My Time At Portia Will Include Same-Sex Marriage… And Maybe Farming
My Time at Portia
(Last Updated On: July 19, 2017)

My Time At Portia is a 3D fantasy game where players take on the role of a young kid who ends up in Portia, a small island on the edge of civilization in a post-apocalyptic world. The game isn’t scheduled to release until October, 2017, later this year during the fall.

However, leading up to release the developers at Pathea Games – the same makers behind the Kickstarted open-world survival adventure game, Planet Explorers – have been keeping the community up to date on the progress, pitfalls and design of My Time At Portia.

According to the developers, one of the big things they’re struggling with at the moment is whether or not to include farming and how to include it. They claimed that it was in the game, working, and that the code was all right proper… but then they removed it.


According to a Steam community post, the daily requirements of maintaining the farm seemed like an oxymoron to the game’s insistence on getting out and exploring the world. They felt that it was against the game’s ethos having to spend so much time each in-game morning tending to the plants and field instead of going out and exploring the world. So for now, they have the farming mechanic on hold until they can figure out how to properly implement it, writing…

“ We know we’ll need to bring back farming, there’s just way too much demand, but we need to figure out a better way to implement it in our game. We’re going to try something different with farming this time, […] we’ll try to make the farming more industrialized, more modern, such as using a planting box or semi-automatic irrigation systems.


“[…] We want to keep the essential part of farming, such as planting your own crops and watching it grow, while taking out much of the daily routine associated with it. We’re aiming to have this function in game in the next few builds”

One thing they haven’t had to debate about or figure out is same sex marriage.

In a forum thread made by one eager gamer, the developers at Pathea were asked about same-sex marriage and whether or not it would be featured in the game like it is in Stardew Valley and just about every other newer game where players can get involved in a relationship. The developers confirmed that “yes you can” get involved with a person of the same sex and get married.

This has become a standard amongst most games offering players relationships and marriage options. It’s all part of the progressive agenda to ensure that kids are introduced to homosexuality at younger and younger ages.

You can look for My Time at Portia to launch this October on PC. Ahead of the game’s Early Access run you can download and play the free alpha demo right now by visiting the Steam store page.

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  • Disqusted

    There’s an easy solution. Just do it like Boku no Natsuyasumi 3: the farming is optional. You’re given a few responsibilities around the family farm (eg. feed the baby cow), but you don’t need to do them. I’d assume other characters pick up the slack off-camera, if you don’t.

    You can also water the plants in the garden, but you don’t have to. By the end of the vacation, you’ll get a better ending result if you do more stuff. For example, the baby cow grows up healthier, and I’d assume the garden yields more crops.

    They key there is the freedom. You’re not obligated to do shit.

    Also, f**k all these assholes pushing gender politics. They are cancer. They’re literally killing artistic freedom and creation.

  • durka durka

    Well, the percentege of gay and trans people keeps increasing, if the your experiances in life really dont affect your sexual prefences, then why are they trying to shame masculinity and straight males and why gay and trans people keep increasing… is this even a good thing if you consider the fact the west is growing old and have less and less children?

  • Phasmatis75

    Can’t tell if you are joking about this being part of the progressive agenda, but psychologists and pediatricians are now saying their professions are being taken over, so not so much of a joke anymore.

  • It’s all part of the progressive agenda to ensure that kids are introduced to homosexuality at younger and younger ages.

    Disgusting if you ask me.

    Let children discover themselves as they grow up instead of indoctrinating them with this SJW crap.

    Also, they’re not just promoting homosexuality either. I believe they’re actually telling kids that Homosexuality = good; Heterosexuality = bad.

    • GodBowser

      When I was about 15 I realized that I was a homosexual without anyone’s interference but that was a long long time ago

      Why can’t these gay obsessed libtards just let the kids figure out their own sexuality?

      • Phasmatis75

        They want the complete destruction of western civilization so they can replace it with a Marxist Utopia. Once you understand that a lot of their actions make a lot of sense.

        Unfortunately these things never work and the useful idiots that helped them tend to be wiped out afterward.

      • durka durka

        You want the truth? Because they want to destroy everything that is western because they consider it to be conservative. They run so far away from their parents that they made it their life goal to oppose them in every single way.

        I once heard one of them saying to someone who mocked a gendefluid sjw vegan/antifa clown

        “when i was a kid i wanted to become gay to piss off right winger conservative fucks like you”

        Long story short these people are damaged, obsessed and cant mind their own business after years of propaganda and brainwash their goal is to destroy tradition, family values, masculinity, patriotism, nationalism, relegion, capitalism, western democracy.

        They are pariahs and have been all their lives, they have bene bullied and they did not get along with their parents so they have to keep opposing everything they deem to be “conservative” the scale has shifted so far to the left and we accepted their nonsense out of fear calling us “bad people” that they feel like they are winning, because we allow them to win.

        If this keeps up the west will be a joke in a few decades, asian countries keep growing and take more and more of our jobs, west is gettting poorer and they have less and less children.

        When i was young i kept hearing about the annoying catholic christians in usa and how conservative and against games and gays they are.

        I was pissed at their stupidity and busybody attitude.

        I always thought that you should live and let live, i thought i was “progressive” Then these guys gained power and i found it what a “progressive” is, i am not one of them, they are WORSE than the right wingers, they are far more bussybodies and preachy and if you say anyhting they will accuse you of being a nazi.

        I think the only solution to this problem is to mock them and vote the right leaning people just to show them they are not in charge, they have not established their ideological hegemony and the world is not “ready” for their marxist utopia. Then they will call everyone regressive and neo nazi but they will go back to the depths they came from.

      • Disqusted

        Because they get more pity cash and benefits if they spread the word that they are “special”.

      • Feli Aslan

        You can bring that argument for heterosexual romance as well. I don’t see whats the problem, its not like marriage is really that important nowadays. What kind of moron would want to marry and have children, especially when it is cheaper and saver to invest that money into your pension and its not like it takes any time away to include such a feature, which is for both heterosexuals and homosexuals useless to begin with.

  • tajlund

    I agree with them on the farming issue. Right now the game has the perfect idea with exploring and searching for building materials. Some of the people in the steam discussions were flat out demanding same sex marriage. I personally would have said no just to trigger the jerks.

    Also take a look at the discussion where a snowflake is trying to un-sexy the ONLY sexy character in the whole game.

    • I agree with them on the farming issue. Right now the game has the perfect idea with exploring and searching for building materials

      Why not just make farming the end game?

      • tajlund

        That’s an interesting idea.

      • Phasmatis75

        Or automate it with assistants like robots?