House Party, Sexy 3D Game Removed From Steam Due To Complaints
House Party Censored

[Update: The developers state that certain groups complained to Valve that House Party was pornography and had it removed from Steam.]

[Original Story:] The raunchy 3D game about sex, booze, fighting and nudity from Eek! Gamers called House Party has been removed from the Steam store and gamers are now barred from purchasing it from Valve’s digital storefront.

If you attempt to visit the store page for House Party it redirects you to the Steam front page.

Threads have slowly begun popping up on the Steam forums and on the official forums for Eek! Games’ House Party, with gamers asking why the game was removed from Steam and if it will return.

One user, Aeon Bubbles, has posted up a message from one of the developers who mentioned on Discord that the removal of House Party was due to “complaints”…

“For those wondering about the Steam removal, they said they took the game down because they “received a lot of complaints”. They are honoring all sales made, and people who purchased can still play right now, and will still receive updates. I am talking to Steam and working out the details, but the game will still be available for those who purchased, and will be back once we come to a solution.’

Aeon also posted up a message from the developers where they state that they will continue to release updates and content for those who already purchased House Party. They state…

“If you purchase the game on Steam, it is a one-time charge, and you get stable updates for life. We will be updating the game regularly.”

However, with the game no longer available on Steam, would the developers continue to roll out updates while Valve has the game barred from the store?

The official front page of Eek! Games’ website still shows the Steam store as a viable option for purchasing the title, so either they haven’t updated the site yet or they believe the game will be restored shortly.

What’s odd is that the game managed to make it through the Greenlight phase and onto the Steam store without any issues. It officially launched back on July 1st, 2017. Yet just 26 days later Valve decided to bar the game from the storefront following complaints.

The message from the developers doesn’t say what the complaints were exactly, but I did reach out to ask for further clarification and if there was any ETA on if or when the game might return to Steam.

Some gamers feel as if the removal was due to the hardcore uncensored sex scenes present in the title and the unfiltered nudity. However, Valve has let games like Ladykiller in a Bind on Steam in all of its entirety, which featured an uncensored rape scene with actual penetration. When reached for comment about the obvious double-standard in play regarding Ladykiller in a Bind, Valve opted not to respond.

Valve does have a rule about not allowing explicit sexual content on Steam, but there are some games like the aforementioned Ladykiller in a Bind that are allowed through without any reasons given. Higher profile games like The Witcher 3 and GTA V, which also contain explicit sex scenes, have also been allowed on the service. Visual novels or other adult-themed titles with hardcore sex or explicit nudity oftentimes have to censor the content in order to release on Steam, they then have extra patches released either through the developer’s site or another third-party site to patch in the uncensored content into the Steam version.

In some other odd one-off cases, games like Dragonia have appeared on Steam with some fairly adult content as well, but Valve never explained why. Dragonia is still available on the Steam store despite the explicit content, as evident with the NSFW community screenshots.

If Eek! Games decide to respond the article will be updated.


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