Minecraft: Story Mode – Season 2 Episode 1 Walkthrough And Choices
Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Walkthrough

Telltale Games released the first episode for Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 for home consoles, PC and mobile devices. Telltale’s Episode 1: Hero in Residence is available right now for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, iOS and Android devices. For gamers looking for a walkthrough and a few tips on how to make the right choices, there are some walkthrough guides available.

You can check out the full gameplay walkthrough for Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 – Episode 1 below, courtesy of MKIceandFire.

The entire episode clocks in at just under two hours.

The episode starts with a recap of the last season’s adventure from Lukas, and you’ll have a few options in talking with the team about upcoming adventures.

The main goal at the start is to meet Petra in Beacontown by the mineshaft. There’s a short segment where you’ll be able to walk around and examine Beacontown, talk to some of the townsfolk.

Nell will ask Jesse to build a statue. You’ll be able to build a statue for Neill using the blocks. Simply design what you want and then finish it up.

Radar will accompany Jesse throughout Beacontown as you talk to citizens or examine things like the memorial for Reuben.

You can also choose the name of the pig that will be on the float representing Reuben.

Once you get done carousing with the citizens and visitors of Beacontown, you can meet up with Petra and fight some zombies in the mines. Be careful not to run out of stamina while fighting the zombies with the sword.

You’ll also have to race through a cavern with wallspiders chasing you. Simply dodge them and attack them if they get too close.

You’ll be able to either help Petra or win the race, which is one of the defining decisions of the episode.

After tracking down the llama Jesse and Petra will happen upon the gauntlet.

Look up at the top of the ceiling and climb out of the cavern. You can put a warning sign down and choose what to put on the sign.

Stella becomes the center of attention for the next segment of the game. You can choose to either play along with Petra or correct her. In order to help Petra get her sword back, you can choose to either fight the guards or sneak in through the puppy kennel.

If you choose to go the stealth route and avoid fighting, you can use the bones you collected from earlier to distract the puppies and sneak through the hall.

When you talk to Petra you can address her for not being loyal to Beacontown. You can also later address Petra with being disappointed about her betrayal or you can forgive her.

More quick-time events take place as Jesse and Petra battle it out against some charged creepers.

You’ll eventually go meet Jack and have to convince him to help find the temple and uncover the mystery of the gauntlet.

You can head back to Jesse’s place and pick out your adventuring armor before heading out.

After a whole lot of talking, you’ll be able to swim in the water, toward the temple.

You’ll also have a conversation with Jack about getting his crap together after he has a panic attack. You can choose to help encourage him or let him know everyone gets scared.

There will also be a choice to run the gauntlet of lasers from the guardian fish while Jack and Petra drain the water and kill the guardians.

There’s also a crafting table and a chest with some prismarine inside. You can create a sea lantern using the following crafting blueprint.

You’ll need to create dark prismarine and sea lanterns. You’ll need to match the right side to match the left side of the pattern in order to complete the puzzle.

After reviving Vos and venturing further in, there’s a choice between two different Structure Blocks:
Tower of the Warrior
Wall of the Builder

These are story-changing decisions, so choose wisely.


Proceed to fight the Cthulhu monsters. You’ll have another big story-changing decision to make, by either helping Petra or helping Jack.

After escaping from the Amin, Jesse and the gang make their way back to Heckmouth where you’ll have to dodge obstacles and creepers and place the Structure Block into the slot.

At the end, if you’ve been supportive of Petra and helped her throughout the journey, she will be grateful and show her gratitude during the ending sequence.

Depending on the choices you make throughout the first episode will depend on the ending you get. GamerrZombie put together a compilation of the different endings you can unlock, which you can check out below.

If you’re curious about how each of the choices in the game affect the game’s different endings, there’s actually a walkthrough guide featuring only the choices throughout the game, which you can check out below, courtesy of AFGuidesHD.

Telltale is now geared up to release Minecraft: Story Mode – Season 2 Episode 2 later in the year. The first episode is available right now for PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS and Android platforms.


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