RimWorld Mod Adds Monster Girls, Wolf-Girls And Fox-Girls
Rimworld Monster Girls

Rule 34 of the internet isn’t just for images and video content, it also seems to apply for modding as well. RimWorld, the colony strategy game from Ludeon Studios that was inspired by Firefly and Dwarf Fortress, has been on the receiving end of some brand new mods that add a certain flavor of amoré to the game… I’m talking about monster girls.

Modders have been examining and tweaking a mod that was previously removed from NexusMods. Apparently the original mod violated NexusMods’ terms of service, but some other modders managed to get a backup of the file and start tinkering with it. Thus, they managed to add monster girls, children, fox-girls, wolf-girls, and futas to RimWorld.

Thanks to Loverslab user Soronarr, version 1.0 of the monster girls mod can be downloaded from over on Mediafire.com.

The companion RWJ add-on that features additional preferences (including cats, dogs, horses and dragons), is also available for download from the Mediafire.com page.

Some players who had trouble with getting the mod to work with some of the other mods, including EdB’s Prepare Carefully. There’s a testmod.7z you can download that user semigimp put together that fixes some issues, such as the glitch involving impregnation.

Previously a lot of users had trouble getting the base mod to work with Prepare Carefully, which you can download from over on the Steam Workshop.

That mod adds a lot of cool new features to the game, which allows users to carefully prepare their colonists before crash landing on the alien planet.

Late last year Ludeon Studios developer Tynan Sylvester ran into some trouble with SJW media when they attacked him and his game on the grounds of sexism. Sylvester was dragged through the mud and excoriated by “progressive” media outlets based on an editorial by Rock, Paper, Shotgun. The community rallied behind Sylvester and supported him and his studio’s efforts with the game. The code and development of RimWorld is constantly evolving as it moves through the Early Access phase, but SJW media outlets still took jabs at Sylvester for not being more progressive.

Nevertheless, Sylvester stood his ground unlike a lot of other developers, and the project is still moving forward in development. You can learn more about RimWorld by visiting the Steam Early Access store page.


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