Hell Let Loose Update Reveals U.S. BAR And Community Recruits

Hell Let Loose is promising a lot at the moment and there is no telling whether or not the game will be something worthwhile or not. However the reveal of the U.S. BAR may not tell us much about the game, but the new community recruit trial sure will. Black Matter is set to release Hell Let Loose exclusively for PC.

Hey, you want to hear a bad joke? Okay, a group of Germans walked into a U.S. BAR and received shots… they all got wasted. Anyway, Black Matter recently took to Twitter to post up the U.S. BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) that will be for the Gunner and Support Class in Hell Let Loose, as seen below.

The next update by Black Matter revolves around community recruitment and establishing a bond between its player base. The notice calling communities to sign-up and help the development of Hell Let Loose was announced yesterday as of this writing, and can be seen below:

Hell Let Loose will require teamwork, communication, strategy and most certainly the ability to adapt.


We are keen to work with established clans and communities who understand that creating a great playing environment is crucial to the success of a title like Hell Let Loose.”

In addition to community members of Hell Let Loose, the dev team are looking for an existing clan or community of 50+ active players, with the ability to moderate and administer a dedicated server, and who has an active community forum. The team behind the first-person WW2 shooter also wants to know what games do you play and what makes your community unique by filling out some questions over on Black Matter’s main site.

Lastly, backers who take part in the upcoming Kickstarter campaign will gain access to the Alpha and Beta of Hell Let Loose when the Steam Direct goes live. The Alpha and Beta will kick-off near the end of 2017, which leads up to the early 2018 official release of HLL. If you want more information on this game you can visit hellletloose.com.


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