Ghost In The Shell: First Assault Update Adds Three New Characters, New Map
Ghost in the Shell First Assault

Nexon and Neople recently announced an update for Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex First Assault with three brand new characters, new UI updates and a few more tweaks for gamers to experience in the free-to-play first-person shooter, due to drop on July 18th.

Over on the Nexon website there’s a changelog with all the major features being added in the new update, including the three new characters. Azuma is a heavy duty assault class, high HP, decent AP, and two different tier abilities including a tactical shield and a tactical dome.

Reiko is the white-haired infiltrator class. She has low HP and low AP, but she makes up for it with a net jump, which allows her to remove herself from the physical world and a net dive that allows her not only go invisible but also see the locations of friends and foes alike.

Sitara is the third of the new character classes, a specialist class that has high HP, mid AP and the ability to use a siphon drone that can attack any enemy that enters into its attack radius.

You can check out the classes in the Ghost in the Shell: First Assault update launch trailer, which also covers some of the game’s content.

The three operatives aren’t the only new things in the game. Neople have also updated and balanced each of the other operatives as well, making minor tweaks to their HP, AP and some of their tier 1 and tier 2 moves.

A new weapon has been added to the game as well, including the MG33-A LMG, along with a new map. The map is the Electronics Center, which works as a high-tech hub in Japan. The stage starts outside with open spaces and wide driveways for trucks, but things intensify inside with the lobby and various tightly structured rooms designed for CQC.

Elimination has been added to the playlist for Dubbing Site, Urban City and Port, while Team Deathmatch has been removed from Port, Dubbing Site and Urban City. More than a dozen new costumes for the operatives have been added along with some new weapons.


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