Gran Turismo Sport 1.08 Beta Highlights Mechanical Damage, Better Sounds, Tire Wear
Gran Turismo Sport 1.08
(Last Updated On: July 10, 2017)

The latest beta for Gran Turismo Sport has added a few new features ahead of the game’s release this November. One of the new features for the game as part of the 1.08 beta feature mechanical damage. COG Connected and WCCF Tech outlined the updates that were accompanied by two videos showcasing the updates.

The first video shows the mechanical wear to a car after undergoing damage. We see that steering control goes awry, stability control goes out the window, and the axles are no longer reliable. The video is only two minutes long but we get to see how the mechanical failure affects the handling of the vehicle. You can check it out below.

The second video shows a lot more of the beta in action, including including more of the mechanic damage and the way it affects the tires. The one thing worth noting is that the cosmetic damage is no where near as impressive as some people might be hoping. However, that’s more of a manufacturer limitation than a problem on the design end. You can check out the video below courtesy of MotoGamesTV.

Sound wise, the vehicles definitely have a bet more heft than what we’re used to out of Gran Turismo games, but they still don’t compare at all to Forza Motorsport 7 or Project CARS 2. The other two games are just on a whole other level when it comes to sound engineering and capturing the weight and grunt of the road beasts.

However, do keep in mind that Polyphony apparently overhauled all the sound design for the cars in Gran Turismo Sport, so it’s definitely better than before but still a step behind the competition.

Graphically, the game looks better in the 1.08 beta than it did during its showing at E3 this past year. The smoke effects look good, and Polyphony is still the masters of natural lighting, but there’s still a sterile look when it comes to the cars due to a lack of multi-pass physically based rendering. I would have hoped that by now it would have been implemented into a game series as lauded as Gran Turismo, but sadly it’s not.

You can look for Gran Turismo Sport to launch this fall, exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

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  • Mr.Towel

    I’m certainly at the minority here but I prefer the audio style from GT.

    The main complaint people have from GT sounds is the “vacuum” sound from the cars..A slightly high pitched rolling hum rather than low grunt most engines and exhaust system produce. And for hearing the sound from outside the car I get it, it’s terrible. But if you have been inside a racing car or any modern sports car for the matter… they do sound like a vacuum cleaner. Inside the car, you can barely hear the engine or the exhaust, it got to the point that Mustangs have to come with mics around the engine block to feedback the engine sound to the cockpit through car speakers because otherwise you can’t hear it. On most racing cars and sports cars, the firewall between the engine and the cockpit is too thick, so what you hear the most is the sound of the transmission, specially if you’re on a front engine-rear wheel drive car, at these cars the transmission is very close to the driver and the sound you hear from the car’s cockpit is the sound from the transmission, not the engine, the sound from the gears rolling about extremely fast, producing that kettle like whistle typical of rolling gears.

    Of course, this is no excuse for the sound of the cars outside, the middle-engine ones and the open top, but from a driver’s point of view, that’s what you will hear most of the time. And I prefer that way.

    But I’m suspicious for talking about sound, I have always preferred the high pitched sound from high RPM V10 and V12 than the low grunt V8 and V6 american’s love. The sound from previous GTs was pretty flat too, I don’t blame people for hating it. They seem to have add more depth and detail on this one. I’m loving it, some cars are sounding naughty actually. It’s a dirty, dirty sound.

    I don’t like the sounds from the Forza series because they feel too fake to me. There’s too much bass. Which is awesome for the first times you hear but after some time… it wears thin on me, sounds too artificial, too engineered to feel more like a blockbuster movie than a simulator. Feels fake. Like someone went on the dolby software and just added a lot of crash sound bass to everything.The collision have the same “extreme bass” texture to it, even the small ones. Probably to convey how you would feel the impact on your body but I would say they overdo it.