Open Discussion: June 16th, 2017
(Last Updated On: July 16, 2017)

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This week’s Open Discussion is about companies and developers pushing for cross-play between PC and consoles and what could come out of this move. As you may know, people like Xbox Operations, Dave McCarthy, believe that the Xbox One X will be able to offer a “premium PC experience™,” were-as the devs behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds seek to add cross-play between PC and consoles in the game’s future.

The topic of PC to console cross-play due to 1.5 console updates has led a lot of people as of recent to ask other developers if they will add it, like Dragon Ball FighterZ producer Tomoko Hiroki, who responded to the question by saying that…

“We do plan to bring the game to [PC and PS4] and Xbox One, but we aren’t planning on any cross-play.”

A lot of gamers feel that there will be a huge balance issue between the two platforms and has led some companies to create special console mouse + keyboard support, which YouTuber Jackfrags discusses the outcome of a console player using M+K Vs. console players using a controller in his latest video. The video also touches on the overall outcome between the two parties.

The thing is, companies like Sony and Microsoft want to create consoles to be like PCs in that they match up with said platform in a competitive way. As noted above, we can see this with the devs over games like Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds, but, as demonstrated by Jackfrags, console players using M+K Vs. controllers sparked a huge contrast, which has a lot of people disgruntled over the notion that devs want PC players to be pitted up against console players in a competitive scene in future titles.

Overall, what I’m trying to say is do you think that it is a good idea for big console companies (like Sony and Microsoft) to push for cross-play with PC and support this step or no? Remember, you don’t have to partake in this discussion, but if you do you are more than welcomed.

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  • The only case where I can see a controller beating M&K is racing games. Maybe flight games, too.

    But in the former case, you’re still going to get your ass kicked by a proper wheel & pedals kit; and the latter case, you’re dead against anyone with a flight stick, ESPECIALLY a full “hands on throttle and stick” or HOTAS setup.

    But otherwise, I think M&K has you beat. Especially in cases where there are lots of abilities to keep track of, so you need the extra inputs a keyboard can provide.

  • durka durka

    Ms tried that, mouse beat controller users every time.

    You know what would benefit from mouse and keyboard? Uncharted, the last of us, sunset overdrive.

  • Disqusted

    I thought we had mouse and keyboard support on consoles for a long time now? I’ve been using mouse and keyboard for PSO2 on PS4.

    We really need to see cross-play as a standard. I hate that communities and friends are torn apart by platform, despite the game being literally the same. It’s not like in the old days, when ports were often very different.

    I’ve always hated how, when FPS started to move to consoles, they changed control methods to suit gamepad analog stick, which led to a very negative effect on mouse control for what felt like the longest time. I feel like games were better when they were designed for PC first, console second.

    Look at how old games had ZERO problem with mouse control, and then suddenly recent games constantly had unremovable bullshit like “mouse smoothing” and “mouse acceleration”. Why would you want the camera to do a 360 degree turn from a slight quick movement? Puketastic.

    There are so many games I basically skipped because of that bullshit, like Bioshock 1 and Mass Effect 1. It gave me terrible motion sickness. Alan Wake had it too, but they sorta fixed it after a few patches.

    I don’t think much of analog stick for shooting. I can do it, and I know people who are good with it, but I still prefer mouse. I used to have this weird problem where, whenever I played FPS games, I felt like the mouse sensitivity changed by itself, and I kept tweaking it over, and over, and over. That was a huge pain.

    Not saying people shouldn’t use analog stick or anything. I think it’s good to give people options. If they want to stick to analog stick over mouse, that’s their decision. I just hate that everyone broke mouse control to pander to console.

    Also that “premium PC experience” line is such a joke. Marketing is full of so much shit. Makes me want to listen to George Carlin making fun of that.

    • durka durka

      “The game’s control setup is its most terrifying element. The left analog
      stick moves you forward, back, and strafes right and left, while the
      right analog stick turns you and can be used to look up and down. Too
      often, you’ll turn to face a foe and find that your weapon is aimed at
      the floor or ceiling while the alien gleefully hacks away at your
      midsection. Add to the mix a few other head scratchers – such as how the
      triangle button controls item and health use – and you’ll be wondering
      how Sony let this get by without requesting a few different control
      configuration options.”

      Funny how things change.

      • Disqusted

        Sounds like ass.

        Oh yeah, and I hate that a lot of devs stopped allowing us to configure controls. That stuff used to be basic common sense.

        Goes back to what I said again about how they really want us to play a specific way, and don’t give a f**k about what we want.

  • GodBowser

    Another day another piece of political correctness related stupidity

    This is just like the adding black and brown stripes to the gay pride flag and the special snow flake that wants the Black Country flag changed is a black woman that just seen it as racist

    Does anyone see anything racist about this flag?

    • Logo looks familiar… seems like Foot Locker if they started adding alchemy effects to the shoes.

  • LurkerJK

    Actually im happy that the console crowd will be forced kicking and screaming to realize how much better mouse is for shooters

    Controllers had a heavy effect over shooters, making movement slower, adding cover, health regeneration and the thing i hate the most: bullet sponge enemies

    Its just one more kind of controller, i switch between m+k and controller when i play on PC and the world has not exploded yet

    • I found that a Steam Controller gives you the best of both worlds. It’s almost impossible for me to go back to analog sticks after using a haptic pad, especially if you configure it to have hover-sensitivity like a mouse. It’s a dream controller come true for shooters.

      I also surprisingly like the responsiveness and accuracy of the motion controls for the Switch, but their shooter games will need an auto-center to work properly. I actually think between the Touch, Vive, and Joy-Cons, the Joy-Cons are the most accurate with their response. I was really shocked about that. It could definitely even the playing field with cross-platform shooters between Switch and PC users (assuming a game like that is ever made).

      • Disqusted

        Never heard of haptic pad. Guess I’ll check that out later.

    • VersVlees

      Don’t forget the auto aim and magnetic bullets lol

      btw I have both a PS4 and Xbone controller with their dongles. I do not own any consoles. I only use mouse and keyboards when I play FPS. When playing Dark Souls, Nier Automata or any other 3rd person rpg action game I prefer the controllers. I will freely admit I played Dark Souls all the way up to Smough and Ornstein using KB mouse and yes it is possible.

      Say what you want about the Xbone at least it gave us a great controller you can use on PC.

      • Xbone controllers are amazing, but dang do they break easy.

        • Disqusted

          Is the Xbone controller much different from the Xbox for Windows ones? The latter are too big for me.

          My hand keeps going numb from holding the PS4 controller, so I’m not a fan of that. I also keep hurting my fingers on the triggers, and the analog sticks hurt my thumbs. Never had those problems on other PS pads.

          PS3 pad still feels nice and comfy for me.

          • I use the KontrolFreek analog extenders so I don’t usually have issues with the analog sticks on the PlayStation or Xbox controllers.

            Size wise.. the Xbox One controllers are slightly smaller than the standard Xbox 360 controllers. I prefer the Xbox 360’s left and right shoulder bumpers, though. They’re more pronounced and give you good depression feedback. On the Xbox One when you press the shoulder buttons there’s almost a click but it’s sometimes hard to tell if it’s fully depressed, which makes it a pain for reloading in games like Gears of War 4.

            But getting back to your original question… the Xbox One controller is smaller than the Xbox 360 controller but larger than the DualShock 4, if that helps any.

          • Disqusted

            Thanks. It’s weird how they all keep taking a few steps backwards.

    • Disqusted

      I feel like VR is having a similar effect. They’re changing games to have VR support, which results in making stuff slower, etc to avoid motion sickness.

      • LurkerJK

        I do not think you can adapt non-vr games into VR with the flip of a switch, you need to cater directly to VR or youll end up with something shitty for both so im not worried about it

        also VR is not taking off, they fucked it with the price, drm, overhyping, litigation and lack of content, i would say VR is dead if it wasnt for porn keeping it alive

  • ThyPancakeConsumed

    Consoles should stay with consoles, on pc we have our share of troubles as it is, last thing we need squeakers with modded rapid fire controller ruining pc gamers fun. Also week is good, dunkey made “pro journo” mankids butthurt.

    • Disqusted

      Hmm. Well, I just want to play with friends who have the same game on another platform. I don’t think anyone wants to deal with all the asshole whiny brats.

  • Kiryu

    What happened to Killing Bites the game btw,does anyone know something?