Oculus Rift Desperately Vies For Attention With $399 Summer Deal
Oculus Summer Deal

Oculus seems like the kid who tried to be cool in school, but its parents getting divorced, its girlfriend dumping it, and its arch-rival suing it caused it to fall flat on its face in the eyes of public perception. That seems to be the gist of the way Oculus is perceived these days. Even still, after having their Don Mattrick moments with the Rift, Oculus is trying to win back a bit of mind share by having another deep discount on the VR headset and the sexy motion controllers.

Over on the official Oculus Website you can pick up a Rift for only $399.99. The bundle comes with two sensors, the Oculus Touch controllers, the Oculus Rift headset, and an Xbox One wireless controller.

The $399 deal is only available for a limited time only during the summer, and it’s quite obvious that it’s Oculus’ answer to Valve and HTC’s Steam Summer Sale deal on the Vive, which just wrapped up back on July 5th.

The HTC Vive was available for only $749.99, and it came with the two controllers, the headset, two lighthouses, an HTC software bundle pack, a free copy of Star Trek: Bridge Crew and a $50 Steam gift card. Obviously you got a heck of a lot of sweet stuff in the deal. For the Rift you don’t get all the software goodies you did with the Vive, but being $350 cheaper definitely helps.

The major issue with the Rift, of course, is that it’s owned by Facebook. The company is still trapped in a legal conundrum with Zenimax over the whole copyrighted code thing, and things could get bad if Zenimax manages to block the headset from being sold that contains the code they claim belongs to them.

There’s also the issue of consumer perception when it comes to versatility and viability. While the Vive is more expensive, it also offers gamers a lot more options when it comes to software library, allowing gamers to play lots of off-the-cuff Early Access games and open-source projects, something that’s not as affording on the Vive.

Nevertheless, if you want to support the Facebook corporatocracy, feel free to pick up the Rift for only $399.


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