House Party Returns To Steam Censored; Uncensored Patch Available For Download
House Party Censored
(Last Updated On: July 29, 2017)

SJWs from the Regressive Left and the Religious Right complained to have House Party removed from Steam. The Right said we had to “think of the 35 million children” and the Left said “Think of the women” and “misogyny”.

Regardless of the attacks, Eek! Games acquiesced to Valve’s request to censor House Party. The simulated sex segments had to be removed in order for the game to be made available again on the Steam storefront. According to the developer Valve still has some rules and regulations to abide by, which almost makes it seem as if perhaps Valve was threatened in some way to remove House Party? Either way, the game has been restored to the Steam storefront in its censored form.

Of course, a lot of people bought House Party for its uncensored content, and in a post over on the official Eek! Games website they announced that an uncensored patch would be made available so those who already own the game and those who plan to purchase the game can still play it the way it was originally intended to be played.

You can grab the uncensored patch from the Eek! Games patch page.

Of course, some people were hoping that the developers would stick to their guns and not censor the game at all. However, they informed their fans that had they not censored the game it wouldn’t be allowed on Steam at all, stating…

“Now, I know that there are many of you who take issue with the fact that you bought a non-censored game, and now aspects of the game are censored. There doesn’t seem to be any issue with providing an off-Steam patch to users to restore the game to its original form as many other games so overtly do, so we will be releasing a small and easy to install patch that you can apply to your game. It’s the best that we are able to do given the current situation, and we hope our Steam players understand. It’s not ideal, but the alternative was that we would not be able to return to Steam, and if the game doesn’t grow, it makes it harder for us to hire on and make the game better.”

However, it wasn’t just Steam where the game may have been made unavailable, the Religious Right and the Regressive Left were also working together to get the game removed from and Game.Jolt, with journalists from contacting other digital distributors in hopes of getting the game removed from other platforms.

This sort of tactic is not foreign to such groups, as they also attempted to de-fund Sargon by trying to get his Patreon account closed, and they also went after Conservative Lauren Southern’s Patreon account as well, as reported by MundaneMatt and the Daily Caller.

According to Eek! Games, the story is still 100% intact, and the rest of the gameplay is still there. The only thing that was removed from the Steam version were the sex acts.

You can now purchase the Early Access edition of House Party from over on the Steam store for $14.99. If you plan on experiencing the full, uncensored version of the game, you’ll have to download the patch separately.

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  • Disqusted


  • durka durka

    LOL reminds me that “transmysoginistic” joke that was removed from that rpg and the sjws went to mod nexus and whined to have the restoration mod removed by reporting it for being “offensive”

    The mods told them to cut it off or get banned.

    The irony of wanting to censor a “uncensored” mod….lol

    “This sort of tactic is not foreign to such groups, as they also
    attempted to de-fund Sargon by trying to get his Patreon account closed,”

    Oh come on, we invented that during GG with emailing to advertisers, this is what they did with pewdipie they nuked youtube of advertisers.

    I told ya they will use our tactics against them.

  • Michael P

    Good news, glad I took my finger off the refund button!

    I mentioned an offsite patch to the mod on the forum and he said they were aware of this option but they were clearly paranoid as everything was being written in euphemisms.

    Just read an article on kotaku from Nathan Grayson on this too, was actually written fairly/unbiased and most of the comments were supporting of the game. When did Ghazi get chased off the site?

    • It would have been a bad look for Kotaku to rag on a game like house Party after they were blowing off Christine Love and Ladykiller in a Bind about how progressive it was for having uncensored sex in it. As someone else mentioned in the comments here, even PC Gamer had to point out how Valve was clearly operating on a double standard with the sex that was allowed in Ladykiller while dropping the banhammer on House Party.

      I don’t really care about House Party, but it was pretty obvious the game was targeted as part of a hate boner from SJWs on both the Left and Right.

    • tajlund

      Whoops, Billy already covered it.

  • MusouTensei

    They should have gone the HuniePop route from the beginning but better late than never.
    Fuck SJWs.

  • Mr.Towel

    The developers are handling it well. It’s very clear to anyone reading their communications to the community that they are being held against their will by Steam bending over to puritans.

    I hope it blows back to Steam. They need a lesson or two on maintaining user trust.

  • What an utter disgrace of a situation.

    Even though it’s restored, it’s not the same game anymore. The patch to uncensor the game is of course available elsewhere, but the point is the double-standards and how SJWs and these feminist “academics” have become the authoritarians dictating on what is acceptable and what isn’t.

    Western society needs f*cking nuking.

    • Fear Me I Am Free

      Yeah, but I think they are allowed to promote the patch. I’ve seen uncensored patches promoted in the info for games and a link to the patch itself stickied in the discussion forum for said game.

      • tajlund

        They won’t be allowed for long. I’ve been watching patch links vanish from discussion posts, game descriptions, and even reviews lately. Steam is censoring and not even being sneaky about it. I had to use google to find a couple patches in cached discussion posts on steam, because steam had deleted the posts.

        • Fear Me I Am Free

          Oh wow, really? I’m disappointed in Valve for them to be doing this.

          • tajlund

            I know it happened on three games in my collection, but I can’t really remember which ones. At over 4000 games and a bad memory from military service or age, it isn’t always easy.

          • I think this could be in relation to the new Tories push for the ID check mandate. If they don’t put something in place to legitimately check the ID of its users and continue offering 18+ stuff, they will end up getting fined and blocked by ISPs. I think they’re cleaning house so they don’t run afoul of the new Digital Economy Act.

          • Fear Me I Am Free

            Sorry, UK. No more Steam for you. You’re neopuritan government ruined it for you.

    • Disqusted

      The SJWs are just jealous the game has females who aren’t 600 pounds with a penis.

  • RichardGristle

    Steam’s double standards have always pissed me the fuck off, but I suppose this proves that it isn’t JUST anime that they hate, only non-AAA games.

  • Pratim Gupta

    Both the Right and Left are freaking retards. there is no use associating with either of them.