Marvel Puzzle Quest Embraces SJW Feminist Agenda With Mockingbird Update
Marvel Puzzle Quest

Casey Malone, a game designer working on Marvel Puzzle Quest, took to Twitter recently to proclaim that anti-SJW groups are angry about comic character Mockingbird appearing in Marvel Puzzle Quest wearing her controversial t-shirt that reads “Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda” from the cover of the infamous comic issue.

Malone’s tweet was used on the social media platform to remind people about Marvel’s support of social justice and feminism.

You can view the full image of the character as she appears in the feminist t-shirt below.

Malone’s tweet was actually a follow-up from Marvel Games executive producer Bill Rosemann, who originally tweeted out support for the feminist-themed art, letting gamers know that Mockingbird would be appearing in the Marvel Puzzle Quest sporting the infamous “Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda” t-shirt.

The Marvel Puzzle Quest game has been out for home consoles, mobile devices and PC since 2013. Many people didn’t know this iteration of Mockingbird was in the game until Casey brought it to their attention via Twitter.

This particular outfit was also featured in the Mockingbird comic book run by Cheslea Cain, which ended early due to poor sales, as reported by Comics Beat. Marvel has seen a number of their properties falling off the sales charts early due to fans having mete Marvel by withholding funds to purchase their comics due to what many comic book fans are calling overt politicization of their favorite characters.

Comics like Blank Panther & The Crew, Hellcat and other properties heavily focused on topics proliferated by Social Justice Warriors have seen major drop-offs in sales even after only a few issues. Hellcat in particular saw a massive 81% year-over-year decline in sales.

The poor sales of Marvel’s comic books have led them to announce that they would be moving away from SJW topics this fall, with one of their executives even acknowledging that their comic book sales have been suffering while pursuing the controversial SJW topics.

However, Marvel never said anything about their games not featuring SJW topics.

As apparent with the Marvel Puzzle Quest update, it doesn’t look like Marvel is ready to give up the feminist agenda, or Social Justice Warrior approach to their multimedia just yet.


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