Resident Evil 7 Sells 3.7 Million Copies While Street Fighter 5 Continues To Disappoint

Resident Evil 7

A few stats from Capcom’s quarterly financials have been revealed, including the amount of copies sold for games like Resident Evil 7 and Street Fighter V. It was revealed that Resident Evil 7 only managed to move 3.7 million copies from January to July, showing a massive drop-off in interest in the game over the half-year stretch.

Street Fighter V hasn’t done much better, only managing 1.7 million copies, showing that it’s managed to sell very poorly since debuting last year in February of 2016. Perhaps now Capcom is wishing the game had been multiplatform on Xbox One, eh?

The stats were posted on Twitter by Nikkei market analyst Daniel Ahmad, who shared the stats for Capcom’s titles with his followers.

He also shared some other very fascinating insights, including that Dead Rising 4 hasn’t even managed to move 1 million SKUs since debuting back in December of 2016 last year for PC and Xbox One. This shows that gamers absolutely were not interested in Capcom Vancouver’s take on the open-world zombie title, either due to franchise fatigue or the fact that the formula was drastically altered to be more inclusive and less “offensive” than past Dead Rising titles.

SJW games media had criticized Dead Rising 3 for perpetuating racist and sexist stereotypes. For Dead Rising 4 the developers went in the opposite direction, toning down any offensive jokes and behavior and also removing the psychos from the game to avoid offending anyone.

Ahmad contrasts the sales of Dead Rising 4 with Dead Rising 3, noting that the latter sold 2.3 million copies on the Xbox One alone, which is not bad given that it was only 720p at 30fps with constant frame stutter and poor performance.

Ahmad further notes that all of Capcom’s new releases have fallen short of expectations, with the exception of the remastered games and re-releases, such as Resident Evil 6 for the Xbox One and PS4, which moved 1 million SKUs. The original Resident Evil 6 moved a total of 6.8 million in its lifetime sales across the PS3 and Xbox 360.

However, for context, Capcom considered the original release of Resident Evil 6 a financial disappointment in their year-over-year financials. The game originally moved 4.9 million SKUs from October, 2012 to May, 2013, but that wasn’t considered enough according to a report from Capcom had projected 7 million SKUs for Resident Evil 6 over the course those two and a half quarters.

Even still, I’m sure Capcom may be reevaluating their stance on their games after seeing that the re-release of a game that initially underperformed – according to their own standards – still managed to nearly sell as much as their brand new fighting game. This fits in line with previous stats showing that 13% of gamers aren’t interested in buying new games due to being satisfied with their back catalog; it seems to apply to a lot of new Capcom games quite readily.

It definitely makes you wonder if Capcom might shelve the Street Fighter series? Or perhaps if they will put more of their eggs in the Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite basket? Both games aren’t in the best of standings with the actual gaming community; Street Fighter took a serious hit in the FGC when it had to be censored during the ESPN broadcast at this year’s EVO 2017 event, and the limited and uninteresting roster for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite has left a lot of fighting and comic book fans underwhelmed.

Some have blamed Disney and Marvel for forcing Capcom to only focus on using fairly uninteresting MCU characters, while others just feel the overall product doesn’t seem as intense or as entertaining as Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Overall, things aren’t looking too good for Capcom.

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