Justice League SDCC Trailer Finally Portrays A Coherent Story
Justice League

All the previous footage of Justice League, the upcoming Zack Snyder flick, made the film look like a huge mess; a team-up effort comprised of a bunch of heroes just vying for a bit of screen time just for the sake of it. Well, at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, someone from the marketing department with an ounce of skill and a bit of common sense in the ball resting atop their shoulders finally decided to put together a coherent looking story trailer for the upcoming super hero team-up flick.

For the first time ever a DC Universe film actually looks epic instead of just looking… like a mess. Of course, there was Wonder Woman… but let’s be honest, the trailers were always decent looking and not necessarily great looking. This trailer for Justice League actually looks, dare I say, great. Check it out for yourself below courtesy of KinoCheck International.

I don’t know if it’s just that the finalization of the film has allowed the marketers to sculpt a more worthwhile trailer out of the bits and pieces they’ve been given, or maybe if former Marvel front-man Joss Whedon taking over the editing duties for Justice League from Zack Snyder may have given the film a far more coherent and grounded tone, but whatever change took place behind the curtains at DC’s Entertainment Universe offices has done a world of good for how Justice League is being marketed and portrayed toward the public leading up to its release later this year.

I can genuinely say that I’m at least interested in seeing how this all comes together.

Aquaman also looks like one of the most badass super heroes on screen that I’ve seen in a long time. It’s kind of hard to outdo all the fancy schmancy bat-outfits that Warner Bros., piles onto its actors playing the Dark Knight, but Jason Momoa has managed to partially take the wind out of the Bat’s sails with a getup that makes him look both feared and regal. I never thought I would use those two words together in a sentence describing Aquaman. Heh… Aquaman.

Also, props to the composer for hammering out a hum-worthy theme for the film. Hopefully, Justice League keeps with the leitmotif they’ve been using for the Man of Steel and Batman v Superman movies that was slightly modified for the trailer above. If for nothing else it at least shows consistency, and it’s something that DC has lacked a great deal of when compared to their Marvel counterparts.

At least fans can take comfort in knowing that DC, for Justice League, has improved the trailer quality so that it makes it look like it’s a film worth watching. Whether or not it’s a good movie is anyone’s guess.


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