Gravel Dev Diary: Using Unreal Engine 4 For Advanced Off-Road Racing
Gravel PS4

Milstone, an Italian game developer, is currently working on a new racing game called Gravel. It’s running on Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, and a new developer diary was released to give gamers a look at the upcoming title.

The developer diary discusses the tech behind the game, as well as some of the advantages that come with the Unreal Engine 4, such as making large enough environments to really take advantage of the extra track sizes.

You can check out the five minute video below.

The 4×4 racing game uses tracks based on real-world geographical data captured via satellite. The World Machine concocts a 3D topographical model that’s then handed over to the 3D environmental artists, and they begin work on shaping and molding the mesh into something usable within the actual game.

The artists then get to have fun by decorating the tracks, adding in all sorts of extra foliage, ground modifications and scenery to help beautify the track.

The team have also taken advantage of the Unreal Engine 4’s built-in lighting tools to design natural light for the tracks and cars. They’ve also utilized the True Sky plugin that works with the Unreal Engine in order to give each of the different stages from around the world a more naturalistic and realistic depiction based on its real-world location.

REV audio tech was also used to help give the game some oomph in the audio department. We don’t get to hear much in the way of the sounds, but I imagine that will come much later.

We also didn’t get to see much of the actual races, but it looks like the game will be a decent off-road arcade racer for those who may want something similar to DiRT but designed for those at a lower skill level.

Gravel is due out on home consoles in early 2018.


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