It’s All About that Albion Online Gold and Silver
Albion Online

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Albion is a sandbox MMORPG where items are the means of progression while crafting, trading and looting them is a part of the game. There are no job classes, and when players die, they lose everything in their inventory (well, depending on where they died). The economy is a big thing in Albion! Let’s dive in on how to take advantage of the economy or at least know the ins and outs.


Albion Online Gold Currency is the premium currency. Players can purchase it with real money, or by purchasing the game’s founder packs even though it can only buy cosmetic items and premium account status. The founder’s packs are beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Increases gain for Destiny Board Fame, PvE silver and loot, and resource gathering

  • A daily bonus of 20 Learning Points and 150 Crafting Focus

  • Double the crop yield and farm animal growth

  • Trimmed market taxes

Those advantages significantly boost the player’s progression speed, giving them an advantage over those who aren’t premium account holders.


Albion Online Silver Currency is the primary form of money. Players get it by defeating enemies in PvE, looting defeated players in PvP, and trading in the marketplace. Currency is good for anything that involves money, from selling items to bribing or paying enemy clans for safe passage. It does everything gold can’t, but it can’t do what gold can, which is buying cosmetic items and premium status. However, silver is exchangeable for gold through the Gold Exchange.

Gold Exchange

The Gold Exchange lets players earn premium status without using real money for gold. Now, you might be thinking, “Why should players buy gold with real money if they can just use silver to get premium status for free?’” Well, it’s because, in a way, gold is a limited resource. Players can get silver by defeating enemies that respawn after some time, and there isn’t a sink where it will disappear into oblivion. There are no NPCs where you can purchase items. All of the silver circulates the market and player driven economy.

As for gold, if nobody buys it with real money, it will run out sooner or later since it gets used for premium status or cosmetic items. The system enables the need to introduce new gold to the market to keep prices stable. It’s a reliable system, giving the developers a steady income, somewhat, which doesn’t rely only on game copy sales.

In the End

Albion’s economy is entirely player driven; what they do sends ripples across the game’s market. It’s best to keep yourself up to speed with all the events going on, as well as the prices of things that you want to sell.

Albion Online will be up and running on July 17. Since it’s a cross-platform game, it will be available on both Android and iOS operating systems. The price plans to stay the same with fewer perks. Get the most bang for your buck and get the game before it launches.

Enjoy your adventures in the world of Albion Online!


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