GeoStorm Sees Gerard Butler Fighting Against Man-Made Climate Disaster

I don’t know if Liberals are going to love or hate this movie because on one hand it acknowledges climate is getting out of control but on the other hand it completely underplays it as second fiddle to the more serious problem of trying to fix climate changes. GeoStorm, starring Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Andy Garcia, Daniel Wu, Ed Harris and a bunch of other people, is basically this year’s Independence Day… or Twister… or Deep Impact… or all three combined together.

The premise of the film is unbelievably stupid but it’s also over-the-top crazy. Apparently global warming has reached unprecedented levels of danger to human life on Earth. In order to control the weather they’ve created a god machine in the form of a satellite that can biologically alter the constitution of our ecology, forcing storms to dissipate, hurricanes to subside, ice to melt, and tornadoes to whittle down to little more than a gust of wind.

GeoStorm (2017) Movie

On the flip-side, however, this god machine ends up turning evil (and the trailer hints that it was done on purpose) forcing climate control to go berserk and start killing everyone around the world.

As I said… it’s unbelievably stupid. You can check out the two and a half minute trailer below, which pretty much rolls out the beginning, middle and end of the film without you even having to watch it, courtesy of New Trailer Buzz.

Now there’s one thing worth mentioning that’s not mentioned in the trailer, and it’s that all of this is happening while there’s an assassination attempt being carried out on Andy Garcia’s life. Jim Sturgess and his girlfriend, a secret service agent, must rescue the President and help keep him alive while the world is being torn apart by the evil satellite.

The only way to stop the evil satellite is for Gerard Butler to go up into space and disable it.

This movie is like Armageddon and The Core and The Day After Tomorrow and 2012 all combined together. They’ve taken about every eye-rolling disaster-movie film trope and tossed it at all and called it a day.

The comment section aren’t above the idea of both ridiculing and praising the movie, saying that it looks stupid (and it does) but that it also looks entertaining (and it kind of does).

It’s a dumb looking movie that’s due out on October 20th later this year, oddly missing the summer movie mania beat.


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