PSVR Getting The Walker, Kill X, Stifled And Legion Commander Courtesy Of China
Kill X

Sony’s PlayStation VR headset is set to receive four new games. The titles were announced (and some re-announced) at the ChinaJoy expo in Shanghai, China. Some of the games you may have already known about while others might be new to you.

On the PlayStation Blog they unveiled that The Walker, Stifled, Kill X and Legion Commander are all in the pipeline to be released on the PlayStation VR headset.

These are all games being made in collaboration with developers and game studios from out of Asia.

Stifled is a black and white thriller relying on echolocation to help you navigate the environment. It also use the built-in mic support to help you locate items and gain a bearing on your direction, not unlike the game Perception.

Up next is The Walker, another VR game from Haymaker Studios. A demo of the game was posted up over on YouTube, and you can check out seven minutes of gameplay courtesy of VR and Fun.

The game is a first-person shooter with some magical elements tossed in. It doesn’t look particularly impressive, but then again what VR game does?

Legion Commander tries to do something different. It’s being made by ChangYou Games and it sees you in command of an army as you utilize units and attempt to battle opponents on a battlefield using special combat cards. I imagine it’s going to be like a VR version of Hearthstone.

The final game on the list is Kill X, which also had some demos made available for it a while ago. It’s currently in development by VIVA Games and is a “claustrophobic thriller”. This title takes place on a secret island where you’ll have to battle against “horrifying experiments”. A video of the gameplay can be v iewed below courtesy of Upload VR.

As you can see, the PlayStation Move wand is a little jittery, and the combat seems to be similar to Arizona Sunshine… just more unpolished.

The enemies also don’t look very threatening and the animations could use a lot of work. The hit detection is also quite shoddy and the tracking isn’t the best.

Of course, it’s still heavy in development so maybe it will get better before release… maybe.


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