management Is Corrupt

Friday The 13th Drama

Community managers for Friday The 13th: The Game have come under fire from the actual gaming community for being corrupt.

This spawned after the developers updated the rules for the game back on June 29th, 2017, outlining what could net you a temporary ban or a permanent ban while playing the game, as reported on by

One of the key things that will net you a ban is being a treasonous backstabber to other counselors and helping out Jason. The actual rule reads…

“Deliberately Helping Jason – This one is trickier; we will ban the Jason player and those helping Jason for deliberately ‘helping’ Jason win a match through killing other teammates or working to farm XP.”

This came into play during one particular match involving a player named Dilly Dingus. He claims a 12-year-old was friends with two females while they were playing a match, and the 12-year-old began trash talking while also receiving help from the female players. The thing is, the 12-year-old was playing as Jason, and so the females who were playing as counselors were allegedly breaking the rules by helping Jason. And so Dilly began calling them out on it and apparently all parties involved used uncouth language.

Dilly, however, was hit with a permanent ban. This came after one of the women claimed to work as a community manager for Turtle Rock Studios and was supposedly friends with the community manager for Gun Media and Illfonic’s Friday The 13th: The Game. Shortly there after, Dilly was banned.

A Reddit thread recounts the events and also asks for players who were wrongfully banned to be unbanned. However, the Friday the 13th: The Game’s community manager, The Praetorian, was steadfast in his decision. He flagged Dilly Dingus’ negative review on Steam, and claimed that Dilly was a sexual harasser and insinuated Dilly was a pedophile.

The community asked The Praetorian for evidence of Dilly sexually harassing the other players. The Praetorian explained that he personally wasn’t friends with them, but they are professional colleagues with some of the team members on Gun Media. In a lengthy post, he wrote…

“The straight answer is that I do not personally know the users that contacted us. I know of them and that they are professional colleagues and that someone on the team was contacted by them. […]


“As for the sexual harassment charge; I leave it up to the users who were banned to elaborate on what they specifically said as that is their prerogative. We have our evidence and the matter was handled as has several other instances of racism and sexual harassment. These users decided to leave a false report publicly for the sake of garnering attention for their own benefit, and that is unfortunate.


“They broke the rules, we have sufficient evidence and a ban was enacted and for the sake of privacy for those involved we will not release the specific information. “

A lot of the users weren’t satisfied with that explanation and downvoted The Praetorian.

Some are arguing that since apparently all people involved broke the rules in some way, all of them should be banned equally, or no one should be banned at all. There’s some clear favoritism at play, and the community manager has dodged any attempts to clarify. However, the administrator, Ben Strauss, wrote out a lengthy post on the official forums, explaining that they don’t air out the “dirty laundry” of other players and that the other people involved did not break the rules…

” Our team does not air people’s dirt publicly and we will not disclose our method on how we review each case; I am sure no one wants to be outed publicly for their actions that got them banned from a game, given a VAC ban and sent along their merry way. These users were given a ban and promptly forgotten about until these reviews were posted. It is unfortunate that people have decided to create a witch hunt in this manner, as I have read circulating rumors, demands for action on events that never occurred and so forth.


“The counter argumentation on breaking the rules from the affected users does not hold water as well; there was no deliberate team killing for the sake of harassment. The affected users did not ask Jason to spare them, and asked for Jason to play fairly. After continued harassment they decided to team kill the griefers and as soon as the situation was resolved went right back to normal gameplay.”

On the forums people are saying that if Dilly really did sexually harass a minor then the proper authorities should get involved, others are saying that it still looks like favoritism that not all parties were banned for breaking the rules. Some of the community hoped that everything would be resolved before an article popped up on Kotaku.

(Main image courtesy of John Wesker)

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