Kritika Online, Anime Fighting MMO Adds New Pets, Arena Challenges
Kritika Online

En Masse Entertainment announced recently that the first major update for Kritika Online has gone live. The update is called the Furever Friends and it features a cache of new cats and pets that players can utilize on the battlefield to help them out during those intense fights.

Kritika Online’s new pet system allows you to outfit your pet and take it into battle with you so that you can blast down the baddies with both your natural toon skills and with the help of your new pets. Pets can also be equipped with special abilities, allowing you to unleash this attacks against your foes.

They released a 40 second trailer featuring the pets in action. You can check it out below.

Visually Kritika Online doesn’t look all that bad. The game has a cartoon-anime vibe to its visual aesthetic, and the characters are obviously designed with enough over-the-top appeal to lure in gamers who enjoy fast-paced combat with crazy looking characters.

In addition to the pets update, they also revealed that the game has brand new arena challenges for high level players. This includes new challenge quests for all players above level 65, along with new revamped missions for players between 10 and 120.

Over on the Kritika Online forums, the v202 changelog also reveals major changes to the auction house and world economy, along with balancing out the dungeons and danger zones to be more challenging.

On the softer side of things, a new card mini-game was added to the game, and they’ve issued a number of bug fixes as well.

The hook for Kritika Online is that instead of relying on Tab-targeting gameplay, you have non-targeting hack-and-slash action to lure you in. It’s one of the new-wave of MMOs out there focusing more on action-oriented encounters rather than the typical MMORPG formula.

You can learn more about the MMO and the recent pets update by visiting the Kritika Online website.


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