Germany’s USK Support Of Jonathan McIntosh Worries Gamers
Jonathan McIntosh USK
(Last Updated On: July 22, 2017)

Germany’s rating board, the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle, the age and youth protection service that rates video games in Germany, was recently spotted retweeting and supporting a video from Jonathan McIntosh’s Pop Detective channel.

McIntosh is an ideological extremist who is against video game violence, against sexuality being portrayed in games, and is against feminine and sexy depictions of women. Quite naturally, if the ratings board is supporting someone with such extreme anti-gaming views, the community feared that this kind of ideological alignment could affect the way the USK rates games in Germany.

It started with a retweet yesterday on July 20th, 2017 where the USK tagged Jonathan McIntosh – Anita Sarkeesian’s former producer and writer for Feminist Frequency – agreeing with a video he had made claiming that games need to move away from violence and combat when it comes to situational resolution.

On its own most people wouldn’t think twice about the USK supporting a video condemning violence in video games, but the USK is also a regular follower of Jonathan McIntosh, the Pop Detective channel that McIntosh runs, and Feminist Frequency. The aforementioned individuals are highly controversial and widely despised pundits amongst gamers.

McIntosh was the head cheerleader in the video “25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male”, and both McIntosh and Sarkeesian held the universally unpopular opinion that games like the 2016 out of Doom was bad for the industry, as reported by The GG.

Sarkeesian and McIntosh’s radicalism has oftentimes been compared to the Christian Right’s fight against violence and sex in games during the 1980s and 1990s, with many people saying that they’re continuing the work of Jack Thompson, who was quite the bête noire during the early 2000s.

Jonathan McIntosh and Jack Thompson

Typically, simply following someone and retweeting content that gamers may feel is controversial is not that big of a deal. A lot of organizations follow Feminist Frequency, but it doesn’t always mean that they support Sarkeesian’s views.

However, with the USK supporting McIntosh and Feminist Frequency, it definitely made people perk up and pay attention when games like Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni were banned from being released on retail shelves in Germany due to the USK refusing to rate the game. The game doesn’t actually contain actual nudity or sexual content but does feature a lot of innuendo, sexually suggestive themes and partial nudity.

It wasn’t just Valkyrie Drive that was banned in Germany by the USK either, there was also Criminal Girls 2. The game was banned in Germany following NIS going through extensive steps to censor, alter or remove 50% of the suggestive imagery in the game, and despite going through such steps to self-censor, the USK still banned the game.

Despite both games having an ‘M’ for Mature rating, the USK explained to NIS that titles such as Criminal Girls 2 were “harmful to minors”.

Some have claimed that the bans on fan-service titles like Valkyrie Drive and Criminal Girls 2 could be politically motivated, especially after games like Fallout 3 managed to get unbanned in Germany back in early 2016. What’s more is that controversial material like Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf was unbanned in in early 2016 as well, as reported by Forward.

Some argue how Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni’s fan-service could be more harmful to youths than Mein Kampf?

In a Kotaku in Action thread they noted that the USK is following the Amadeu Antonio Stiftung account, which courted controversy last year as one of the organizations in Germany pining for stricter censorship standards on what they deemed to be “hate speech” by producing a brochure that ended up becoming quite caustic on social media, as reported by Meedia.

There aren’t many connections between the USK and Amadeu Antonio Stifung to make any snap judgments about the direction the ratings board might take or its possible ideological influence, other than that both the USK and AAS having attended the Bits 21 Family and Media Education seminar back in May of this year, where they offered tips and advice on training parents for dealing with social media and media entertainment in today’s society.

Nevertheless, given how some companies in the gaming industry – such as BioWare – have fully succumbed to focusing their efforts of putting sociopolitical ideologies over sound game design philosophy when it comes to making content and telling stories, some fear that the USK might succumb to propping up ideological preferences over fair and objective rating principles when it comes to rating (or refusing) games that may not fit within a perceived ideological standard.

(Thanks for the news tip Lyle)

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  • Galbador

    This is disgusting and I will not accept this, as long as I’m a german citizen and luckily, more people already started to write the USK for this bullshit move. I have no idea how this could even happen? Are people all of a sudden this stupid?

    Oh, but if Jonnie-Boy wants to fight, he gets a fight. I will put my gloves up and give him a taste of good-old german way to say “Verpiss dich!”

  • Disqusted

    I thought he died.

    See, and this is why I said what I did about Destructoid and Holmes. We didn’t forget that McIntosh and Holmes were allegedly best buddies in college. This is the kind of shit they are ruining the world with. I said it wasn’t over, and this proves it.

    They expect us to believe someone with a long record of this shit like Holmes is really a nice guy who only makes mistakes like anybody else? I don’t think so. None of these assholes will stop pushing their lies and agenda until they receive full punishment for their crimes against humanity. Instead, they are still being rewarded.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    I don’t get it. He’s been proven wrong time and time again. How the fuck do these people keep getting taken seriously?

    • totenglocke

      Because they have fellow retards on “gaming” sites who promote their bullshit.

  • My previous comment got detected as spam? Is this part of disqus shadowban thing?

    • Yep. Just added you to the whitelist.

      Reading over your comment, I honestly don’t know what you said that would have labeled it as spam. No links, and you’ve got a longstanding account. The only thing is maybe your negativity towards Marxist? Must have got caught in the machine learning algorithm.

  • ThyPancakeConsumed

    I cant wait for day current gamers retires and younger undisciplined and lawless ones takes their place. Ones like fullmcinstosh will be crying over never ending REAL death threats and wont be able to leave home without security or have their beloved cuckcons without being thrown shit at. Ill kick back, pop some beer and say “You only got yourselves to blame, retards. While we wanted discussion and just to play our games, these people wants your asses on plate. Enjoy fruits of your labor, because attacking innocent people and labeling them terrorists, you eventually create real trouble.”

  • Outrunner

    these insufferable cunts

  • Alistair

    For the record the ESRB, PEGI is supposed to be independent from Governments.

    That why it be crazy and dangerous if these two boards starting retweets, once they do that then I’m afraid it all over.

    But ESRB and PEGI are smart enough not to do that.

    Edit: well a for USK it belongs with New Zealand and Australia as the three dumb cucks Ever, New Zealand had banned rhe 1st criminal girls that also was censored to stop it being banned.

    So then why censored your product when it still get banned in those places. If I was NISA I should be ashamed of myself.

  • Feli Aslan

    I think he has some points.
    Gaming spends too much time on portraying inhuman yet funny cruelties commited by living beings on other living beings and to less time portraying Jonathan “The Rabbi accidentily cut my dick off” Mcintosh being cruely, yet the funniest, raped

    We should demand more from our Gaming Studios.
    We should demand something meaningful.
    We should demand the progression of gaming as a form of art.
    We should demand the detailed depiction of Mcintosh being raped by a horde of muslim man in every game.
    We should demand the future.


  • durka durka

    If Anita dumped him he must be worse than her and she cant have that. She has to be the worst.

    • Alistair

      There can only be 1 witch any other will of course have a effect on her.

    • Disqusted

      I suspect they only pretended to separate, to push their bullshit public image further.

      • Feli Aslan

        I don’t know. We Mcintosh is the biggest betacuck arround and we know, feminists don’t want betacucks. They take the other extreme, Machos.

  • In a customs free EU, whatever the USK or cucks like Macintosh want is largely irrelevant. Ban games in Germany? I’ll just import them from the UK or Austria or pirate them if there’s no other way to get them uncensored (the new Wolfenstein on PC for example)

    Also the Amadeu Antonio Stiftung is run by an ex-Stasi member, so that’s where the whole hard-on for censorship and so called “hatespeech” comes from. (GDR, Stasi, just search it up on Wikipedia) The government even pays them to search for hatespeech across the internet and rat those evil racists out. Literally SJW cancer incarnate.

    Sadly my country is run by a bunch of eternally guilt tripped marxist cucks who actually think this kind of nanny state is still needed and who will eternally be ashamed of being german because of shit people did before they were even born.

    Real glad they’re keeping tabs on those evil evil videogames while women are getting raped and murdered here by Merkel’s guests who come here uncontrolled in the hunderds of thousands.

    Fucking priorities, am I right?

  • s_fnx

    Can Germany be even more cucked?

  • Hawk Hopper

    If these people spent any time playing games, they wouldn’t have the influence that they do. While you were enjoying your favorite hobby, these people were sitting together dreaming up ways of justifying their own existence by bubble wrapping the world. slacktivism Activism is a only good for the activist.

    Germany already bends over backwards over Nazi stuff and blood. The little offspring of Soviet rapists are real proud of themselves for their censorship.
    “Nazis burn books, but we’re different ‘cuz we neuter the games we overlook.”

    I’m not sure what Germans can do about this without getting tossed in jail for undermining Josh’s Snowflake Reich German censors. But for us in the good ole US of A, we can fling shit at him and all his little ticks until they get sent to jail, like most male feminists do, for raping/killing a woman or being a pedo.

    • Alistair

      No there is a way for people to fight back. In the U.K. we had our election and It was glorious.

      Even the govt admitted why they lost. It was all down to the benefits cuts and the filthy rich getting richer.

      She went in with a majority but ended up being weaken by now having a minority govt. she relied on DUP to Keep her in power for 5 years.

      In short if you don’t like your govt sponsored Rating boards then kick them out of power.

      Have mass protests e.g. Like in UK against the poll tax that was also from the Nasty Tories.

      If it peaceful then there shouldn’t be any issues.

      Edit: but there more to this story. The benefits cuts was born because we were borrow more money and spend send, and spend.

      But I dispute that as money doesn’t run out, it was just a excuse.

      Anyways despite all the cuts and the 1% pay cap for local workers like firemen etc etc. They manage to find a magic tree of 1 bn to give to DUP.

      that says it all doesn’t it.

      • Hawk Hopper

        I think the UK is fucked. You can get thrown in prison for what you say online, the government seems obsessed with restricting porn because it’s still the 1600’s, ads are being censored, the list goes on and on.

  • And so it begins.

    This fits in with what I’ve been saying recently about SJWs and feminists going after the ratings boards.

    If SJWs cannot change the culture itself, they will go after the authorities in charge of said medium to get things changed there. Or even attempt to take over the ratings boards.

    They’ve been pressuring the ratings boards for years. They do it quietly so people don’t notice it.

    As I’ve always said for the last 4-5 years – stand up, speak up, unite and actually make an effort to fight against this. Scream and shout, pressurize and make it clear to the ratings boards that you disapprove with their plan. Let the big Anti-SJW e-celebrities on YouTube know so that they can spread the word. Let the alternative video games media know so they can spread the word (although Niche Gamer will of course be avoiding this issue like the plaque). Basically anything to make people aware of it. And it needs to be done in significant numbers.

    The retweet from Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle should be ruthlessly bombarded and shat on. If you’ve got a Twitter account, quote reply and reply and tell them that it’s b*llsh*t.

    Either fight back or watch your video games get censored by law. Time is running out.

    • totenglocke

      “Let the alternative video games media know so they can spread the word (although Niche Gamer will of course be avoiding this issue like the plaque).”

      First, I think you meant plague. ☺️ Secondly, I’m curious what you mean regarding nichegamer. I’ve definitely argued with their staff about some stuff, but they’ve always seemed anti-censorship.

      • Secondly, I’m curious what you mean regarding nichegamer. I’ve definitely argued with their staff about some stuff, but they’ve always seemed anti-censorship.

        I’m not implying that Niche Gamer is not anti-censorship.

        Instead what I’m saying is that Niche Gamer is an alternative video games media outlet which is clearly pro-fanservice and pro-titties. It’s also got one of the highest amounts of readers/audience when it comes to alternative games media, and this audience is also pro-titties and heavily anti-censorship as well.

        Because of what Niche Gamer is about and what it’s audience stands for, I just find it strange and disappointing that NG tends to avoid the SJW/feminist/GamerGate censorship politics as much as possible these days. Granted that they have recently reported on the Anita Sarkeesian vs. Sargon story, but these kinds of political issues rarely get reported over there now.

        For example, I feel that the recent ESPN controversy over Cammy’s default outfit in SF5 should have been reported on NG, not to mention Jed Whitaker’s firing from his job and this issue with the German ratings board re-tweeting Jonathan Mcintosh’s tweet. All are related to video games and are exactly the kind of things that could lead to heavy censorship of sexy female characters in the future. As Niche Gamer is primarily about celebrating the boobs, they really should be bringing this issue up and making their audience aware of it.

        Personally, my guess is that Brandon is afraid of upsetting and alienating a certain group of of Niche Gamer’s audience. And this group are the ones which prefer to ignore and do not want any political issues being brought up. And get very angry if political issues are brought up.

        Brandon also states in his profile that he is an “Outlaw fighting for a better game industry.” He’s not doing that very well if he keeps on avoiding bringing up these kinds of political issues on his website.

  • Bamf

    My God, that photo of him pouting looks like every picture of feminist ever. Now all he needs is thick glasses and a plaid shirt.

    • ThyPancakeConsumed

      And unshaved long beard that sweeps ground as he walks.