Gigantic, Free-to-Play MOBA Launches On Steam

Motiga and Perfect World Entertainment’s 5-on-5 MOBA PvP title Gigantic has officially launched on PC. The game was announced a while back during Microsoft’s E3 press conference, but it disappeared for a while as Motiga freshened up the game.

The game features the same kind of hero archetypes that most MOBA games have been known for, including the typical magic users, the ranged heroes and the melee fighters.

The game is like most other typical MOBAs but it has a few different surprises, such as mixing up the towers with giant boss creatures. The massive guardians are available on each side, so it’s up to both sides to protect and attack the guardians. You can see what the gameplay is like with the launch trailer below.

Unlike a bunch of other me-too MOBAs out there, Gigantic at least has a standout aesthetic where it looks quite different from all the other free-to-play clones out there.

Beyond the vibrant colors and the freaky looking characters, the actual gameplay is a standard fare melee based, with third-person hack-and-slash or projectile based attacks.

If you haven’t played any MOBA titles then you’re probably going to find something original in Gigantic. If you’re a frequent player of MOBA games then you may as well stick with Paladins or Paragon or Smite.

Some people keep trying to convince others that it’s “not Overwatch or Paladins” but it sure does look like it from the trailers. Although, to the credit of Gigantic at least the concept is a lot more original than Overwatch and the developers aren’t keen on shoving lesbians and autistic Egyptians in your face just to look progressive. Although, they do have a one-armed owl-looking guy on the team for those furry lovers out there.

Anyway, you can check out the full and complete version of Gigantic right now over on Steam. The system requirements are quite steep so you might want to give those a look over before you commit to the 10GB download.


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